Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Pumpkin

How to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

The biomes of Minecraft are home to a plethora of different plants but few of them are as widespread and useful as the Minecraft pumpkin. It is a versatile block that naturally generates in various biomes, can be used for crafting, decoration, creating iron and snow golems and serves multiple functions including as a wearable item and light source when carved. Though as readily available as the Minecraft pumpkin is, the question of how to use pumpkin in Minecraft remains for many. In this article, we will dive into the topic, showing you how to plant pumpkins in Minecraft, how to grow a pumpkin in Minecraft and how to farm pumpkins in Minecraft. The most important uses will, of course, also be addressed. 

Minecraft Pumpkin Overview

  • grows in all overworld biomes that feature grass
  • 10-30 min regular growing time for the stem, ca. 5 minutes for a fruit
  • building material for helmets and golems
  • pumpkin pie requires pumpkins

How to Farm Pumpkins in Minecraft

Before you can learn how to grow a pumpkin in Minecraft, you will need to know how to get pumpkin seeds. While most biomes with grass are capable of producing the MC pumpkin, it is most likely to grow on grass in the plains biome. You can also find a Minecraft pumpkin growing in woodland mansions as well as in pillager outposts. These places hold an MC pumpkin or two which you can then craft into seeds. Simply place a Minecraft pumpkin in your crafting window and you will get 4x pumpkin seeds. Once you have these in your inventory, you can begin the farming process.

How to Grow Pumpkins in Minecraft

When you own MC pumpkin seeds, you can plant them by right-clicking on a piece of farmland. The Minecraft pumpkin prefers grassy blocks and a lot of space, specifically a block of space upward and preferably a block of space around it. However, even with these factors under your control, the pumpkin grows as it feels like. The stem which will soon grow out of the seed, takes 10-30 minutes to achieve maturity and then another 5 minutes to grow a Minecraft pumpkin fruit, depending on your random tick speed. This large gap in time can lead to pumpkin fields looking a bit messy sometimes. To reduce the time required to fully grow a Minecraft pumpkin, you can use bone meal, which lets Minecraft pumpkins grow significantly quicker.

Once the stem has successfully produced an MC pumpkin, you can use any tool to break and thus harvest the pumpkin, though axes are the best tool for the job. If you don’t destroy the stem, another MC pumpkin will replace the one you destroyed soon. For those well-versed in redstone construction, an automatic farm can be constructed rather easily. Since pumpkins require a light level of 9 or higher to grow, a daylight sensor in combination with an observer and a piston can crush the newly grown Minecraft pumpkin as soon as it is grown, taking the load off your shoulders. 

But what do you do with a pumpkin, besides planting more pumpkins? With the most efficient ways of growing a MC pumpkin covered, we can move onto how to use pumpkin in Minecraft.

Different Minecraft Pumpkin Uses

A Minecraft pumpkin may seem like a simple plant at first. However, there are quite some things to do with it! Let’s start from the beginning and repeat how to get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft before we go on to some Minecraft pumpkin recipes and a fun little prank for multiplayer adventures.

Minecraft Pumpkin Seeds

The regular pumpkin can be crafted into two different items: pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds. Seeds are a very simple recipe to follow:

1x pumpkin → 4x pumpkin seeds

Minecraft Pumpkin

Some Minecraft Pumpkin Recipes

One of the simplest Minecraft pumpkin recipes includes the Minecraft carved pumpkin. Simply use some shears on the Minecraft pumpkin in question and create a ghostly image to haunt any player’s dreams. By combining this carved pumpkin with a torch then results in a jack o’ lantern:

1x carved pumpkin + 1x torch = 1x jack o’ lantern

crafting jack o lantern

Of course, the ideal situation to use these Jack o’ Lanterns is during Halloween, during which a regular Minecraft pumpkin also looks like a Minecraft carved pumpkin, but you can also use them to create iron golems and snow golems. Simply put some iron blocks down in the shape of a cross and add the carved pumpkin as the final piece.

When it comes to the carved pumpkin, Minecraft also allows you to use it as a helmet. The MC pumpkin helmet limits your view but allows you to make eye contact with endermen without being attacked. Other than that, it has no defensive capabilities whatsoever, so an armor set with a Minecraft pumpkin helmet is not the safest one in Minecraft.

Minecraft Pumpkin Pie

The Minecraft pumpkin pie is a quick and easy way to use the pumpkin in an alternative way. Out of the Minecraft pumpkin recipes, this one is very simple and only requires some sugar and an egg in addition to the pumpkin:

1x pumpkin + 1x sugar + 1x egg = 1x pumpkin pie

Minecraft Pumpkin Pie

It restores 8 hunger points and has a satiety level of 4.8.

The Good Old Dispenser Prank

A solid old-fashioned prank is to place a Minecraft carved pumpkin in a dispenser and prepare a redstone-based trap to ensnare fellow players and friends. The pumpkin helmet is hurled at the victim’s head once the trap is sprung. By placing the curse of binding enchantment on the helmet, the teammate is permanently branded as a pumpkin head. Your victim will surely curse you for all eternity and plan an appropriate revenge, perhaps involving the infamous curse of vanishing

It restores 8 hunger points and has a satiety level of 4.8

The old dispenser prank

An almost old-fashioned prank is to place a carved pumpkin in a dispenser and trap fellow players and friends. The pumpkin helmet is then hurled at the victim’s head. Once you have cast a spell on the helmet, the teammate is permanently branded as a pumpkin head. Your victim will surely curse you for all eternity and plan an appropriate revenge.

Conclusion: Minecraft Pumpkin

In conclusion, the Minecraft pumpkin is a remarkably versatile and multifunctional block. From its natural generation across various biomes to its myriad uses in crafting, decorating and utility, the pumpkin proves to be an invaluable resource. You can carve pumpkins to create jack o’ lanterns, providing both light and festive ambiance, or use them to summon protective golems that defend against hostile mobs. Additionally, the unique Halloween cosmetic effect adds a touch of seasonal fun to the game. Whether for practical purposes or aesthetic appeal, pumpkins contribute significantly to the diverse and immersive world of Minecraft. Carved pumpkin or regular pumpkin, on a Minecraft server from G-Portal, it doesn’t matter which one you prefer. Simply come on down and experiment with a Minecraft pumpkin as much as you want.

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