This is Minecraft Halloween! Background

This is Minecraft Halloween!

October 26, 2023
3 minutes to read

If you like Halloween just a little as much as we do, that means you are also already hyped up, preparing costumes and searching the web for ideas to scare your friends. Or literally everyone.

This Is Minecraft Halloween!

Well, and if you happen to be more of a calm soul who enjoys the atmosphere in October but isn’t all excited to attend an overcrowded party, don’t worry, we got you. Have you ever tried hosting your very own Minecraft Halloween party? Joke’s on you because we’d love to tell you everything that is spooking around in our minds!

Where do I Start? – Minecraft Halloween Ideas

If you want to throw a Minecraft Halloween party for your friends to enjoy in multiplayer, there are some things that should be considered. There certainly are enough Minecraft Halloween ideas floating around, right? Plant some pumpkins here, shine some shady light from a jack o’lantern there. Ambience is everything! If you start preparing early, you might even find an amazing Halloween texture pack providing you with the perfect, spooky ambience music that meets the expectations of the most frightfully awesome holiday. Of course the most important thing is the location, right? So let’s start with that.

Let’s Not Forget Some Spooky Minecraft Halloween Decorations!

If you happen to already own some old castle, best made out of stone, that’d be great! Literally all you have to do is decorate it. And believe us, that is both easy and funny! First, here are some general rules about Minecraft Halloween decorations:

  1. It’s never too much. What even is too much?
  2. As long as you like it, it’s perfect.
  3. Decorating at night offers the right lighting and makes it more exciting.


Now that we’re settled, what are Minecraft Halloween decorations? Do we have to answer that? There are so many possibilities! You can use cobwebs and candles, customized banners, some mob heads of course and even some rotten flesh lying around. It’s the little things. With enough space you can also create fantastic builds! Just think about the following Minecraft Halloween ideas:

  1. a crypt
  2. open graves
  3. tombstones
  4. headless zombies
  5. weird places for spooky rituals

You can basically create your own Minecraft Halloween wonderland and no one can stop you! Because you know, rule number 1. It’s a life changer.

Oh, and by the way, we have to thank the so-called Minecraft Halloween update from 2010 for the Nether. Like, come on, that is a fantastic location as well, isn’t it?

Is a Minecraft Halloween Map the Perfect Place?

If you are more of a forest fairy or adventure in the mountains type of player and don’t want to ruin your picture perfect world, you should consider downloading a Minecraft Halloween map. After all, as long as you somehow have fun celebrating this holiday in-game, that’s fine. Just go online and before you can say ‘wicked witch of the west’, you will have dozens of options to choose from. There are whole websites dedicated to maps. So, do you really think you won’t find a suitable Minecraft Halloween map on a site like Of course you will! And if you’re unsure, you can always ask your friends for their opinions. After all, aren’t they supposed to be part of your Minecraft Halloween gang?

We Hope You Invited all the MC Halloween Mobs

Lastly, tell us about your plans, your party games. To be honest, gobbling down a potion instead of a drink is not that funny but it lives up to the right vibes. Have you ever been in a hay maze?


Or you could plan a Minecraft Halloween hunt! Yes! Just ‘invite’ some mobs and hunt them down. All you have to do is enable cheats and summon some of the meanest creatures. You could even make it a ritual ceremony. Oh, we have to emphasize the word mean, not deadly. Skeletons, zombies, spiders, creepers or phantoms? Yeah, sure. The warden? Ehm, no?! Trust us, that wouldn’t be a good idea. He’s kind of a real party crasher. Hey! You can also summon the wither without cheats! Isn’t that great? And if you feel like your MC Halloween party still lacks some guests, get your hand on an illager captain and sacrifice him for a nice little bad omen effect. Just an idea, you know? A last little tip: does it matter if you make it rain if cheats are activated anyway?

Did we miss something? ‘Cause we think this sounds like an awesome Minecraft Halloween party, for real! Location, decoration, guests. Seems as if you have it figured out. And if not, well, you still have some time preparing. It’s sad that there is only one night. At least mentally, everyday could be Minecraft Halloween. Still, we might have to wait until the spooky month ends to fully embrace the inner crazy scientist, vampire, zombie or whatever it is you plan to be in the night of nights. Did we mention that you can host your very own Minecraft Halloween party on a Minecraft server from G-Portal? No? Well, but you can! It’s all you need! See you around when it’s trick or treat.