Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Map

Uses, Crafting & Properties of Maps

Since game worlds in Minecraft are randomly generated, finding your way around can become a real challenge at times. Fortunately, Minecraft gives you the option to craft your own maps. This way you can gradually map the explored area. Here you’ll learn how to create maps and what you’ll get out of them.

When you craft a Minecraft map, it’s completely empty at first. Fortunately, you don’t have to laboriously measure the environment and draw it yourself: If you equip a map in Minecraft, you can activate the recording of the environment by right-clicking it. You can now move around the world with the map applied and map the area piece by piece.

 How to make a map in Minecraft

To craft a map in Minecraft, you will need eight pieces of paper and a compass. Place the compass in the middle of the nine crafting areas and fill up the rest with paper. Now you’ve easily made your first blank map!

Minecraft map recipe:

8 paper + 1 compass = 1 map

What was that? You don’t have paper or a compass and couldn’t easily make your first blank map? Don’t worry, we’ll start from the beginning:

How to make paper in Minecraft

To make paper, all you need is sugar cane, which can be found along bodies of water. Three sugarcane in a row on the workbench will make one sheet of paper. The math genius recognizes immediately: it takes 24 sugar cane to craft one card.

Minecraft paper recipe:

3 sugar cane = 1 paper

How to get a compass in Minecraft

You can find the compass needed for the map 

For this, you need four iron bars and a redstone. Place the redstone in the middle of the crafting matrix and the iron bars on the top, bottom, left and right of it.

Minecraft compass recipe:

4 iron bars + 1 redstone = 1 compass

Uses and properties of the Minecraft map

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a map. Now, before you plunge into the unknown like a young Alexander von Humboldt and record everything around you, it’s worth looking into the properties of a map in Minecraft:

How to make a map bigger in Minecraft: Scaling

Maps in Minecraft map an area of 128×128 blocks by default. You can expand this area by decreasing the scale of the map. To do this, you need the same recipe as for making it, but this time, instead of the compass, you place the map in the center and fill up the rest with paper. You can reduce the scale of a map a total of four times. Note, that environment records on the existing map will be lost if you change its scale.

1 map + 8 papers = 1 map with reduced scale

How to make a map wall in Minecraft

If you want to cover large areas, one handy map may not be enough. For this purpose, however, you can merge several maps of the same scale using a frame on a wall, if they depict adjacent areas. This way, you won’t have them with you, but you can at least plan itineraries and record the progress of your exploration mission in your base.

 Other features of maps in Minecraft

  • Maps do not work in the Nether.
  • If you place a written card in the crafting matrix along with blank cards, the contents will be copied. This is useful when you want to give cards to other players.
  • You can rename a card at an anvil.
  • With the help of a cartography table and a glass pane you can secure a card and protect it from further changes. Even if the mapped area changes.

 Further orientation aids

Now you know all the essentials for creating a map in Minecraft. Are you still having trouble finding your way around? We can give you one more tip along the way: With the tool MineAtlas you can find undiscovered biomes, villages and the like. Just enter the seed of your Minecraft game world and get a huge biome-map. An alternative with similar functions is the Minecraft Biome Finder. This way, you can also check right at the beginning of your game whether you like your game world at all.

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