🏮Minecraft Lanterns Background

🏮Minecraft Lanterns

September 5, 2023
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In the dark night Minecraft, a few lights can make a big difference.

The Minecraft Lantern

The night in Minecraft is dark and there are only the stars and the moon to give you light. Suddenly, a mob attacks you, like a zombie or a spider. You try to fight it but to no avail - soon, the screen announces your defeat and all of your gear, armor, sword and all is lost, never to be found again… Has this ever happened to you? Then we have exactly what you need! An invention so enlightening that you never have to worry about walking in the dark again: Presenting the Minecraft lantern!

How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft

Of course, this handy item is not for free. It requires the hands of meticulous craftsmanship to be brought forth. Luckily, your Minecraft character is an expert in basically anything from fighting with all sorts of weapons to constructing gigantic buildings that can withstand the test of time. In this context, following this minecraft lantern recipe seems almost trivial:

8x iron nugget + 1x torch = 1x lantern


As you can see, the technology we employed when coming up with the idea of a Minecraft lantern is cutting-edge. It is based on another light-bringing product, the torch. While the torch has been a great success, the Minecraft lantern is even more advanced. The iron particles combine with the torch to form a very rigid and sturdy frame that protects the precious flame inside. With this easy and repeatable way to craft lanterns, Minecraft becomes a lot more safe. If you have a strict aversion to crafting, you may also scout bastion remnants or villages within a snowy tundra, as there are sometimes free samples there for you to take. Also, sellers known as librarians also provide Minecraft lanterns in exchange for an emerald.

The Amazing Minecraft Lantern Ideas

Of course, to satisfy all customers, a variety of different designs for the Minecraft lantern have been developed. With these two specialized versions, even the most specific demands can be fulfilled, bringing the brilliant light of the Minecraft torch to the farthest regions of the Minecraft world.

The Minecraft Soul Lantern

One of these is the highly sought-after Minecraft lantern designs is the Minecraft soul lantern, introduced in the snapshot 20w06a. As the revolutionary invention that it is, it is basically the exact same as the base model, only with a different torch as its base:

8x iron nugget + 1x soul torch = 1x soul lantern


Instead of a normal torch, the soul torch uses soul fire to burn, giving it a glim light. Of course, the Minecraft soul lantern doesn’t light things as well as the standard version, but the atmosphere and flair more than make up for the difference in practicality. And as the cherry on top of the cake, the Minecraft soul lantern can even repel piglins, making it great for explorations of the Nether in both a fashion and usefulness sense. If you want to get your hand on one of these, check ancient cities for free samples.

The Minecraft Sea Lantern

For all those who prefer the deep blue Minecraft ocean over the land with its different biomes, we have developed a lantern variant tailor-made for the underwater world. The Minecraft sea lantern is not only perfect for the underwater ambience because it is in fact blue. It is also made from materials exclusively harvested from guardians and elder guardians:

4x prismarine shard + 5x prismarine crystal = 1x sea lantern


These organic and regionally taken materials provide the basis for true craftsmanship. At your capable hands, these shards and crystals unite to become more than the sum of their parts. Get a sea lantern at your nearest ocean monument or ocean ruin today!

Minecraft Lanterns - What are they good for?

Now that you have seen the many shapes and sizes a Minecraft lantern can take, you might wonder what you can actually use them for. Well, besides elevating your castle or house in terms of style and fashion, a Minecraft lantern also provides something very valuable in its own right: light. With the technology behind the Minecraft lanterns, your light levels will go through the roof, reaching 15 for the standard and sea lantern and 10 for the Minecraft soul lantern. This will not only brighten your day, but your dawn, dusk and night too! No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, be safe and have some light with the incredible Minecraft lantern.

If you too can no longer contain your excitement for these glowing constructs, you should head to a Minecraft server from G-Portal right now. Be it solo or in multiplayer, experience the glory of the Minecraft lantern with your own digital character. What are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun with your Minecraft lantern!