🎃 Minecraft Jack o’Lantern: True Horror Background

🎃 Minecraft Jack o’Lantern: True Horror

October 10, 2023
2 minutes to read

The Halloween season is here!

The Minecraft Jack o’ Lantern

And what decoration would fit better than the good old, the reliable, the Jack with knack, the scariest thing since doing your taxes and even creepier than the creeper: The jack o’ lantern! Even Minecraft is not safe from the otherworldly horror of this pumpkin-born face. For the hard-boiled players out there, we show you how to carve a horrific visage into an overgrown berry, mostly for fun but also for the existential horror that lurks just behind those glowing eyes.

How to Craft a Jack o’ Lantern in Minecraft

Crafting a jack o’ lantern in Minecraft is frighteningly easy, given how it spreads terror wherever it is. The Minecraft jack o’ lantern only requires a carved pumpkin and a torch:


1x carved pumpkin + 1x torch = 1x jack o’ lantern

For a carved pumpkin, simply use a pair of shears to create the iconic face. The torch is similarly easy to make, as you can read in our blog post. But with that step done, what else is there to do?

What to Do with a Minecraft Jack o’ Lantern

It’s a bit weird that we have to spell this out for you, but the most pressing issue is of course to frighten your enemies. To see how their blood freezes just by looking at the Minecraft jack o’ lantern is truly the sweetest of victories. Amplify this atmosphere by using a castle, soul lanterns and Halloween skins and you don’t even have to fight other players before they give up. With a Minecraft jack o’ lantern, your maniacal laughter will fill the halls of your castle, echoing within the very soul of all that oppose you…

Or you can just make golems with it. Why do you need a carved pumpkin or a Minecraft jack o’ lantern to make a golem? It’s impossible to tell, but someone out there probably has a lore reason for it. Anyway, if you have some iron or snow lying around, why not make them into an iron or snow golem? They can be your frightening servants, endlessly roaming the empty halls of your home. Or they can defend you at all costs, willingly laying down their life so that you may continue to rule. The possibilities are truly endless.


Minecraft Jack o’ Lantern – What Is it Good for?

Other than a spooky atmosphere and servants? Do you even need any more reasons? Fine, there is also the point of lighting your home. There. That’s it. Minecraft jack o’ lanterns don’t really serve any other purpose. You can wear them as a helmet, but they don’t really protect you from anything. They’re just made of a hollow pumpkin after all, not much protection in that. Also, for some reason, they can spawn naturally in certain biomes. Don’t ask us who or what is putting the torches in them. Could it be witches? Endermen? Alien squids? Or perhaps even… Herobrine?!

Oh, and they also burn underwater for some reason. The spookiness truly knows no limits! If you want to experience all the eldritch horror this little face brings along, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the perfect way to do so.