Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Pumpkin

How to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

Carving pumpkins is one of the small but nice features of the game. Here we give you some details about the pumpkin and how to carve it.

Minecraft Pumpkin Overview

  • Grows in grasslands and plains (possibly hills as well)
  • Needs 10-30 min. regular growing time
  • Decorative element
  • Carved pumpkin as a helmet, golem building material and for illumination.
  • With sugar and egg, the pumpkin can become pumpkin pie

The pumpkin – native to the plains

The pumpkin is most likely to grow on grass in the plains. However, some are found on earthy hills. The decorative fruit prefers grassy blocks and a lot of space. The orange block first needs a block of space upward and preferably a block around it. The pumpkin grows as it feels like. This can lead to pumpkin fields looking a bit messy sometimes.

A pumpkin needs pumpkin seeds to grow, which, however, requires a pumpkin. Joking aside, pumpkin seeds can be found either in chests, in villages, or even in the wild (plains and earthy areas are perfect for this). If you plant them on tilled soil, a pumpkin will grow in about 10-30 minutes. Water and bone meal nearby will decrease this time significantly!

But what do you do with a pumpkin, besides planting more pumpkins?

The pumpkin and its uses: Is this art or trash?

A pumpkin is primarily a decorative object. But seriously, no one puts plain pumpkins anywhere. Thank goodness, you can work on the pumpkin a little and get at least a some uses out of it.

The carved pumpkin

For one thing, you can carve the pumpkin. The typical Halloween decoration is always in season in Minecraft, regardless of actual seasons and scary times. You can carve a pumpkin as follows:

Carved Pumpkin = Pumpkin + Scissors

(right click on PC, other devices the “Use” function or double click)

For example, it can be used as a helmet. The pumpkin helmet limits your view but allows you to make eye contact with Endermen without being attacked.

On top of that, carved pumpkins, along with snow blocks/iron blocks are required to build a golem (snow or iron golem).

The glowing pumpkin

A carved pumpkin can be illuminated, making it an even more beautiful and light-giving decoration for dark corners. Use the workbench for this:

Glowing Pumpkin = Carved pumpkin (middle field) + torch (field under the pumpkin)

This creates an illuminated pumpkin!

Pumpkin pie

Away from decoration and helmet use, there is one actual useful use of the pumpkin. The pumpkin pie. The food can be created with the help of the following ingredients:

Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin + Sugar + Egg

It restores 8 hunger points and has a satiety level of 4.8

The old dispenser prank

An almost old-fashioned prank is to place a carved pumpkin in a dispenser and trap fellow players and friends. The pumpkin helmet is then hurled at the victim’s head. Once you have cast a spell on the helmet, the teammate is permanently branded as a pumpkin head. Your victim will surely curse you for all eternity and plan an appropriate revenge.

Fun Facts about Minecraft pumpkins

Carved pumpkin helmets can also be found on creatures/monsters, mostly as an Easter Egg on Halloween.

If you drop a pumpkin or pumpkin seeds into a composter, it is very likely (65%) that the level of the composter will increase by one.

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