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Think piece: Game Over?

2023 as a year has been marked by two extremes, if we’re looking at the video game industry. Triple-AAA Games like Diablo IV, Spiderman 2 and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom raked in millions [...]

From Pong to Ping: A Game of Drones

The concept of two teams meeting for a friendly conflict has been at the heart of games for decades, centuries even, if we briefly forget that playing a game doesn’t necessarily involve a [...]

From Pong to Ping: Ahead of the Swarm

100,000 people cheering to a battle of futuristic armies commanded by two extremely creative generals. What sounds like science-fiction is an accurate description of an OSL final match in the mid [...]

From Pong to Ping: The Green Gust

The Coriolis storm has been raging on for two years, with the Arrakis force that was Dune 2 sweeping over the video game landscape since 1992. Witnessing massive changes in the conception of [...]

From Pong to Ping: Been there, Dune that

The popularity of different video game genres has wildly shifted throughout the last decades. Developers picked up advanced technologies and paired them with game design ideas that hadn’t [...]

From Pong to Ping: A Second Life

Video games largely resolve around the premises of doing or feeling things and expressions, which your real-life self cannot ─ mentally, physically, financially. I explicitly don’t state [...]

The Basics of Hosting: Volume I

As a server host in an always-online environment, it’s crucial to communicate in a way that’s both informative and easy to understand, especially when explaining why private servers [...]

From Pong to Ping: Rock around the Blox

If we want to discuss the video game phenomena of recent decades without including Roblox, we might as well just stop this ongoing series and put our heads in server cases. However, Roblox is not [...]

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