The Truth behind Minecraft Soul Sand Background

The Truth behind Minecraft Soul Sand

February 28, 2024
3 minutes to read

You know how we love to tell you some scary stories about the simplest things, right? Well, this isn’t one of them.

The Shocking Truth behind Soul Sand

We wish we could just make up something for entertainment. Sadly, all we tell you here is real. And it is weird. Okay, maybe not 100% real, but definitely very likely to be true! At least there is a chance it could be right! Oh, by the way, we’re talking about Minecraft soul sand. Like, doesn’t that say it all? Why would a block have a name like ‘soul sand’ if it didn’t have some kind of freakish history. Exactly! And we’re here to unmask it all!

Examining Minecraft Soul Sand

First things first for everyone who has no clue what we are talking about. You want to find soul sand? The Nether, that’s the place to go. But beware! It is no place you want to go if you are the happy, silly, fairytale-esque typ of player. So, imagine, you are deep down (not in the deep dark, but in the Nether that is kind of like a Minecraft underworld, so don’t get confused here, please) and you mind your own business. Then you start to slow down. Maybe you even start to sink into the ground. Creepy, right? That is the Minecraft soul sand valley’s way to say welcome.

Now, look around. And by that we mean take a close look at the blocks around you. They look kind of muddy or dirty with weird circles on it? Take an even closer look and tell us these circles don’t look like faces. Like, not even a bit? Well, then you are lucky and might not see the horrors that are coming, congratulations! Just imagine seeing the faces for our story here, okay? So, there is – considering the name of the place (Minecraft soul sand valley) and of the block (soul sand) – a tiny little chance that these faces could be souls trapped inside the blocks!


How was Minecraft Soul Sand Created?

Here is the follow-up question: how did these souls get into the soul sand block? Good Question! Little to no clue on our side. The most obvious thing is that they are trapped in there. Now, maybe there were once brave adventurers who discovered this hellish place long before it was the Minecraft soul sand valley. And some creature or higher power was angry that they stepped foot into this realm? So it banished them into the blocks, easy solution, right? Well, it is a possibility if you consider how many stories and myths there are. After all, we are not sure what happened to the ancient builders. Just don’t think about the chance that somewhere in one of these blocks are the souls of Steve’s family. What if they were once on an expedition and never returned but Steve was too young to remember? We told you this wasn’t a happy story. You have been warned! On a side note: does this mean that not all souls end up as soul sand? Is there a place where all the other souls hang out? We need answers!

Don’t Trust Soul Sand!

We won’t get these answers, let’s be real. So just follow our line of thinking a little bit longer. These souls being trapped and maybe even reaching their ghostly, invisible hands out for you and slowing you down is scary enough, isn’t it? Of course not! Here is the real deal: you can use soul sand blocks for orientation! That’s right! Do you see the surface of the soul sand block right in front of you? There is one side with two circles. This side points west. So yes, blindly following this strategy, you might somehow find a nether fortress. But there are so many questions! If the souls are trapped in soul sand and doomed to spend the rest of their soul-lives down there, why would they fool you? Because that is what they do! Don’t you know what happens in the Nether fortress? Most likely you will be killed by hostile mobs. Because yeah, the more soul sand valley biome is around a fortress the more likely these mobs are to spawn. Okay, we’re not talking about the warden kind of enemies, but blazes and wither skeletons aren’t great either.


Did We Miss the Real Enemy of the Minecraft Soul Sand Valley?

While it might seem that soul sand leads you west for no logical reason, how about the obvious one: it’s a trap. If you’re not sure about something in Minecraft, it’s a trap. This is called survival trick #1. Never trust anyone or anything you don’t know. Just kidding. But for real, is Minecraft soul sand attracted to something? Does this mysterious higher power (or entity) want you to go somewhere special? Are you going to die? Just saying, there is a chance that this is a Davy Jones kind of situation where the soul sand souls try to get their freedom back by selling other souls.

Know what? Think what you want. We think Minecraft soul sand is horrific (in a bad way, not in the ‘OMG this is super cool’- kind of way). Well, somehow this is also cool. Yes, there are many question marks around here but we have to give you one more: Does this whole theory make Minecraft soul fire more awesome or scarier? After all, it could mean that these souls are burning. You know, just as a little side fact. Now, gear up, build that portal and step into the Nether! Find those souls and come up with your own theory! Do so on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! The best place to do such weird things, we guess. And have fun!