Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Zombie

In Minecraft, there are many mobs roaming the world. Some of them are peaceful and passive, while others may become a problem sometimes. One of the problematic ones, without a doubt, is the Minecraft zombie. It has been part of the game since the very beginning. It was one of the first mobs trying to kill players and make the game harder for them. Since players have been encountering the Minecraft zombie on a regular basis in the last decade, there is plenty to know about it by now.

Overview Minecraft Zombie:

  • hostile & undead mob
  • can pick up items & wear armor
  • has different subtypes, e.g. drowned
  • included in some mods

What Is a Minecraft Zombie?

The Minecraft zombie is a hostile mob. It looks like a greenish figure with blue pants and a shirt. Since Minecraft zombies are hostile creatures, they pursue the player as soon as they see them. Once they reach and attack the player, they cause damage. It is basically their only goal in the game. If you encounter a Minecraft zombie that is burning, it is possibly due to sunlight. They cannot stand it unless they are wearing a helmet or are in water. In addition to their normal appearance, they sometimes wear armor and weapons or pick up and use items.

Minecraft Zombies and Their Subtypes

If you are new to the game, the following information may be shocking: There is not just the normal Minecraft zombie. Actually, zombies can zombify some of the other entities making them subtypes of Minecraft zombies. The most popular example is the so-called Minecraft zombified villager. When a villager is attacked or killed by a zombie, there is a chance they’ll transform. This, however, is reversible. In the following, you will find information on all known types and subtypes of Minecraft zombies.

1. Normal Zombies: 

These are the usual greenish Minecraft zombies that spawn at night or pop up in dark areas. They can inflict damage on the player and turn villagers into Minecraft zombified villagers.

2. Zombie Villagers: 

If a villager is attacked or killed by a zombie, there is a chance that they will turn into a zombie villager. These can be healed back into regular villagers by hitting them with a weakness potion and then giving them a golden apple.

3. Baby Zombies: 

These are smaller and faster than normal Minecraft zombies. They have the same abilities as normal zombies, but their speed makes them more difficult to fight. Baby zombies can also ride chickens, which is referred to as a ‘chicken jockey’.

4. Husks: 

These are desert variants of Minecraft zombies. They resemble normal zombies but do not burn in sunlight. If a husk attacks a player, there’s a chance that the player will get the hunger status effect.

5. Drowned: 

These are water zombies that either spawn in oceans and rivers or arise when a Minecraft zombie stays underwater for long enough. They are literally drowned zombies. They can attack the player, and some carry tridents that they can throw.

6. Zombified Piglins: 

These creatures spawn in the Nether and arise when a piglin remains in the overworld or the End for an extended period of time. They behave similarly to normal piglins but attack players that aren’t wearing gold without provocation.

You should, however, note that the availability of these zombies may depend on the game version. So, if you want to encounter a certain type of Minecraft zombies you may do some research on their availability first.

Where and When does a Minecraft Zombie Spawn?

Now, before you get ready to fight off Minecraft zombies, you should know when you may expect them. In general, Minecraft Zombies follow the same rules as many hostile, but mostly undead, mobs: They don’t like light. Therefore, Minecraft zombies spawn only at night or in dark places with a light level of 7 or less. If you really want to meet a Minecraft zombie, you can of course also use the ‘summon’ command as long as you have your cheats turned on. This depends on the game difficulty you choose to play:

  • Peaceful: no zombies spawn.
  • Easy: two hearts of damage per hit
  • Normal: three hearts of damage per hit
  • Hard: four hearts of damage per hit.

Choose wisely and prepare yourself whenever night falls. They will spawn and they will most definitely attack. It is in their nature. 

Fighting Minecraft Zombies: Strategies

At night, there is only fight or flight. In general, how you should approach Minecraft zombies depends on you. If you prefer melee weapons, you should, of course, fight differently than when you shoot arrows. The following table summarizes the most effective strategies to face Minecraft Zombies.

height– they cannot jump or climb
– stand on a two block high pole and safely attack them from there
lightplacing torches or other light sources helps to prevent them from spawning (they burn in daylight)
melee– melee weapons like a sword or axe
– the more valuable the material, the more damage the weapon deals.
potions– healing potions and strength potions are useful when fighting them 
– weakness potion can also be thrown at them to decrease its damage
ranged– from a distance: use a bow or crossbow
– you can attack the Minecraft zombie without being in its range yourself
shield– useful in close combat to block a Minecraft zombie’s attacks

Minecraft zombies come with a few tricks you should be aware of. One of them is their ability to destroy doors on ‘hard’ difficulty level. Therefore, hiding inside some houses of your village won’t be effective. Sometimes, instead of normal zombies, child zombies spawn. They are faster than normal Minecraft zombies. Keep away from them as they can become quite annoying. Lastly, Minecraft zombies have their ways of becoming more in number. Protect your villagers before they turn into Minecraft zombified villagers. It may also happen that when a zombie is attacked, it can call other zombies for support. And in very rare cases, this may lead to zombie sieges. They can occur in villages, where a large number of zombies spawn.


Note that Minecraft zombies that carry a weapon can cause additional damage. Also, the damage from a zombie might be increased if the player is not wearing armor themself.

Minecraft Zombie Drops

When a Minecraft zombie is defeated, it can drop various items. However, the type and quantity of the drops also depend on luck. A zombie can drop:

  • rotten flesh (common)
  • iron ingot (rare)
  • carrots & potatoes (occasionally)
  • equipment (used; chance if they carried it)
  • head (if killed by a creeper
  • XP

As you can see, Minecraft zombies may indeed drop useful items. And the more of them you kill, the more items you get. 

Minecraft Zombies: Mods 

If you have been a part of the Minecraft community for a longer period of time, you might have stumbled upon the term ‘mutant zombie’. Now, it is exactly what one might think it is. However, there is one thing to remember: there is no ‘mutant zombie’ in the vanilla (unmodified) version of Minecraft. Actually, the term ‘mutant zombie’ often refers to a creature that is part of the popular Mutant Creatures Mod. In this mod, the mutant zombie is a much larger and stronger version of the standard Minecraft zombie. It has significantly more health, more powerful attacks, and the ability to summon regular zombies to aid it in battle. When defeated, it has the ability to resurrect itself unless it is burned with fire while down.

Conclusion: Minecraft Zombie

Minecraft zombies are mobs that offer more than just some clichés of dead creatures walking around. Although they also do that, they are versatile and a worthy opponent at night. It is always useful to gather some friends on a multiplayer server to protect your base, be it a tiny little house or a majestic castle. So, if you feel inspired or just thrilled to get some heads, tridents or XP, hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and challenge the odds. Oh, and remember to turn on the light.

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