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From Pong to Ping: Crafting a Legacy

In our last episode, we talked about the history, pros and cons of Peer-to-Peer gaming. This time, the sole focus lies on a game that has been sold, at least, 240 Million times on PCs and [...]

From Pong to Ping: Stay Connected

We have been hosting games for twenty years now. Twenty years of connecting players all around the world with the help of a dedicated server structure. However, it should come to no surprise that [...]

Take a LEAP

By now it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we at GPORTAL are advocates for moddable gaming experiences. Mods bring in new talents for companies and game publishers, diversify the in-game variety [...]

From Pong to Ping: Modding, Strike Two

Welcome (back) to part four of our retrospective view on how important games in video game history influenced the server hosting industry. This text, just like the last one, focuses on how the [...]

Think piece: Let modders shape your game

“Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take.” Maybe it was this quote by Christopher Reeves that the Barotrauma team took to heart during the development of [...]

From Pong to Ping: Modding Times

Welcome back to our ongoing series in which we shine a light on different aspects of the video game history and the impacts they had on game hosting services, as thoroughly explained in our last [...]

From Pong to Ping: 20 years online

Welcome to our second part of “From Pong to Ping”. In this series we’re going to look at the evolution of hosted gaming from different angles, through the eyes of a game hoster with twenty [...]

From Pong to Ping: A Retrospective

37.000. This number reflects how many private G-Portal servers the multiplayer hit “V Rising” needed at its peak to fulfill the ever increasing demands of its players and proves that it was [...]

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