Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Redstone

You may have heard about the mysterious Minecraft redstone. Many farms and other elaborate constructs use the red block. But what is redstone, really? How do you get it and how can you use it? We show you what Minecraft redstone can do and give you a glimpse of the possibilities it opens for you.

Overview Minecraft Redstone

  • ore to be mined with iron pickaxe or better ones
  • form: redstone block or redstone dust
  • important for automatic circuits, e.g. farms
  • resembles electricity and power

How to Mine Redstone Ore

To do anything with redstone, you need to mine redstone ore. Although the distribution of redstone can be tricky, you can maximize your chances by looking in the right places. Once you have found some redstone, you have to use a pickaxe made of iron or a stronger material. If you don’t, the block is simply destroyed and nothing happens. Once you mine it, the redstone block drops as redstone dust. One redstone block gives you 4-5x redstone dust. The fortune enchantment increases the maximum number of dust up to 8. If you want the ore itself, silk touch lets you keep it intact.

Once you have found 9x redstone dust in total, you can craft them into a single redstone block. If you want to find intact redstone blocks, the ancient city always spawns with 2 redstone blocks inside. Although venturing into the deep dark biome to find it is not a totally safe trip. So you should stock up on potions and swords, if you want to get your hands on a complete and unscathed redstone block.

1x redstone Block = 9x redstone Dust

Tip: Redstone blocks can be converted back into 9x redstone dust, without losing any materials. If you’re out in the wild, redstone blocks provide an easy way to transport dust.

Using Redstone: Circuits

Redstone is often used in advanced buildings and has many practical applications. You might have seen farms or endless factories that run on redstone. But how do these work?

Redstone functions as a source and a conductor for electricity. A redstone block is basically a battery, while redstone dust is a conductor that leads the energy from the block to where it needs to go. If you put a redstone block out in the world and use redstone dust to connect it to a mechanism, a door or a piston for example, the mechanism will start to move. By extending and refining this circuit, a redstone construct can be used to do basically anything. This reaches from opening and closing a door or a drawbridge to advanced mechanisms like iron farms. If used correctly, you can also build defense systems for your castles, villages or even your house

Additional Minecraft Redstone Recipe Materials

Besides the Minecraft redstone itself, there are some other materials you should gather before constructing your circuit. We show you what you might need and where to find it:

  • String: Can be used for many wires and dispensers. Spiders drop it pretty frequently, so getting some should not be a problem.
  • Iron: Components like hoppers and minecarts are made up completely of iron, so gathering a high number of ingots is definitely a good idea.
  • Slimeballs: Using pandas or slime chunks to find them is your decision, but a sticky piston is always useful to have.
  • Honey blocks: Using bees has never been more productive.
  • Nether quartz: Observers and daylight detectors are made of nether quartz. Try getting some netherite while you are in the nether, as it makes very good armor
  • Glowstone: Redstone lamps require glowstone, but it can also just be used to make more light for your home. 

As you can see, redstone circuits can be expanded with a lot of different materials and constructs. In the following, we show you some constructs you can build and what they can be used for. Keep in mind that this is just a small selection of the things you can do, though.

Some Interesting Minecraft Redstone Recipes & Applications

With a redstone block as your power source and redstone dust as your conductor, a lot of different devices can be powered and combined. Here are some of the interesting applications of redstone:

A lighting rod concentrates lighting onto itself, which gives off a powerful redstone signal. While not as consistent as a redstone block, a lighting rod can be used if you need a lot of power at once. It requires only three copper ingots to craft:

3x Copper Ingots = 1 Lightning Rod

A jukebox emits a redstone signal if a disc is played. The strength of the signal depends on the disc played. If you want to put the disc fragments from killed creepers to good use, the jukebox gives you that chance.

1x Diamond + 8x Any type of plate = 1x Jukebox

Tipp: Jukeboxes also make allays next to them dance. If you feed them an amethyst, the allay splits into two!

A redstone torch gives you a redstone signal at maximum strength. It is small and powerful; perfect for making your circuit larger. It only requires a stick and some redstone dust:

1x redstone Dust + 1x Stick = 1x redstone Torch

The minecart can be used to transport all types of things. Use it in conjunction with a redstone circuit to make transporting large objects easier. Minecarts require iron ingots to craft. 

5x Iron Ingots = 1x Minecart

Heads have many different uses in Minecraft, such as calling the wither, being worn or just decorating your home. There are a few different types of heads, all of which are modeled after a different mob. Besides Skeletons, creepers and piglins, the ender dragon also has a head model. If you connect it with a redstone circuit, the head will keep opening and closing its mouth. While not very useful, it is certainly a good addition to your home’s style.

As explained here, using different components in one circuit can be difficult, but it can also be very useful.

Conclusion: Minecraft Redstone

With Minecraft redstone something resembling electricity was added and the Minecraft world is a lot richer for it. By extending your building projects to advanced constructions, redstone opens a lot of doors that were closed before. The possibilities are so numerous that we could only show you a few examples. The only way to really experience the glory of Minecraft redstone is by playing the game yourself. And a Minecraft server from G-Portal is one of the best ways to do just that. Hop in with a few friends and create redstone circuits the world has never seen. Good luck and have fun!

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