❤️❤️❤️ A Heart for your Minecraft Health Bar Background

❤️❤️❤️ A Heart for your Minecraft Health Bar

July 18, 2023
3 minutes to read

It is bright, red and shaped like a little heart: Your Minecraft health bar.

The Minecraft Health Bar

Whenever you walk around in the cubic world, you can see some red hearts on the lower half of your screen. These form your health bar and you should always tend to them with love and care. That doesn’t mean you have to stroke it like an animal, but make sure your Minecraft health bar is filled up. If you are confused because the number of hearts and the number of health a mob or player has are different, just remember that each heart represents two points of health.


The Minecraft Player Health Bar

Now, you may wonder how you can tend to your Minecraft health bar. Luckily, Minecraft offers a few options for increasing your health and healing up after taking damage. You may have already noticed the Minecraft player health bar fills up automatically sometimes. This is because of your filled hunger bar. If it has enough hunger points, your health slowly regenerates. So if you’re hurt badly, try eating some cake!


If you’re on a diet, try drinking some potions. Both the potion of regeneration and the potion of healing will fill up your Minecraft health bar and you’re good to go! Alternatively, using armor ensures that your health bar doesn’t drain as quickly. Some foods and potions can even increase your maximum health temporarily. With the ‘absorption’ property, golden apples and enchanted golden apples give you yellow hearts which are lost before your actual red hearts are reduced by damage.


The Mob Health Bar

Just as the player has a Minecraft health bar, the mobs do as well. Unfortunately, that bar is hidden for most mobs. For some reason, wolves and iron golems have a visible mob health bar while the others don’t. Additionally, boss mobs have a health display, showing their immense mob health bar. For example, the ender dragon health bar has a whopping 100 hearts, which is of course worthy for a boss mob. The only other boss mob, the wither, even has 300 hearts, making it very hard to kill. But the mob with the highest health by a large margin isn’t even a boss. The warden, which is technically a normal mob, has 500 hearts! So it's no wonder that not even long sword or trident combos can take this juggernaut down easily!

Minecraft Health Bar Mods & Texture Packs

As for most problems in Minecraft, there are mods that can fix it. The number of mods that change the Minecraft health bar is pretty high though. Still, we want to show you two mods and one Minecraft health bar texture pack that completely change the Minecraft health bar as we understand it.

Health Bar
This mod, despite its simple name, adds something very valuable to the game: A detailed health bar. Since some damage numbers can be modified, they sometimes turn into numbers like 1.2 or 5.9. As your hearts can only show values in multiples of 1, the normal Minecraft health bar is not able to show them. The ‘Health Bar’ mod changes this by giving you an additional bar that displays a number with values behind the point. That may sound like something only mathematicians get excited about, but it makes it way easier to know if you can take the next blow from a mob or not.

Easy Mob Health Bar
As we showed you earlier, mobs don’t show how much health they have left, which is quite mysterious but can also be very frustrating. The ‘Easy Mob Health Bar’ mod sheds some light into the unknown and reveals the hidden mob health bar. Truly, a new way to enlightenment!

Colorful Health Bar
Lastly, this Minecraft health bar texture pack adds several new options for your Minecraft health bar’s color, just as the name suggests. Having a more colorful health bar might not be your most pressing issue right now, but it never hurts to have more options either, does it?

Of course, there are a lot more mods out there, but we just wanted to show you some which we thought could help you the most.

Now, all that is left for you to do is to check out the health bar in the actual game. If you want to behold the magnificence that is your own Minecraft health bar, then you should use a Minecraft server from G-Portal. See the red hearts for yourself!