Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Log & Minecraft Wood

The Minecraft log is probably the most important block in Minecraft. It is the first material in the game that a player can mine and use. It can then be used to create the first tools and weapons. Thus, it forms the start of the active gameplay. At the same time, it serves as a resource for later construction projects, such as houses, bridges or larger castles.

Minecraft Wood Overview:

  • Wood refers to many different blocks
  • Most important resource in the game
  • Mining: axe, also possible without tools
  • Can be found in almost every biome

What is Minecraft Wood?

Wood is a collective term in Minecraft. When players talk about wood, it is possible that they mean the Minecraft log. However, at the same time, they may also be talking about the Minecraft wood block, which is crafted from logs. Wooden planks and stripped wood blocks are also listed under the term Minecraft wood. The term is therefore used for both the raw material in its natural log form, for the wood block itself, and for some crafted items.

Types of Wood in Minecraft

Depending on the tree you mine, you get different types of logs. In total, there are 7 main accessible types of Minecraft wood in the game:

  • Acacia log
  • Birch log
  • Dark oak log
  • Mangrove log
  • Oak log
  • Spruce log
  • Tropical log

In addition to the common Minecraft wood types, there are also: 

  • Crimson stem
  • Warped stem

These are mushrooms and not trees. The stem has a similar structure to logs. It can be mined in the same way and is therefore usually associated with the Minecraft log. 

Each type of wood has its own appearance and provides different resources when you mine the tree. Also, it depends on the explored biome which trees, and thus log types, are available to a player. 

BiomeMinecraft Log & Minecraft Wood
Birch forestBirch
Crimson forestHuge Crimson Fungus
Dark ForestBirch, Oak, Dark Oak
ForestBirch, Oak
JungleJungle Tree
MountainsOak, Spruce
SwampMangrove, Swamp Oak
Warped forestHuge Warped Fungus

More Minecraft Wood: Fancy Trees and Mega Trees 

In the gameplay you can find many different Minecraft trees. Particularly striking is the structure of the plants. Most trees consist of a simple 1×1 block wide Minecraft log. However, with certain types of wood, it is possible that a tree is suddenly huge and has a Minecraft log of 2×2 blocks. More specifically, this concerns:

  • Fancy oaks
  • Mega spruces
  • Mega tropical tree

The biggest advantage that these plants form is the amount of raw materials that can be mined. It is many times greater than that of other trees. A normal Minecraft log is generated with a random height of 4-8, 13 or 16. Giant trees are often twice as tall with a maximum height between 30 and 32 blocks.

How to Mine Minecraft Logs

The most helpful feature of the Minecraft log is its easy mining. Even before the first axe or pickaxe, a player needs wood. After all, he must be able to craft exactly these tools. Therefore, you don’t really need any tools or weapons for mining, your bare hands are good enough. After that, Minecraft wood can be mined with any tool, although the axe is the fastest. The better the axe, the shorter the mining time required. If you use tools, they also lose durability points.

Countless Uses for Minecraft Wood-Versions

The Minecraft log has several uses in the active gameplay. At the beginning, it is the most significant resource for the player who needs to equip and prepare quickly in survival mode. As the game progresses, the log serves mainly as a starting point for building materials and thus indirectly for many items and blocks in Minecraft. So you should never have to do without the Minecraft log. 

Like many other blocks, you can also use logs and Minecraft wood in furnaces as fuel. One block of wood or log is enough for 1.5 processes in the furnace; wooden planks behave the same way. However, since you can make four planks from one log, it’s easy to increase the processes to 6 with just a single log block. Putting the Minecraft wood or log in the top slot of a furnace turns it into charcoal, which in turn can be used as a substitute for regular coal. 

A form of use of the tree component that should not be forgotten is the aesthetic function. The Minecraft world and almost every biome are characterized by tree-rich landscapes. Forests are made up of trees, and in snowy areas a white blanket covers spruce trees. So, apart from their useful purposes, the presence of the Minecraft log in connection with leaves and grass also provides the right mood of a world that wants to be explored.

