Boundless except for Minecraft Fences Background

Boundless except for Minecraft Fences

May 14, 2024
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Minecraft is amazing, isn’t it? A game celebrated for its boundless creativity and endless possibilities, it hosts a variety of items and blocks that players can use to craft their unique worlds.

Minecraft Fences: More Than Just Boundaries

Talking about being boundless: one of the most versatile and interesting items you might overlook is the humble fence or, since they mostly appear in groups: Minecraft fences. Yes, you heard that right! But they aren't just any ordinary boundaries but an essential part of the Minecraft universe, serving functions from basic enclosures to intricate parts of architectural masterpieces. Let's dive into the captivating world of Minecraft fences and discover why they're much more than what meets the eye.

How to Craft Fences in Minecraft

To get these cool items, you just have to follow the Minecraft fence recipe:

4x wooden planks + 2x sticks = 3x fences


Well, this is the Minecraft fence recipe for normal Minecraft fences. Those made of wood. Simply combine 4x wooden planks and 2x sticks in a crafting table. The planks go in the first and third columns (the lower slots), with sticks in the lower two center slots. But beware! The first reason why Minecraft fences are great: you can craft a nether brick fence!

4x nether bricks (blocks) + 2x nether brick = 3x nether brick fence


These are perfect for a darker, more ominous look. Use 4x nether bricks (the block form) and 2x nether brick items. The crafting principle is the same, but the materials bring a touch of the Nether to all your overworld builds.

The Many Faces of Minecraft Fences

With a total of 9 different types, including wooden fences for each type of wood in the game and the nether brick fence, Minecraft offers one for every occasion. This variety allows players to match their fences with the aesthetic of their buildings or landscape, creating cohesive and visually appealing designs. Or you could also just mix and match however you want. It’s completely up to you and your imagination.

Minecraft Fences’ Aesthetic Appeal

MC fences aren't just functional; they're stylish! With their unique ‘post-and-rail’ design, fences add a rustic or refined touch to your builds, depending on the material used. The game offers a plethora of fence types – from the warm hues of oak to the eerie vibe of warped Minecraft fences – ensuring that there's a fence type for every architectural style. Whether standing alone or connected to form barriers, fences enhance the visual appeal of your Minecraft world.

Connecting the Dots of MC Fences

One of the magic aspects of MC fences is their ability to automatically connect to adjacent blocks, creating seamless barriers that keep mobs out (or in). This auto-connect feature is not just for other fences; gates and certain blocks also join in the fun, enabling creative and functional enclosures or decorative elements. So yeah, if you take it literally, Minecraft isn’t as boundless as we thought. But hey, that’s not the MC fences’ fault.


Why Minecraft Fences Deserve Your Attention

Beyond their basic function as barriers, Minecraft fences are a testament to the game's versatility and the creativity it fosters in players. Here's a list of reasons why they're more interesting than you might think:

  1. beyond boundaries: Minecraft fences are used for decorative purposes, adding depth and texture to buildings, or as functional parts of gameplay mechanics.
  2. mob mechanics mastery: The height of fences makes them perfect for managing mobs, providing security without compromising style.
  3. decorative diversity: The wide range of materials and colors available for MC fences means they can complement any building style or landscape design.
  4. redstone companions: Although they don't directly interact with redstone, fences can play a crucial role in redstone contraptions, showcasing the game's complexity.
  5. cultural icons: Yes, Minecraft fences have inspired the game’s players to push the boundaries of creativity, using them in ways far beyond their intended purpose.


In the vast, blocky expanse of Minecraft, fences stand out as monuments to the game's core principles: creativity, versatility and community. They remind us that even the simplest items can have a significant impact on our gaming experience, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Or, to put it simply: They keep evil zombies out and cute little sheep in! They are there for your defence (pun intended). So, the next time you're venturing through your Minecraft server from G-Portal, take a moment to appreciate the humble fence – a small block that holds a world of possibilities. And, of course, let’s not forget to have fun, okay?

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