Minecraft Iron Golem Background

Minecraft Iron Golem

November 16, 2023
4 minutes to read

Iron Golems. Easy to understand, right?

The Big Friendly Minecraft Iron Golem

They stand around in villages, friendly defenders of their home. Strong iron creatures, immune to even the harshest of biomes. But what if these hulking metal creatures are more than meets the eye? Could there be creatures they don’t attack? Are they really that effective at keeping your villagers safe? And why does the nearest one keep attacking me? Let’s talk about that.


How it’s made: Iron Golems

The first ingredient you need for crafting an iron golem is of course iron. And lots of it to boot. Aside from the iron, which you can find easily with our ore distribution guide, though, you also need intricate knowledge of the latin alphabet, especially with letter number 20: The T. This is because the T is the exact shape you need when making your own iron golem. That’s right, Minecraft iron golems are the perfect DIY project for fans of the latin alphabet when regular animals just don’t do it for you anymore. Put four iron blocks in this exact shape and put a Jack-o’ Lantern on top to make yet another letter, the dreaded number 24: The infamous x. Okay, it’s just a +, but if you look really hard and tilt your screen, it could be an x. So just use your imagination, okay?


Once you're done putting it all together, your Minecraft iron golem is ready to serve, obeying your every command! Honestly, the whole affair can be kind of underwhelming. The finished MC golem just stands up and walks without any more commands from you. Therefore, why not put a bit more bravado into the process? Just imagine it: A dark castle, a lightning storm raging around you, filling the air with the sounds and the light of a violent storm. You have your scientist skin ready. Once a bolt of electricity hits your lightning rod, you place the final piece onto the golems head as it awakes, mad-scientist-laughter included. Just imagine the atmosphere! If you want to indulge even more into the fantasy, why not build a redstone construct that automatically creates a new Minecraft iron golem every time thunder strikes, like an automated iron farm with a connected factory. Hard to build, sure, but the satisfaction of pulling this off is an advancement of its own, isn’t it?


If you’re looking for something resembling more of a dramatic rescue, captured iron golems are often found in pillager camps. So get in there, free the golem and make a new friend for life. For the definite coolness factor, you could place some TNT inside the camp and blow it up once you're done. And of course, both of you won’t look at the explosion. You’re way too cool for that. Or maybe you're so cool, in fact, that your coolness loops around and allows you to look at the fiery explosion anyway? We’ll let you be the judge of that.


What Minecraft Iron Golems do All Day

What would you do if you were a tall, dutiful, and admittedly quite handsome, Minecraft iron golem? Walk around your village? Keep the villagers safe and be adored and trusted? Teleport to the ender dragon, have a little fisticuffs with the nasty flying serpent, cheat the warden at poker, put on sunglasses and ride into the sunset on a cool motor bike? Okay, frankly, the last one is something MC golems don’t do (unless mods are involved…maybe) but the first two can come in quite handy. Iron golems patrol the village at all times and teach aggressive mobs a quick lesson in not being mean to the people around. Intensely. With their fists. And they're quite good at it, too. After all, having a large metal fist gives you quite the strong argument in any discussion. And no matter what threatens to harm the villagers, these courageous juggernauts throw themselves at skeletons, spiders and creepers alike to keep the inhabitants safe. Of course, if the mob is not aggressive, the golem remains harmless as well. But once they get going, there is no keeping these iron giants down. Truly, these are the heroes the people deserve!

Why does the Village Iron Golem keep attacking me?

Has that ever happened to you? You walk around the village, giving the villagers highfives to the face. But then suddenly, the local Minecraft golem goes crazy and attacks you. What’s up with that?


Well, it seems you need a lesson in friendliness. You see, what you thought were amicable high-fives, were actually attacks. Why do they count as attacks? Because you hit the villagers. Simple as that. And just like in the real world, unwarranted assault leads to a punishment. Or running from the law. If you want to avoid the instant karma in the form of a Minecraft iron golem fist, you have to do community service. No, really. Heal zombie villagers, give the villagers presents or trade with them to increase your reputation. Once the villagers like you enough (or dislike you less), the MC golem will stop attacking. And you have learned a valuable lesson.

Or you can just build your own iron golem, since they don’t attack you. Your choice, really.

The Mutant Iron Golem

Maybe you have heard of something called a mutant iron golem. But to be honest, that is just a mod thing, so don’t bother. No, really, you don’t want to have that thing in your game. It’s way too powerful anyway. Just let it rest. There are way better mods out there anyway. Have you heard of the Aether mod? Or Pixelmon? That’s where the real fun is, I tell you. And what about Biomes o’plenty, that one’s great and then there’s…

How to Repair your Minecraft Iron Golem

Once the battle is over, your trusty iron golem might show signs of deterioration. In particular, there might be some cracks forming in that metal body. No wonder that, after fighting off a raid or something like that, even the toughest warriors count their scars. Of course, as the responsible minecraft golem owner that you are, you're gonna help that poor fellow, aren’t you? So, don’t be mean and give the golem an iron ingot so that it can get better. After all, a strong golem means a strong village. You know the perfect place to make that saying come true? A Minecraft server from G-Portal. So go out there and spread the word, champ!