Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Commands

Minecraft offers its players the possibility to influence the course of the game in certain ways with the help of so-called Minecraft commands. Colloquially, these commands are often referred to as ‘slash commands’ or ‘cheats’ due to their internal structure. Learn here about Minecraft commands and what you can do with them!

What Are Minecraft Commands?

Basically, commands in Minecraft can be seen as technical support in gameplay. They provide changes to various aspects of the game that help the player to modify their gameplay experience, find their way around, or survive in survival mode, for example. If you look at their structure, they resemble codes and follow a certain syntax or structure. Therefore, all you need to know is what the code for a Minecraft command must contain and then follow with the required sequence of words to write a command. The basic pattern of a command looks like this:


Depending on the command, individual variables are also required to determine more precisely how a change will take place. These variables contain, for example, information about player names, coordinates or quantities of items. In the Minecraft command /give, for example, in order to give a player an item, information is required that includes the player name, the item and its quantity.

How to Use Minecraft Commands

First of all, in order to use cheats, you have to allow them in the game settings. Since they can be seen entirely according to this designation not only as simple commands, but as tricks to simplify the game, they are not necessarily enabled. If the cheats are enabled, you can use them through the chat window.

T-key —> Open chat

In the line where you can compose messages to your teammates in multiplayer mode, you then enter the Minecraft command. They always start with a ‘/’ and the respective request of what should be done. After that, each command follows the same flow. Some are shorter than others.

  1. Enter a letter. A selection of commands that can be used opens immediately.
  2. Use the arrow keys to go through the suggested commands.
  3. Confirm the desired MC command with the tab key (text turns light blue). 
  4. Press the space bar. Immediately possible variables to be selected next are displayed.
  5. Use the arrow keys and tab key to select until the command is complete. If necessary, enter coordinates.
  6. Confirm the MC command with enter and let it take effect.

To make the command valid in Minecraft, fill in all necessary variables and send it. Thanks to the 1.13 update, error messages will be displayed to the player if a Minecraft command of this type doesn’t exist, so you’ll quickly know that you’ve forgotten something or entered it incorrectly. In addition, incorrect or incomplete information will be marked in red as soon as it is entered.

Minecraft Commands with Coordinates

Some of the codes work with coordinates in the game. These can be easily determined in the course of the game by opening the debug screen.

F3 / FN + F3 —> Debug screen

Once you have opened this screen, you will find the coordinates of your exact position on the left side. The second data paragraph starts with the point ‘XYZ’ and shows us the current coordinates. Based on these you can understand exactly how far you still have to go in a certain direction to reach your destination, or how deep you still have to dig to get to a certain level, for example.

Applying Minecraft Commands To Specific Players

Another important aspect of Minecraft Commands are entities. In multiplayer mode, depending on the command, the player can have it affect several players or only one. To which target one refers must be integrated in the command. Therefore, in addition to the player names, you can also use shorthand notations that simplify the writing of commands. The important entities are:

@s —> yourself
@p —> the player closest to you
@a —> all players
@r —> a random player
@e —> all entities in the world (e.g. also vehicles, mobs, etc.)

The Best Minecraft Command: Help

Since there is now a huge amount of commands, it is nearly impossible to remember the exact variables and data needed for each one. If you use the cheats for the first time or only very rarely, you may get error messages because you entered something incorrectly. Minecraft therefore provides its players with the command ‚/help’.


If you enter this command in Minecraft, all commands are listed for the player. If you then open the chat window again, this list will help you with information about the required variables for the individual commands in Minecraft.

The Most Important Minecraft Commands

So many commands exist in the vastness of the Minecraft world that hardly any player needs every single one. Listed below are the probably most useful Minecraft commands to simplify gameplay or customize it according to your preferences.

Server Attributes

MC commands can change various attributes of a server, or rather the in-game world. Commands that relate to the weather, seed, time, or game mode are particularly useful. Commands that affect individual players, such as individual spawn commands in Minecraft or the keep inventory command (when you die), are also frequently used.


With the help of coordinates you can find your way around the game. However, if it takes too long for a player to find the desired or hoped-for destination while exploring, they can make use of Minecraft commands. Therefore, among them you’ll also find some cheats that can be well subordinated to the theme of exploration.


If you just want to enjoy the peace and quiet in the game or build the next castle with other players, you can quickly run out of materials or not every desired item for the right aesthetics is in your inventory. There are just the right Minecraft commands for that.


Under the category adventure we summarize Minecraft commands, which could be helpful especially for battles or living with each other on the server. No matter if you build a base in a group and need certain mobs or want to attack each other.

/seedshows the seed of the worldServer attributes
/gamemodeadventure, creative, spectator, survivalchanges the game modeServer attributes
/gamerulee.g. keep inventorycertain aspects change, e.g. not loosing inventory when dying or disable day and night changesServer attributes
/timee.g. set dayset time of the dayServer attributes
/weatherclear, rain, thunderset weatherServer attributes
/spawnpointe.g. 486 256 169current coordinates will become the new spawnpointServer attributes
/locatebiome, poi, structureshows coordinates of specific placesExploration
/locate biomee.g. allows surface slime spawnsspecial command for finding certain biomesExploration
@<entity> ‘coordinates’teleports a player to certain coordinates or other playersExploration
/give@<entity> ‘item’ ‘amount’gives player wanted items, even rare ones that normally don’t exist in creative modeExploration, build
/fille.g. ‘130 70 -43’ ‘135 85 -46’ ‘logs’fills a specific area between starting and end coordinatesBuild
‘starting coordinates’ ‘end coordinates’ ‘destined coordinates’
copies areas marked by starting and end coordinates und creates a copy of all contained blocks at a chosen placeBuild
/summone.g. minecraft:axolotlsummons mobsAdventure
/kille.g. @pkills chosen entityAdventure
/kicke.g. @pkicks chosen entity off the serverAdventure
/enchante.g. @p ‘fortune’puts an enchantment on the item a certain entity holds in handAdventure
/advancementse.g. ‘grant’ @p ‘everything’gives to or takes certain advancements from en entityAdventure

Tips for Using MC Commands

If commands are used regularly, it is easier to understand or apply their conditions. To make getting acquainted with Minecraft commands even easier, here are some small hints and tips that should not be forgotten.

  • Testing: If you are still unsure about using the commands, it is worth exploring them in your own test world. You have to keep in mind that most @entity statements will refer to you, since you are the only active player.
  • Mac: If you are using Mac, you will also need to press the FN-key for commands or settings that involve the F3-key. This also applies to some windows laptops.
  • Change game mode: With the key combination F3 (hold down) + F4 you can change the game mode without entering a command in the chat window. For Mac, Fn & F3 (hold down) + F4 applies.
  • Green numbers: If after a command, such as /locate the coordinates you are looking for are displayed in green, you can open the chat window again and click on those coordinates with the mouse. They will then appear as a /teleport command, which you only have to confirm.

Testing All The Minecraft Commands!

Whether they are considered tricks or help, the Minecraft commands can greatly influence the gameplay and create endless possibilities. On a Minecraft server from G-Portal, of course you can try out all the commands. It’s even more fun with friends!

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