The Slippery Slope Called Minecraft Ice Background

The Slippery Slope Called Minecraft Ice

December 28, 2023
2 minutes to read

When the real world starts to freeze, it is time to return to a safe haven called Minecraft. Ice exists there too, sure, but it is way less dangerous!

Minecraft Ice is a Slippery Slope

If you fall, you may lose some health hearts but you won’t break your leg and be stuck at home for the next few weeks. Playing Minecraft might therefore literally save you from injuries. And well, if you still want to go skating there is always the possibility of going Minecraft ice skating. In fact, the game offers quite some opportunities when it comes to frozen water, commonly known as ice… Minecraft ice!


Watch Your Steps! There is Minecraft Ice Everywhere

First Rule? You have to watch your steps! Not only because there might be the occasional cliff or trapdoor, but because you could set foot on Minecraft ice. Well, and what do you expect from ice? It is slippery. Now, you won’t fall immediately, but you can send things sliding on it. So, especially when you are somewhere traveling through frosty mountains: stay focused or you might fall. Now, the question is where you can find Minecraft Ice or even craft it, right? Let’s look at these questions one by one.

Venturing a Minecraft Ice Biome

Of course, the first instinct on your search for Minecraft Ice should be to look in snowy or cold biomes. This makes sense, yes. Next to snow you will find slippery blocks in such a ‘Minecraft ice biome’. In cold biomes, Minecraft ice spawns naturally as long as it is cold enough. So, let’s make it easy: when you see snow, you can find Minecraft ice. Once you find the right place to look, namely a Minecraft ice biome, you’ll find the key to your personal ice skating arena everywhere.


All Tips & Tricks surrounding Minecraft Ice

If you want to use Minecraft ice for crafting, there are some things you should know before breaking the precious material. The most important thing is probably, that you’ll need a tool that is enchanted with ‘silk touch’ Otherwise, the Minecraft ice block will only turn into water and not be dropped as an item. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? So, yeah, that is the most basic info you’ll need before mining Minecraft ice. Then there is the ‘evolution of Minecraft ice’. Sounds weird, right? Yes, somehow it does. After all, there are three types of Minecraft ice:

  • Minecraft ice
  • Minecraft packed ice
  • Minecraft blue ice


It is pretty easy to remember: to craft Minecraft packed ice, you need 9x normal ice. But keep in mind that Minecraft packed ice is not a storage block! You can’t reverse this procedure. Well, and then blue ice is crafted by using 9x Minecraft packed ice. In the end, blue ice is even more slippery. But once the math is done, that means you’ll need a lot of Minecraft ice to build your own very slippery ice skating arena.

The Minecraft Ice Tower & Other Builds

Don’t we all instantly have a picture of a very specific Minecraft ice fortress in our mind once we decide to build an ice palace? Minecraft allows you to do that without freezing to death. Oh and by the way, we thought about the fortress of solitude. What Minecraft ice fortress did you think of? Whichever popped into your mind, there are so many possibilities. What if you already have a nice, cozy castle that you spent hours building? Or, if you don’t need a winter residence, maybe an aesthetic Minecraft ice tower will do? Just imagine after going up all these stairs, you are able to slide all the way down. You’ll have a fantastic view and no one will disturb you in these frosty mountains called the Minecraft ice spikes. We call that a win-win situation. Or a win-win-win situation considering you don’t have to leave your warm room to build something in the frosty real world.


Minecraft ice is neither new nor extremely rare in the game. In fact, it’s pretty common in certain areas such as a cold biome that we therefore like to call Minecraft ice biome. It is way easier to find the desired stuff if the places are named after it, right? Well, and then there is only one thing to consider before building a fortress, a tower or an elegant ice palace: Minecraft packed ice, blue ice or the classic ice? It is up to you. Whatever you try to build on a Minecraft server from G-Portal, don’t forget to bring your enchanted tool. Oh, and have fun!