Frosty the Minecraft Snow Golem? Background

Frosty the Minecraft Snow Golem?

December 12, 2023
2 minutes to read

Time really does fly by, right? One second you’re spooking around scaring your friends and the next moment Christmas rides around the corner. On a sleigh of course.

Let’s Welcome the Minecraft Snow Golem

So, sadly, it is time to get rid of all the orange decorations. Put your jack o’ lanterns in the basement and get out those colorful lights. However! If you’re not ready to let go of Halloween just so soon, may we introduce you to your new best friend: the Minecraft snow golem!

The Slightly Different Minecraft Snowman

Well, yeah, there are some golems in Minecraft. Snow golem? Doesn’t sound that exciting, right? But listen, he is precious. Imagine a weird combination between a regular Minecraft snowman and a scarecrow. Christmas and Halloween. The best of both worlds! And somehow, as dopey as it looks, it is cute. So, now that you’re interested: this is how you get a Minecraft snow golem.

Minecraft Snowman Evolves to Snow Golem

Basically, you need a snowman with a scary head. So, building a Minecraft snow golem literally only consists of two steps:

  1. Start building a Minecraft snowman but only use 2 snow blocks.
  2. Instead of the third snow block, use a pumpkin.

That’s literally it. So easy, so beautiful. The best part about it? You can recycle all your jack o’ lanterns and create your own army of Christmas guests. That is because you don’t necessarily have to use a pumpkin. Instead, you can use either:

  • a pumpkin
  • a carved pumpkin
  • a jack o’ lantern

Needless to explain, why this Frankenstein-like fellow is also called a Minecraft pumpkin snowman, right? Because that name literally explains it all. However, you might still just simply call your Minecraft snow golem Fred. Or, in case there are more than one, let’s just say that there are at least 9 names of some very popular reindeer. To get into the right mood, you know?

What to Do with the Minecraft Snow Golem?

Okay, imagine you decorated your house or castle or bat cave or whatever you live in in Minecraft. Now, it’s time to plan fun Christmas ideas. That is where the Minecraft snow golem becomes important. It is just so funny to watch them! They roam around and every once in a while they will throw snowballs at other mobs. Without any reason. The snow golem literally throws them ‘by accident’ at any mobs regardless of them attacking him or not. That pushes them away. And then it makes some of them attack the Minecraft pumpkin golem. You might say he is clumsy. And he definitely doesn’t have any bad intentions! At least not as far as we know…


From Jack O’ Lantern to Minecraft Snow Golem to what?

No one can stop the wheel of time. It’s a sad story, yes, but that’s the nature of things. First, you had to say goodbye to spooky pumpkins and scary costumes, then Christmas will be so last season soon. And what do you do with your Minecraft snow golem now? Well, how about ending the holiday season with a little action? Use the stupidity of the Minecraft snow golem! Put him in a cage (or any other kind of secured area) and summon an iron golem! Well, although it won’t attack, it will defend itself if attacked by not-knowing-any-better-dopey-looking-Minecraft pumpkin golem. Once hit by some nasty snowballs, the iron golem will attack the other golem. In the end you can collect snowballs.

You know, we forgot to tell you the best part: even if it is a creature connected to icy weather, you can create a Minecraft snow golem all year long! But hey, if you love your friend, don’t summon him in hot biomes. He prefers the cold you could say. Or at least any biome where he doesn’t take damage by simply roaming around. Besides this? Well, nothing stops you from having fun with these clumsy, irresponsible creatures on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. They won’t be any help in decorating but just imagine a Minecraft snow golem called Dasher. That’s worth it, isn’t it?