Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

The Minecraft Sheep

Minecraft, sheep, they belong together. Without the cute little animals, surviving the dark nights in the game would be pretty difficult. If there were no Minecraft sheep, there would be no beds to craft. That is like one of the first things new players learn: kill a sheep and craft a bed. Ever since 2009, this has been part of the in-game rules. However, the story of Minecraft sheep is not as linear and straight forward as you might think. There have been many changes in their appearances and behavior over the course of time. Today we introduce to you: modern Minecraft sheep!

Overview Minecraft Sheep:

  • passive mobs
  • drop raw mutton and wool
  • can be sheared
  • breedable with wheat
  • can be dyed to produce colored wool

The Minecraft Sheep Basics

Similar to other mobs in Minecraft, sheep spawn naturally in many biomes. Normally, they spawn in groups of up to 3 or 4 sheep. All they need is a light level above 7 and space above them. So, it is unlikely to find Minecraft sheep in caves. A small percentage of them spawn as sheep babies instead of as their adult counterparts. Additionally, they can spawn in different colors. Most sheep will spawn as white sheep. Gray, brown and black Minecraft sheep are also quite common among players. Meanwhile, other colored sheep can spawn but the percentage of that happening is very, very low.

A Minecraft Sheep’s Behavior

Minecraft sheep are passive mobs which determines their general behavior. They won’t attack players at all. They co-exist with them peacefully. Only if you harm them b in any way, will they flee from you for a few seconds. Otherwise, they simply live their lives grazing the fields of the game. Because after all, what do you need to calm sheep? Food. They eat grass and therefore turn grass blocks into dirt blocks. After a while, those blocks will regrow grass, so your sheep aren’t in danger of starving any time soon. Baby Minecraft sheep are supposed to eat more grass than adults as they still need to grow. A special case in all sheep’s behavior is that sheep will follow any player around that holds wheat in their hand. 

Drops & Benefits of Minecraft Sheep

Minecraft sheep drops may not be the most precious items but they are quite important for surviving the first nights in  the game. Basically, Minecraft sheep drop these three things:

  • raw mutton
  • wool
  • XP

Meat, of course, serves as a source of health. XP is always useful in basically every game, and wool is what players associate most with Minecraft sheep. There is quite a bit to say about it. However, first we want to mention the achievements and advancements that are connected with Minecraft sheep:

  • Rainbow Collection ➝ achievement
  • It Spreads ➝ advancement
  • The Parrots and the Bats ➝ advancement
  • Two by Two ➝ advancement

Compared to other mobs, whether it’s animals or different kinds of creatures, the last two advancements are particularly easy to fulfill when it comes to Minecraft sheep. They expect you to breed them, which is not difficult at all. 

Minecraft Sheep Wool

Minecraft sheep wool is not only the most obvious drop of these mobs but it can also be used for essential items, dyed to fit individual aesthetics and be collected ecologically without killing dozens of sheep. Here are the most important things to know about Minecraft sheep wool:

  • 1x wool dropped upon death
  • 1-3x wool when sheared
  • can be dyed before and after shearing
  • important for crafting beds

Let’s get through these one by one. Wool is dropped as an item once when you kill a sheep. However, this way you will have to breed Minecraft sheep to not run out of them as a wool source. A better method is using shears on sheep. This way you not only get more wool, but the sheep is still alive and the wool regrows. You’ll only need a few sheep to have an infinite amount of wool. 

Speaking about that, you can dye wool since 2011, with 16 different colors being available. There are two options: before the sheep is killed or after you have wool in your inventory as an item. The benefit of the first option is that you can keep a flock of colorful rainbow Minecraft sheep and have endless colored wool. Dyeing each block of wool individually will also cost you way more dye and take longer. 

Crafting with Minecraft Sheep Wool

Minecraft sheep wool is of course also a crafting ingredient. There are four recipes for which you’ll need wool. The first and most important one is the bed which might save you from creepers during your first nights. All you need is:

3x wool of the same color + 3x planks of any kind = 1x bed

Minecraft Bed

Easier but maybe also a little less important is the ability to craft carpets in Minecraft. For this item, you only need wool:

2x wool of the same color = 1x carpet 

Minecraft Carpet

Another part of the interior design could be a nice painting on the wall. You do indeed need a block of wool to craft a painting:

8x stick + 1x wool = 1x painting

Minecraft Painting

Lastly, if you want your castle or fortress or whatever your HQ is to look noble and ready to start a war, you might want to consider setting up some banners. It is easy to craft:

6x wool of the same color + 1x stick = 1x banner

Minecraft Banner

After all, Minecraft sheep wool might not be the most precious crafting ingredient, but is kind of useful. And most of all, it is very easy to gather compared to diamonds or other rare ores.

Minecraft Sheep: Breeding & Colors

As with all the other animal mobs, the trick to breeding is having two mobs of the same kind and a special food. The necessary Minecraft sheep food is simply wheat. After any visit in a village you might have some of it. Or maybe you even farm it yourself. Just feed two Minecraft sheep and they will breed. This is where the Minecraft sheep colors are important: 

  • sheep of the same color = baby sheep of that color
  • sheep with different bus compatible colors = baby sheep with a third color 
  • sheep with different colors, not compatible = baby sheep the color of one parent

This basically means that you can play around with the colors of your sheep. Imagine you have a white and a red sheep and still need a pink one but you don’t have pink dye. Just breed these two minecraft sheep and there will be a pink baby sheep. However, if you breed for example a green and a red sheep, these colors don’t match and the baby will have either one of the two colors. After 5 minutes, you can breed sheep again. And if you are curious how breeding works for other animals, you can look that up in our breeding guide.

Conclusion: Minecraft Sheep

Minecraft sheep look cute and innocent. Because they are. Ever since Minecraft started back in 2009, these animals were part of the game. Now they serve as the main source to craft colorful buildings out of wool. Or just to make your fields and villages look happier with blue, pink and yellow baby sheep running around. Anyways, if you want to collect the whole rainbow in your flock and get the achievement ‘Rainbow Collection’ a Minecraft server from G-Portal is your place to go. Just grab some wheat and off you go to become a happy little digital shepherd.

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