Higher & higher: Minecraft Towers Background

Higher & higher: Minecraft Towers

September 15, 2023
4 minutes to read

Life in the Minecraft world can be exciting! Well, it can also be a bit monotonous, can’t it? Maybe it’s time for a bit of a change.

Amazing Minecraft Towers!

So, listen, have you ever thought of building towers in Minecraft? If not, we bet you will think about it after this article. And if you already did, this is your signal to get that project going! What are you waiting for?

Minecraft Towers as Your New Base

Yeah, we know that bases and HQs are important. Just think about it: an awesome, tall, defendable Minecraft tower. Aside from the nice view you get up there, Minecraft towers come with a handful of advantages. You don’t believe us? Well, prepare yourself for the ultimate arguments:

  1. You need less space since you build higher not wider
  2. You can easily separate layers and areas
  3. No stairs needed, just ladders, so you have even more space
  4. No one will know if your Minecraft Tower has underground layers and we won’t tell anybody, pinky swear
  5. Watching and defending is easy: it won't take minutes to circle the building
  6. Great for watching out for hostile mobs

You see? This list could probably go on forever. Because Minecraft Towers are truly awesome! Most importantly, as players, you wouldn’t want some random mob to be better at something than yourself, right? Well, if pillagers can do it with their outposts and watchtowers, why shouldn’t you?

Minecraft Tower Ideas for Everyone

Gather your tools and resources, we’re about to have fun here! If you need a little help with a fantastic idea let’s ask you a question: do you prefer urban style or a more natural, fantastic ambience for your Minecraft tower? Well, no matter what you answer, we have some input for you. Or for you and your friends in multiplayer. In the end, crafting and building together is twice the fun. Who knows if you can even stop after one Minecraft tower. There is nothing wrong with building many of them. Minecraft Towers all over your world as a connected building system in case of an army of mobs attacking? See? There are so many possibilities and we’re not even talking about our ideas yet!

City Towers: Minecraft Goes Urban

Forget about flowers and all the natural, green stuff. Get yourself some stone, concrete or other strong withstanding material. We are about to build towers Minecraft has never seen before! Just one thing: make it look like it belongs in a city (or a really big village to start with). It’s not as if there weren’t any examples in real life. You can for example rebuild the Eiffel Tower. Minecraft sometimes needs a bit of culture and history, right? Well, it has some lore, but does it hurt adding a bit more? Build your Minecraft tower right into a city wall as watchtowers or put a Minecraft clock tower right in the middle of the place. Oh, and the bigger the Minecraft towers to protect your base, city, village, castle or whatever, the more space there is for weapons. Get the high ground and shoot your opponents with some arrows. They won’t know what hit them. And if they do, it will be too late.

Minecraft Fantasy Tower: A Touch of Nature

Remember how we told you to forget about nature? Now, forget about that please because everything green is good and wanted here. Let’s take a look at a little something we call a Minecraft fantasy tower. Basically, it is not just one thing; it can be whatever you want! It just requires a bit of nature, peace and quiet. We suggest you build it out of wood since it will look more natural. Add some vines and little light sources and there you go. Even better: use glow berries, that’s a two for one deal. You can also plant some flowers or trees if you think it is too plain outside. Maybe it will attract animals you can then breed and start your little life away from society in Minecraft. Towers can also be built in basically every biome. You want a Minecraft ice tower up in the frozen mountains? Off you go! You want to build half destroyed abandoned Minecraft towers to create a mysterious vibe similar to mineshafts? Sounds great! A fancy, happy, high building straight out of a fairy tale sounds more like it? Something like a Minecraft Rapunzel tower? Don’t hold back there!

What we’re basically trying to say is that Minecraft towers are versatile. There is no right answer as to how to build towers in Minecraft because that is entirely up to you! Just grab some friends and there you go! Well, for starters we recommend building on a server in creative mode. It will be easier. Still, nothing beats a good old adventure. Just imagine an attack deep at night. It will literally make your Minecraft tower a defense hideout. Awesome, right? Just test it yourself on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and let’s see what you can create. Oh, and have fun!