Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

How to farm in Minecraft

The production of resources can be very useful in Minecraft. While at the beginning of the game you are still completely dependent on gathering and hunting, with the introduction of farming in Minecraft you can easily multiply your plants and thus create a steady income of resources. Here you’ll get a brief overview of how to cultivate fields in Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to plant seeds

Plants in Minecraft require dirt or farmland, water, space and light. In addition, the growth of most plants can be accelerated with bone meal. To help you plant your seeds and successfully farm in Minecraft, let’s take a closer look at the factors one by one:

Minecraft dirt and farmland

Usually, plants grow on dirt. However, arable plants such as pumpkins, melons or carrots need special farmland. You can create this by digging up ordinary dirt with a hoe. This way, you can create a field that can then be watered. With the help of farmland, you can grow wheat or melons in Minecraft, for example.

Of course, there are some exceptions, such as seaweed or kelp, which only grows under water. Cocoa, for example, can only be grown on jungle tree trunks, while grass and flowers require grass blocks. Mushrooms don’t require a specific soil and can grow on any solid block.

How to water your plants in Minecraft

Just like your houseplants, plants in Minecraft have very different requirements for their own water supply. Basically, most plants will grow without targeted watering. However, arable plants grow much faster if they are placed on moist farmland. Moist farmland occurs when water is no more than four blocks away.

However, if you want to grow sugarcane in Minecraft, you need water in the field right next to it. Sea pickle, seaweed, and kelp must be planted in water to grow.

How to plant a field in Minecraft

The growth of your arable plants depends not only on the soil and its moisture, but also on how your field is laid out. Basically, plant growth benefits if the farmland around your block is also moist. In addition, the growth value decreases if there are blocks on two edges of the farmland on which the same plant grows. This also happens if there is an identical plant growing diagonally to the block.

It follows that you should lay out your field so that a row of planted farmland is followed by a row of empty, moist farmland. In addition, there should be moist farmland between your water source and a planted row to maximize growth. Since water can be no more than four blocks away, this results in the ideal structure of an acre:

The ideal field structure in Minecraft

First lay out a row of water, followed by a row of empty farmland, which in turn is followed by a row of planted farmland. Now always leave a row of unplanted, moist farmland between planted rows. Once you have three rows of planted farmland, another row of farmland follows before you plant another water source next to it. This way, each of your plants has the maximum usable space, is always supplied with moisture and consequently grows as fast as possible.

Light and plants in Minecraft

While most plants grow at any light level, you need at least light level 9 for crops and trees. You can display the light level at any time by pressing F3. Before planting a field, make sure that it is bright enough. Otherwise your agricultural plans are doomed to failure.

Harvesting plants in Minecraft

Once your plants are fully grown, it’s time to harvest them. Usually you only have to hit the plant once with your hand. However, for some plants – such as trees or melons – the axe is useful, since it increases the speed of harvesting considerably. For plants such as seaweed, grass or ferns, you need a pair of scissors for harvesting.

Useful tips for farming in Minecraft 

  • If you apply bone meal to a plant by right-clicking on it, you can significantly accelerate its growth.
  • Mobs can destroy arable soil. Therefore, it is recommended to fence and illuminate your fields.
  • Villagers with the profession of farmer can plant some plants on their own.

Conclusion Minecraft farming 

Now you know all the essentials about farming in Minecraft. Have you always dreamed of your own sprawling farm that you run together with your friends? With a Minecraft server from G-Portal, this dream can quickly and easily become a reality.

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