Minecraft Lore & Myths Background

Minecraft Lore & Myths

June 1, 2023
7 minutes to read

You start a game by pressing a button and find yourself in a strange cubic world. Have you ever wondered where this world came from, how it was created or why there are so many weird things like mooshrooms?

Minecraft Lore & Myths

Sure, we know who created the game, but let’s take an in-game point of view: You are Steve, Alex or one of the other skins. How did you get there? Who were you before spawning in the overworld? There is a lot of Minecraft lore trying to explain this world. Players have created wild theories about the world’s roots, events and the possibility of it being post-apocalyptic. We want to introduce some of them!

Minecraft Lore: Hints Everywhere You Look

Think about Minecraft myths or lore in Minecraft. What do you think of first? Yes, there are many stories and tales that you can find online. Who hasn’t heard of the ender dragon lore? There is also the Minecraft dungeons lore. Entertaining or tragic tales, but do they tell us something about the origin of the world? Not really. Still, there are many hints to a hidden past everywhere you look. You just have to consider these things:

  1. temples like ocean monuments
  2. there is little to no technology in Vanilla Minecraft
  3. mobs (mostly those trying to kill you)
  4. ancient cities
  5. the landscape
  6. villages
  7. dimensions

Okay, you ask why there are landscapes, villages and dimensions on this list? We can explain! Villages are small and look kind of medieval don’t they? There are also villager jobs like cartographer. This then correlates to the landscape. It seems a bit curious how diverse it is with many mountains, rivers, caves and sudden biome changes. Not to mention the dimensions! Well, some pieces of Minecraft lore concentrate on the concept of these dimensions. Anyway, let’s check out 3 ideas or questions and see how amazingly diverse Minecraft lore can be!

Minecraft Tales from Deep Down: Beware the Flood

If you thought real-life oceans are scary, you definitely shouldn’t go diving in the waters in Minecraft. Lore says that there was once a civilized human race living life peacefully until one day a massive flood happened. Whether there was a cause, for example bored god-like entities, or not, is unclear. But hey, you want proof? If you don’t meet humans in Minecraft except for villagers, then where do shipwrecks come from aka who crashed their ships? Probably those whose home is now called the ocean. Maybe they wanted to escape the flood. Or they drowned and now haunt innocent people down there, protecting their precious ancient and long forgotten temples from adventurers who just want to steal everything. At least that is possible. Or some crazy magic happened and transformed some of them into guardians protecting the sacred buildings. Well, it’s up to you whether you believe this Minecraft myth or not.

Ancient Builders & the Lore of Minecraft

In a world with huge buildings, temples and hidden mineshafts, you might wonder who built them. This interesting Minecraft lore tries to come up with an answer: the ancient builders did. Basically, the ancient builders were a human race that was just amazingly talented in building, crafting and designing things. They were probably even pretty civilized. Then something quite bad happened: a random zombie outbreak. Like, yeah, this could happen to anyone, right? However, lore in Minecraft says that they had to leave their fantastic structures behind and flee. Maybe some of them were even trying to flee to a lava-filled dimension such as the nether where zombies would catch fire? Did they survive? Maybe one or two of them. The others are most certainly the nasty green creatures you are killing at night.

Who Are Alex & Steve According to Minecraft Lore?

Let’s investigate this further: Who are these two? You could say, following other Minecraft lore, that they are the last survivors of a flood or a really unluckily timed zombie outbreak. But what if they were there before this happened? What if they caused the flood? Maybe by messing around? So, what if they are the villains? Well, we should clarify this idea. According to some players’ ideas, Steve and Alex could have been gods that somehow did something so bad that they were banished from their realm. You know, something like causing an entire civilization or cute little sniffers to go extinct for example. Sure, these could also be Minecraft myths, but let’s be honest: making them real Minecraft lore is way cooler. Take it one step further again. What if they were banished to the ‘underworld’, the nether, but escaped because they are really mischievous? Would explain some portal ruins, wouldn’t it? If so, does this mean the end was the realm of god-like entities?

You need a minute to think about these weird theories? Yes, understandable indeed. Seems like there really is a chance of Minecraft to be a post-apocalyptic world in which civilization lost many things and advancements. And now they are trying to get them back. Slowly, like creating maps of this complex world as a cartographer, right? These are just some pieces of Minecraft lore of course! There are many more concerning the end poem, other mobs like the warden, endermen, or herobrine. To be honest, it is impossible to gather every single theory. But hey, you could also come up with your own! Just dive into the realms of blocks on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and figure it out. Anyways, have fun looting ancient civilizations!