The Sniffer in Minecraft Background

The Sniffer in Minecraft

May 22, 2023
3 minutes to read

Your waiting shall not be for nothing. Prepare yourself for the newest inhabitant of the Minecraft world. Well, technically he didn’t yet move in, and it’s a bit difficult to say when exactly his lease starts, but he will come: The Minecraft Sniffer!

The Minecraft Sniffer

We bet you have already heard of this new Minecraft mob, right? The question is not when it will appear in your in-game world, but whether it should be there in the first place. Of course, the answer is yes! Well, but here is a ‘secret’: The sniffer should be extinct at the moment.

3 Go in, 1 Comes out: Minecraft 1.20 Sniffer!

Are we raising the dead? No, not really! And in a moment, we will tell you why you won’t be a necromancer in Minecraft. It’s all about the details, really. But first, here is a short history on the Minecraft sniffer. In the so-called Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 players had the chance to influence the content of the game. In the past, there have already been such votings, where players could choose one out of three mobs to enter the game with the next update. Last October, we were introduced to the sniffer, the rascal and the tuff golem. All three of them came with a short video introduction so that we could get an idea of how they would support the game. In the end, the Minecraft sniffer won getting 55% of the votes! Well, that certainly means we’re all excited for the little buddy, right? As usual, the winner of the vote will be included in the upcoming update, which is the 1.20 ‘Trails & Tales’ update.

Ancient Sniffer Mob in ‘Trails & Tales’

It’s up to you whether you want to call the MC sniffer ancient, but we think it fits quite well. First of all, he is part of the ‘Trails & Tales’ update, giving him some mysterious vibe. You know, who knows what legendary tales there are about him? We don’t know what the sniffer did in the past. Maybe he ruled an entire civilization. As far as we know, this is somehow possible! At some point he became extinct and vanished from the world. At least that is the official story! Have you heard of the tale about a curious creature, maybe the last sniffer from the good old days, that hid some sniffer eggs in the sand? Well, to be fair, you have to look for them near ocean ruins, so maybe those buildings once belonged to the secret sniffer empire? We guess the only way to find out is to find those eggs, hatch a Minecraft sniffer and set it free in your Minecraft world to see whether it starts a dictatorship over other animals or becomes a friendly member of society. No, let’s face it, we have absolutely no idea where it came from or what it did to go extinct. What we do know is some information about his behavior and function as a new Minecraft mob.

Introducing the New Minecraft Sniffer

So, as mentioned above, it is pretty difficult to say anything about the sniffer. So far, not much is known for sure and we will probably have to wait until the update is released to get more precise information. Still, here is what we can expect, judging from the introductory video of the Minecraft sniffer and latest snapshots:

  • it hatches from eggs
  • it was extinct
  • it loves plants & searches for ancient flower seeds

Now, what is there left to say? We get a new mob that helps us find seeds of ancient flowers, the torch flowers. This means we also get new plants. But is there more? Here is what we assume about the Minecraft sniffer:

  • probably a passive mob
  • might be breedable
  • quite big compared to other mobs like chickens or rabbits

Bringing back the Sniffer from Extinction

Behold the cuteness: baby sniffers are called snifflets! The thing is, how do you get them? Yeah, they hatch from eggs, but can you breed them? It’s one of the frequently asked questions whenever a new mob is introduced to the game. Some players assume that you can breed a sniffer using the torch flowers, beautiful but, well, ancient. So you need a sniffer to find them and you need the flower to get more sniffers. It seems to go back and forth and we are curious on how to actually breed the cute little botanist. At least you can add a new colorful plant to your farms and gardens.

So, you get the plan when they release Minecraft 1.20, sniffer & Co., right? Off you go to roam the oceans, avoid guardians, loot some ocean monuments while you are on your way and find that sniffer egg! There is just one question left: How does it feel to bring something back from extinction? Until we can find out, since there is no fixed release date yet, prepare yourself on a Minecraft server from G-Portal for all the cool things that come with the Minecraft sniffer. Have fun!