🐙 The Minecraft Squid Background

🐙 The Minecraft Squid

July 27, 2023
2 minutes to read

They are big, cute and extremely squishy: The lovable Minecraft squids.

The Minecraft Squid

But do they maybe hide a terrible secret behind those adorable eyes? What is really within these large heads? And why do the Minecraft squids have mouths when the ones in real life have beaks? Let’s examine these aquatic conspirators and unveil the mystery they’re probably hiding.

The Minecraft Squid’s First Appearance

First added to the game in Version 1.2, the Minecraft squid is the oldest aquatic mob in the game. But even though they are cute as heck, their rivalry with other aquatic mobs reveals their misdeeds. While it is understandable why they’re attacked by guardians (who wants Minecraft squid ink on their front porch anyway?), the fact that axolotls also join in on the fun means that Minecraft squids have to hide something. After all, axolotl outrank squids on the official cuteness scale and as we all know, the cuter something is, the more it is in the right.

Where do Squids Spawn in Minecraft?

As you may have guessed, the water is the primary spawning point for a squid. Minecraft has some pretty deep oceans and river biomes and squids can spawn in all of them within the spawn range of 50 to 63 on the y-Level. Whether that level is within a river, a lake or the open ocean does not matter. This, of course, is another piece of the puzzle. Minecraft squids can even spawn in a pond where there are no other squids. Minecraft is trying to tell us something here, as this is of course, a biological impossibility in this otherwise completely scientific game with no enchantments or dragons whatsoever. This unnatural capability of reproduction could be a subtle hint that these squids may have an unnatural origin…

Minecraft Squid Variants

Besides the regular Minecraft squid, there is one other official variant of the cephalopod: The glow squid. Minecraft fans may also know the ender squid, but that is a fan-made mob and is only available in mods. So therefore, it doesn’t offer a good solution to our mystery. The Minecraft glow squid, however, is another hint at the true nature of the MC squid.

As the glow squid was even imported into Vanilla Minecraft from the spin-of Minecraft earth, its significance can’t be understated. Perhaps, the Minecraft glow squid gives us a glimpse at the original, unadulterated form of this underwateranimal’…

The Minecraft Squid: Cool and all… But what can You Do with It?

As with any mob, the squid's true purpose is revealed when we look at the things it drops upon death, in this case, Minecraft squid ink and glowing Minecraft squid ink, all stored in a handy ink sack. With the ink you can… well, do anything you can do with ink in real life. Dye stuff black, write books and signs or make a quill, the possibilities are… quite limited if you’re not playing in the education edition, all things considered. If you want to go for a spooky vibe, you can use glowing squid ink instead, which gives all the signs you use it on an effect to glow in the dark.

If you crave the dark dye, you can even construct a squid farm relatively easily. Simply go into a lake or river that is deep enough and build a layer of signs around a door that you place there, which will provide air for you. Once you’re done, just dig a hole underneath the sign layer and watch the squids fall in. Since they are now on air, they will suffocate and leave behind the ink that you so desperately crave. Then, just dig a tunnel back to the surface without hitting water (a map from a cartographer can help with that) and you have a way to get dark dye and books indefinitely!

The Secret of the Squids

All in all, what can we learn from the facts about the Minecraft squid? Let's look at the facts once again:

  • they live in a near-zero gravity environment
  • they are not represented accurately with teeth instead of beaks
  • their special variant glows in the dark
  • they have tentacles
  • they fight with other aquatic mobs

With all of that in mind, there is only one possibility that explains it all: Minecraft squids are descendants of aliens! That is why they live underwater and are not part of the natural life in Minecraft. That’s why the other mobs attack them. If you want to reveal the mysteries of the Minecraft squid yourself, hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and go hunting these suspicious ink-producers. Our tip: Bring a trident, which does a lot of damage to aquatic mobs. Happy hunting!