Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Game Modes

The basic version of Minecraft, Vanilla, has 4 standard game modes and supports freely playing your own scenarios or achieving your own goals. The fifth is the spectator mode, but you can’t play in it yourself.

The Minecraft game modes

We introduce you to the individual game modes:

Survival mode

Probably the most well-known Minecraft mode, since it is the default mode. Mining, crafting, defending and surviving are the keywords here. Apart from numerous peaceful animals, you are confronted with zombies, spiders and other enemies and mobs, especially at night in the game. In addition to dangerous creatures, you should also pay attention to your life and hunger meter, which can drop faster depending on the difficulty level. Also keep an eye on your inventory, because you’ll lose it when you die in the game. With collected experience points you reach experience levels. Depending on the level, enchantments or forges are possible with it.

Survival mode allows for almost limitless creativity in dealing with these conditions. Whether you want to defend yourself against enemies in a cave, a house or in the open air is entirely up to the player. Unlike the other modes, dismantling the blocks takes longer and you have to build your own inventory. Minecraft Vanilla Survival servers are still a very popular type of SMP (survival multiplayer).

Creative mode

Here you can let off steam and build anything that can theoretically be built in survival mode, without having to laboriously collect resources and fight monsters. This mode is suitable for artistic projects in Minecraft or creating adventures (Pixelart). A big advantage over survival mode is that tools or armor do not wear out. Especially the flying and the faster dismantling make the creative mode a paradise for digital builders. Especially with your friends in multiplayer, you can rebuild well-known buildings like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Brandenburg Gate.

Furthermore, you can’t die in creative mode, monsters ignore you and therefore don’t have any life and hunger indicators.

Adventure mode

In Adventure Mode you can visit foreign creative worlds and play prepared scenarios and adventures that other players have created. Ideal for Minecraft players who are looking for variety and exchange. The adventure mode is very similar to the survival mode, but of course the goals differ depending on the design. Once again, this shows the creative side of the community, since there are almost an infinite number of scenarios through which you can play alone or with friends.

Hardcore mode

Just like survival mode, only more merciless. In ordinary survival mode, a player is given the choice of how hard they want to make their digital life. In hardcore mode, however, the difficulty level always remains at “hard”. In addition, “permadeath” applies here: once your own character has died, there is no going back into the game world. Although you can continue to follow the game as an observer in spectator mode, you can no longer actively intervene and can only leave the world. This mode is therefore more for experienced players who are looking for a new challenge.

Fun Fact about Hardcore Mode

The idea for Hardcore Mode came to Minecrafter inventor Notch while browsing a gameplay blog. Notch, who likes to joke around, tweeted about Hardcore Mode, saying that the player in “Ultra Hardcore Mode” will lose their Minecraft account. Fortunately, this was just a joke!

Spectator mode

Watch other players without interfering yourself. The spectator mode is not one of the actual game modes, because here you are only a spectator and cannot play yourself. You are invisible to other players in spectator mode. As a “flying invisible man” you can scout caves and mines to get an overview. It can be very inspiring to look at other people’s creations or observe how they play. In survival mode, you can pick up valuable tips and tricks from other players.

Activate and change the game modes

The game mode is selected in the menu before creating a world and cannot be changed afterwards. So think carefully about which mode you want to play with!

However, there is a possibility to change the game modes via chat. Activate the cheats in the settings and you can switch between the modes in the running Minecraft game. We have listed the chat commands:

Survival Mode: /gamemode survival
Creative Mode: /gamemode creative
Adventure Mode: /gamemode adventure
Spectator mode: /gamemode spectator

Play in your Minecraft Game Mode now!

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