Why create small houses in Minecraft? Background

Why create small houses in Minecraft?

February 9, 2023
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At some point, everyone in Minecraft creates a large base for themselves, but sometimes it makes sense to just build a small house. We'll explain why.

Minecraft Easy Houses: Simple & Fast

You have to work out everything yourself and nasty mobs attack you at night. Strictly speaking, this is the content of the game when you start Minecraft for the first time. Then you gradually find out what’s useful to you and what’s not. Now, you might ask what the most important items you need in the first steps of the game are. Sure, there are a few things. The right tools to open up paths; a crafting table to create the necessary items; light sources to protect you from attackers and, of course, a bed to get through the nights. And where do you store all this once the inventory is full? That's right! For that, you build your own little Minecraft simple house!

Minecraft: Easy Houses, Lots of Potential

The problem with houses in Minecraft is this: you're online and looking for instructions for a house that will get you through the first few nights in survival mode, but all the instructions look incredibly complicated. Then you're still wondering where to get all the materials! So, especially at the beginning of the game, this doesn't help you. All you want to do is to get ides for easy houses to build in Minecraft instead of just taking over an already existing building! Just grab your pickaxe and go, that's the motto!

Sizes of Minecraft Easy Houses

In the beginning, everyone lives kind of minimalist, right? That's why you only need one room for your first easy survival house. Minecraft makes this possible if we assume that for the simplest house, a floor plan of 3x4 blocks would be enough. Then you would have exactly 2 blocks in the house to place your bed. 3x5 blocks would even give you a free space behind the door to stand next to the bed. But if we're being honest, neither looks nice or practical, does it? The ideal starter size is about 5x5 blocks. In such an area, you can easily fit a bed, a chest and a crafting table.

What Shape for a Minecraft Simple House?

There are no limits to the shape you can create. Of course, square shapes or any kind of shape with four corners are the easiest, but there's nothing wrong with other layouts, too. If you want to build your Minecraft simple house really quickly, we recommend the good old square. It can be quickly outlined and you'll have four walls up in no time. Then you just have to decide whether you want a flat ceiling or a typical roof.

What You Need to Build Minecraft Easy Houses

The advantage of making your Minecraft simple house basic and small? You don't need a lot of materials or tools! A pickaxe and an axe are usually enough to mine a few stones and cut down trees. From this you gain wooden planks and already your house looks cozy. Add a door and maybe a glass block as a window, and you're almost done! The final touch is a torch inside and outside.

Cool Easy Minecraft Houses!

All right, you've made the start in Minecraft! Simple house, chests, maybe your friends playing multiplayer with you? If you're wondering now what should be inside your house? That's up to you! Just store everything in it so you can go on a new adventure with an empty inventory and sword in hand! Everything else, such as additional rooms, will come with time. But if your Minecraft simple house is too boring for you, here are a few more tips on how you can make it much cooler without much effort:

  1. 2 floors: You can also quickly build a second floor on the 5x5 area. Add a staircase on the outside or a ladder inside and you can separate the bedroom from the workspace.
  2. Glass wall: A complete wall of glass makes your house look much more open and larger.
  3. Balcony: Just a few more blocks on one side of the house, a few fences around it and you have a small balcony, which makes Minecraft easy houses look much more elegant.
  4. Underground: If you want to save materials, just dig out your simple house! You just need ladders, a ceiling and a door and you're ready to go! And you can quickly expand it if you ever feel like it.
  5. Side of a mountain: Climb up the side of a mountain and build your Minecraft simple house at lofty heights! This way you'll have a better view and you won't need a real door, because ladders are enough.
  6. In a mountain: Hollow out the side of a mountain! This way you can make the room bigger and bigger and take any shape. You can build false ceilings and side rooms. All you have to do? Cover a single side with glass and install a door so that everyone can see your great house!

Small Minecraft house - small conclusion

So that's it with the Minecraft easy houses. Simple, small, cuddly, but it serves its purpose! And if you're wondering what can become of such a small 5x5 cube, you should visit our bigger house ideas and castles to get inspired. Maybe your little Minecraft simple house will even be a miniature version of a castle? There are no limits to your ideas on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Try it out with your friends right now!

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