Many Crafting Possibilities with Minecraft Wood

An important use of the Minecraft log is crafting. This can be roughly divided into 4 categories, as the wood is exceptionally useful in its raw form: building materials, tools, weapons and items. 

Minecraft Log Crafting: Building Materials

The Minecraft log is the basis for many recipes and following blocks, as well as items. However, wooden planks are often needed for these. These are obtained from the raw material, as well as some other building materials:

  • 1x Minecraft log/ Minecraft wood/ stripped log/ stripped wood = 4x wooden planks
  • 4x Minecraft log = 3x Minecraft wood
  • Axe with right click on 1x Minecraft log = 1x Minecraft stripped log
  • Axe with right click on 1x Minecraft wood = 1x Minecraft stripped wood

Minecraft Log Crafting: Tools

Tools facilitate the game enormously in various areas. Most tools can be made in different types, the simplest (usually also the weakest) type being wood. However, for this you don’t need the raw form, but wooden planks. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that wood is the starting point. If you process planks even further into sticks, the possibilities of using wood also expand, e.g. for fishing rods. To keep the link to the raw material close, these are the tools that can be crafted with wooden boards, the first ‘expansion’ from the Minecraft log:

  • 2x sticks + 3x wooden planks = 1x wooden pickaxe
  • 2x sticks + 3x wooden planks = 1x wooden axe
  • 2x sticks + 1x wooden planks = 1x wooden shovel
  • 2x sticks + 2x wooden planks = 1x wooden hoe

Minecraft Log Crafting: Weapons

Probably the most important weapon in the game is the sword. Although the axe is also often considered a weapon, it performs a dual function and serves as a tool as well. You craft a Minecraft wooden sword and matching shield as follows:

  • 1x stick + 2x wooden planks = 1x wooden sword
  • 6x wooden planks + 1x iron ingot = shield

If you look again at more distant items in the processing chain of logs, which, for example, no longer need planks, but sticks, the possibilities expand indirectly to weapons such as the bow. Through this one can then craft a crossbow or a dispenser. This way, the processing chain of  Minecraft log continues in many directions of the game.

Minecraft Log Crafting: Items

Besides materials and tools, there is also the possibility to craft items. The advantage is that after that they also serve as a source of light or even have their own special functions. 

  • 3x stick + 1x charcoal + 3x Minecraft log/ Minecraft wood/ stripped log/ stripped wood = 1x campfire
  • 3x stick + 1x soul sand + 3x Minecraft log/ Minecraft wood/ stripped log/ stripped wood = 1x soul campfire
  • 4x Minecraft log + 1x furnace = 1x smoker

Minecraft Stripped Wood

Minecraft stripped wood is a special form of wood that can be obtained in-game by removing the bark from a Minecraft log or Minecraft wood block. To get it, you have to right-click on the corresponding block with an axe in your hand. Stripped wood and stripped logs look very similar to normal wood and normal logs. Likewise, they have the same properties and can usually be used for the same purposes. So, basically, they differ only visually. 

Preview: Wood in Minecraft 1.20

New updates often fulfill long-awaited wishes of players. Bamboo has long represented a popular material in the block world. With the Minecraft 1.20 update, it should soon be possible to incorporate bamboo even more intensively into one’s construction projects. 

  • 9x bamboo = 1x bamboo block
  • Axe with right click on 1x bamboo block = 1x stripped bamboo block
  • 1x bamboo block/stripped bamboo block = 2x bamboo planks

Likewise, signs that players like to use for labeling are expanded to include hanging signs:

  • 2x chain + 6x stripped wood = 1x hanging sign

Conclusion Minecraft Log & Minecraft Wood

Overall, the Minecraft log is an indispensable part of Minecraft, both for the gameplay and for the visuals and gaming experience. The log, as well as Minecraft wood, offers a wide range of possibilities for creative building and designing. To explore the diversity of the raw material, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is a great choice, whether alone or as a new group project.

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