Minecraft Easter Background

Minecraft Easter

April 6, 2023
2 minutes to read

We all know it: Every once in a while Easter comes around. Who didn’t enjoy going on a little adventurous hunt für colorful eggs as a kid?

Easter in Minecraft

Sure, there comes a time when you have to grow up eventually but does that mean we can’t have some fun anymore? Good news! We’ll tell you how you can spend some festive time in Minecraft. Easter themed maps and mods do exist and we don’t want you to miss any of them!


Minecraft Easter Ideas for Everyone!

Whether you play alone or with friends in multiplayer, Minecraft will always be there for you. So, let’s check out some things you can do in Minecraft to get the right holiday spirit. Close your eyes and just imagine a Minecraft easter bunny. What would the little, peaceful mob do? Would he like your normal Minecraft world? Maybe we should start right there. You could think about:

  1. building huge egg-formed sculptures made out of colorful blocks like dyed wool
  2. starting your own rabbit empire by breeding them
  3. just randomly throwing eggs (yes, we know they might hatch chickens and not rabbits, but still, it’s not called easter chicken, is it?)
  4. summoning countless killer bunnies and going on a Minecraft Easter hunt (and don’t forget your bow and arrows, those bunnies are fast!)
  5. building a huge rabbit hole to prank your friends

Well, there are countless ideas depending on how serious you take the holiday. Just start Minecraft and get into the right mood. And if you need more ideas you could also invite your friends over and decorate your own server to celebrate Easter in Minecraft. Did you know by the way that there were a number of Minecraft Easter events in the past including a big in-game egg hunt? Maybe try that!

Top 3 Minecraft Easter Mods

You’ve been thinking about crazy ideas for days but you don’t really have the motivation to craft a whole rabbit hole for others to fall into? Sad, but well, we know that feeling. For everyone who still wants to enjoy Easter in Minecraft: You just need a Minecraft Easter mod. Curseforge offers many mods to check out and we did that for you. Here are our top 3!

Minecraft Easter Bunny? - „Easter Rabbits“

Whether you call it the Easter bunny or Easter rabbit doesn’t matter. It’s a rodent that has something to do with funny, colored eggs. Weird enough since those animals do not lay eggs. Especially not such eggs made out of chocolate. To be fair, you can’t include everything in a game. An Easter bunny? Well, it is sort of possible thanks to the „Easter Rabbits“ mod. Every now and then, a rabbit will lay an egg, just like a chicken does. And it is exactly the same kind of egg, so no, you can’t breed rabbits with eggs and they aren’t green, red or whatever color you could think of. Still, even if it is simple and the mod doesn’t add much to the game it’s a classic and enables you to find more eggs lying around.


Minecraft Easter Mod: „Easter Eggs“

If you’re thinking about funny name tags or hidden fun facts you are wrong. Those are another thing that has nothing to do with the Easter holiday. The mod called „Easter Eggs“ seems to get the idea of the holiday spirit. For each color possible in Minecraft there is an egg you can find, so 16 in total. And each one of them acts like a lucky block. The Easter bunny drops them here as well. Don’t worry! Only good surprises await you! So, just give it a try and challenge yourself in finding all eggs.

Easter in Minecraft: „Eggsplosion 2020“

Fancy name, isn’t it? Listen, they might not actually explode, but still it is a fun challenge to get them. This is how it works: You spend your Easter break (or to be honest any time you want to try it) fulfilling a list of small tasks and for each of those special tasks you get a certain kind of egg. The „Eggsplosion 2020“ mod comes with a list of all the tasks. Just check it out and start your own egg hunt when celebrating Easter in Minecraft. And if you miss some explosions, just get yourself some creepers and pretend they are the Easter bunny’s helpers.

Let’s enjoy Minecraft Easter!

So whether you want a peaceful holiday-inspired gaming experience or a crazy adventure with mean killer bunnies Minecraft offers it all. In the end it’s all up to you. All we can say: As long as you want to spend Easter in Minecraft, there’s nothing holding you back! You want to prepare your own Minecraft Easter map? A Minecraft server from G-Portal is the best place to do it! Have fun getting in the mood!