Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Sword

It’s no coincidence that the Minecraft sword is one of the most popular weapons in the game. Since the end of 2009, shortly after the game’s release, the sword has been an integral part of every adventure in Minecraft. As one of the first weapons that can be crafted, it allows a player to survive the first night and fight off hostile mobs. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Minecraft sword is probably the most commonly used weapon for attacking. 

How to Get a Minecraft Sword

There are 6 different swords in Minecraft:

  • Wooden sword
  • Stone sword
  • Iron sword
  • Golden sword
  • Diamond sword
  • Netherite sword

Almost any of these swords can be obtained through crafting. All you need is a stick and 2 units of the corresponding material, i.e. planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds. In the crafting window, the middle slot of the bottom row is occupied by the stick and the blocks or ingots are placed in the two slots above it.

Sword = 2 wooden boards / stone blocks / iron ingots / gold ingots / diamonds + 1 stick

Recipe for the Minecraft sword

The only exception to crafting is the Minecraft netherite sword. You can’t craft it, but you can get it by upgrading a Minecraft diamond sword with a netherite ingot. To do this, you put both ingredients in the slots of a smithing table and get the most effective and durable Minecraft sword.

However, you can get a sword in Minecraft in different ways. If you are lucky, you can also get the weapon in three other ways:

  • Finding it in chests: in villages, end cities, bastion remnants, forts, portal ruins, or buried treasures.
  • Obtained by trading with villagers, more specifically the weaponsmith, for emeralds.
  • Hostile mobs sometimes carry a sword and drop it when they die. However, the probability of this is low.

How to Repair the Minecraft Sword Before Losing It

Since every weapon, as well as every armor in Minecraft, has a certain durability, it is not uncommon that at some point half-used swords accumulate in chests, because you preferred to take a new one with you on adventures. Because these are the possibilities when the durability comes to an end: You craft a new Minecraft sword or you repair them. Repairs can be done in three different ways.

The Crafting Window

Repairing with the help of the crafting window is easy. You just have to put two almost used up swords in the first two slots of the middle row and get a new, fully durable Minecraft sword. However, for this to happen, the swords have to be of one type. So you can’t combine a wooden sword with an iron sword.

Another possibility is to combine a normal sword with an enchanted sword. However, the enchantment will be lost.

The Grindstone

At the grindstone you have two slots. The repair can be done in two ways. The most likely way is to put an almost used up sword in each slot and get a new one. The swords must be of the same type again. The difference to the crafting window is that you also gain a certain durability value. 

In the second variant, you simply place an enchanted Minecraft sword that is no longer completely durable into one of the slots and receive a new sword, but without enchantment.

The Anvil

The anvil is the best place to make repairs. However, it should be noted that there is a cost for each repair. So you have to pay with experience points. Nevertheless, there are more options here than in the crafting window or at the grindstone. Unlike before, the enchantment on a Minecraft sword can also be obtained here.

  • 2x sword of the same type = normal sword
  • Sword + source material (planks, cobblestone, etc.) = normal sword
  • Sword + enchanted sword = enchanted sword
  • 2x enchanted sword = enchanted sword

The Minecraft Enchanted Sword

As with tools, enchantments can be cast on weapons like the Minecraft sword. For this you need an enchanting table and several lapis lazuli. Of course, the enchantments are available in different levels. In total, there are 10 enchantments that can be applied to a sword, although not all of them are compatible with each other. However, most of them can be combined, so there can be several enchantments on a single sword. Therefore, the maximum number of enchantments a player can cast on a Minecraft sword is eight.

Every Possible Minecraft Sword Enchantment

Enchantmentmax. LevelEffectNot compatible with
Bane of the Arthropods5Deals more damage on bug-like creatures
(bees, cave spiders, endermites, silverfish, spiders)
Smite, Sharpness
Curse of Vanishing1When dying the sword won’t be dropped but vanishes

Fire aspect
2Hitting a creature they will start burning
Knockback2Creatures will be thrown back when hit
Looting3Creatures drop more items
Mending1Instead of XP for the player the sword receives durability
1x XP = 2x durability points
Sharpness5Deals more damage on any creatureBane of the Arthropods, Smite
Smite5Deals more damage on undead creaturesBane of the Arthropods; Sharpness
Sweeping edge (Java Edition)3Deals more damage when sweeping
Unbreaking3Increases durability of the sword

Combine Minecraft Sword Enchantments on the Anvil

If you want to add more enchantments to your Minecraft sword in a different way, you need the anvil. This is not only suitable for repairing swords. However, as with repairs, using it also comes with a certain payment, so you have to expect high costs if you want to give your sword all eight enchantments.

At the anvil, there are two options for combining. You can use two enchanted swords with different enchantments and get a single sword with both. However, if you have accumulated enchanted books, this is the perfect time. If you use an enchanted Minecraft sword and an enchanted book, the sword will receive the respective enchantment in addition. You can repeat this process until a sword has all possible enchantments.

The Minecraft Sword in Combat

As a melee weapon, the sword is the most common choice. Ideally, you should make sure you really only use it for combat. If you use it to mine blocks, it loses twice the amount of durability points, which are severely limited depending on the type of sword. The only exception is cobwebs. These, in turn, should be mined with the Minecraft sword if you don’t have scissors in your inventory. This way you get string that you wouldn’t get with other tools.

To be able to fight the battle, you should get an idea of your weapon beforehand. Below you’ll find the most important information about the different types of Minecraft swords that are useful for combat, and their explanations.

SwordDurabilityDamage (in hearts)
Wooden sword602
Stone sword1322,5
Iron sword2513
Golden sword332
Diamond sword15623,5
Netherite sword20314

Durability refers to the number of successful hits, i.e. blows that can be dealt until the weapon is used up. With the exception of the golden sword, it increases with each better material. Damage indicates the injury that a successful hit does. With the exception of the golden sword, it also increases with the type of material. Critical hits are especially useful in fights if you execute them correctly. For that you have to hit while falling. This also counts for “falling” after a jump. If you succeed, you cause higher damage. It doesn’t work when jumping up, so the timing isn’t always easy.

Conclusion Minecraft Sword

As one of the first weapons that you can craft in the game, the Minecraft sword has proven itself and thanks to many combinations and improvements, it is impossible to imagine the game without it. Whether in PvP or alone on an adventure, a sword should be a faithful companion. On a Minecraft server from G-Portal you can best convince yourself of this and go into battle against creatures!

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