Minecraft Worlds and Maps Background

Minecraft Worlds and Maps

May 10, 2023
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You may have heard about the Minecraft Worlds or Minecraft Maps and wondered what it’s all about ...

The Incredible Minecraft Worlds

I mean, there already is a map in Minecraft, why would you want more than one? Well, actually, Minecraft worlds are pre-modeled worlds that offer a wide range of different environments to explore. In this blog, we show you what types of Minecraft worlds there are and some worlds you can explore. After all, why have one single Minecraft world when you can have more?

What Types of Minecraft Worlds are there?

When looking through the high number of Minecraft worlds, it’s easy to get lost. To give you some guidance, here are some of the different types of Minecraft worlds out there:

Minecraft Adventure Maps


One of the most popular kinds of worlds are adventure worlds, where you take on a job as an adventurer and can explore colorful vast worlds. Danger lurks around every corner, but glorious loot also awaits. It's up to you to find the secrets of ancient temples, uncover lost treasures and fight your way through aggressive mobs! Some popular Minecraft adventure maps are:

The Adventurers Inn Map: In a comfortable and medieval inn, good food and cheerful adventurers await. Drop by and take a look around. You may find some friends to go with and a few adventures on the quest board to boot! The Adventurer Inn Map offers a solid adventuring experience in a cozy inn, just like in a pen and paper adventure. So take on your Minecraft sword and set out: Adventure awaits!

Axolotl Adventures Map: Haven’t we all felt like being an axolotlsometimes? With this map, this lifelong dream can come true - in Minecraft at least. As an axolotl, you can travel the Minecraft world with completely new eyes. When your pond is being infested, you have to leave your home and find a new place to live, laugh and swim in. Since you are kind of small, you have to find your own way to survive and take a new pond for yourself. What are you waiting for? You can be an axolotl!

Vantania Map: When your village is tragically destroyed, it is up to you to rebuild civilization and stand up for justice. This Minecraft world takes a toll on you as an adventurer, so you should probably take a few friends along for the ride. Vantania is a vast fantasy world that is just waiting for you to explore it. Prepare yourself for a challenging and colorful 4-player adventure!

Minecraft Parkours Map


Walking, in Minecraft and in real life, is useful but not the most exciting way of transport. But what if you could add to that? Like jumping, or even running. If you like going fast and climbing over things in your way, the Minecraft parkours maps are for you. Check out some of these worlds if you also feel the need for speed:

Honeycomb Parkour Map: Perfect for beginners, the Honeycomb Parkour Map offers just short of 40 different parkours to run through. With its unique looks and a large variety of parkours, the honeycomb world is a solid starting place for your career as a Minecraft parkours genius. Become a bee and fly through these parkours! You can also invite some of your friends and try to stop time for a nice race between rivals.

Infinity Parkour Map: The Infinity Parkour Map is a nice step-up once you have mastered the beginner’s parkours. This parkour has a fascinating shape that loops around itself and creates an almost infinite parkour. But don’t you worry: The parkours are all unique and don’t come up more than once. Even though it is called infinite, you can actually break out of the loop, if you finish all of the parkours. Can you beat them all and escape the infinity?

Uninhabitable Zone Map: This world is the pinnacle of difficult parkours. Some of these parkours may seem impossible to complete. But don’t worry, they’re not impossible, just extremely hard. Challenge yourself and beat the world that is not made to be beaten. Once you have this Minecraft world under your belt, you can claim to be once of the finest Minecraft parkour runners. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Minecraft Survival Maps


Surviving is one of the core elements of Minecraft. Taking shelter, finding food and crafting gear is insanely fun, especially with friends. In these worlds, your survival skills are really put to the test. You have to carefully take each step and be ready to take on new threats at any minute. But even if you just want to explore the land and build a living for yourself, these worlds offer new areas for you to explore. If you want to try and survive for as long as possible, you should check out these worlds:

Survival River Village Map: A cozy village right beside a river, some nice houses and friendly villagers are the best ingredients for a nice stroll through the land. Even if your houses weren’t the best before, this nice village has some nice homes in stall just for you. The world might not be the most dangerous, but if you have a nice small adventure in mind, you can never go wrong with the Survival River Village Map.

Dragon Island Map: Not only is this little island shaped like a dragon, it has some rivers of lava to boot! The dragon island offers some unique resources, as well as lava and water in abundance. Explore this mysterious island and survive in an interesting environment. The dragon island is a Minecraft world custom made for survival specialists and newcomers alike!

Moon Village Map: The magical moon village offers a place where your fantasy comes true. Explore a vast city that offers all kinds of magical places like a fountain, a bookstore and even a large castle that you can explore to your heart’s content. Once you have fallen in love with this city, you will never want to miss the magical atmosphere ever again.

Conclusion Minecraft Worlds

Whether you want to find a new and nice place to live or you want to challenge yourself with parkours or survival mode: Minecraft Worlds have everything you could want for you own game. Break the limits of what Minecraft can be and find your next adventure. If you want to get the best Minecraft experience, you can trust the Minecraft server from G-Portal. Pick up a few friends and explore your next world. Have fun!