Minecraft Mining Background

Minecraft Mining

December 5, 2023
3 minutes to read

We know what you’re going to ask: Why should I read an article about Minecraft Mining when I’m an experienced player?

Minecraft Mining

Well, because Minecraft Mining deserves a place in the spotlight. Whether you’re a Minecraft beginner or a cubic veteran, Minecraft Mining is one of the most important aspects of the game. It might be simple and something you can learn by experimenting in-game on your first day. However, some information might save you time and patience. After all, a little Minecraft mining mistake might cost you precious material.

Why We Shouldn’t Forget about Minecraft Mining

Even if you’ve never heard of Minecraft before, it’s safe to say that it’s obvious: mine + craft = Minecraft. Mining is basically one of two components of the game’s name. You mine and you craft. That is how you build and design your worlds. So yes, Minecraft mining is a basic process. It is something you won’t get around if you want to enjoy the game. Of course, if playing in creative mode, you won’t have to mine to get resources. However, if there are blocks in the way, Minecraft mining makes you get rid of them. You might not think this way but even dirt is a resource you get by Minecraft mining. After all, in Minecraft, mining is not just about destroying blocks and collecting the dropped items inside a mineshaft. Well, technically this is a part of mining. But at the same time, collecting dirt, sand, leaves or wood counts as mining. Rule #1: breaking any block in Minecraft can be seen as mining.


How to ‘Mine’ in Minecraft

Now that we have established that Minecraft mining is a fundamental activity, let’s take a look at how it works. First of all, the basics:

keeping the left mouse button pressed = mining

That is basically it. However, there are some twists to that. Since Minecraft mining is often connected to mines and ores, there is a difference between the basic activity and the invested treasure hunt that can be called Minecraft mining. Let’s have a look at that. The method you choose may depend on your goals (like obtaining resources, exploring or creating underground structures) and different equipment might be necessary then. Here's a very basic guide on how to mine in Minecraft or at least some things you should consider:

  1. prepare your tools and resources (of course!)
  2. choose a mining method (going vertically or horizontally? In caves?)
  3. safety tips (please bring armor, light sources…you know, any protection is fine)
  4. processing your resources (because iron ore is not an ingot yet)

In a nutshell: you might face dangers in the form of some zombies, skeletons, angry spiders or other mobs that lure in the dark. Your method is important, so think about it before descending into the depths of Minecraft. Mining ore is cool, but it’s not always that easy. That is where Minecraft mining tips come in handy.


Minecraft Mining Tips

Again: Minecraft mining is fundamental. Still, mistakes will be made. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, there is always a chance of forgetting something. So, here are some tips to enhance your mining experience:

  1. Using the wrong tool on certain blocks can either slow down the Minecraft mining process or, in the case of ores, destroy the block without dropping the resource.
  2. Always carry torches and place them regularly to prevent mob spawns.
  3. Be wary of lava. Have blocks on your hotbar to quickly seal off any lava breaches.
  4. Listen for sounds. The noises of zombies, spiders or skeletons can indicate caverns nearby.
  5. Don’t dig the block you are standing on.
  6. If you hear the hissing of a creeper or see one, retreat and block off the path or prepare to fight.
  7. Always have an escape route or know your way out.
  8. Prepare some rails and a minecart when playing in multiplayer.

This list could be longer. Or shorter. It all depends on you and how you confront Minecraft mining. In the end, all that matters is that you take some safety measures to protect yourself.


Minecraft mining is all about patience, preparation and exploration. The more you mine, the more familiar you'll become with the depths, including the treasures (and dangers) they hold. Without Minecraft mining, the game would be quite boring sometimes. Walking through beautiful biomes or engaging with villagers in the hope of finding the right item or resources isn’t going to get you that far. You need to put in some Minecraft mining effort yourself. And guess what? That is perfectly possible on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Go mining on your own or with friends; whatever you do: Happy mining!