Questioning the Minecraft Blaze Background

Questioning the Minecraft Blaze

September 14, 2023
3 minutes to read

We know it. You know it. We know that you know it. Who doesn’t know the Minecraft blaze anyways?

3 Questions about the Minecraft Blaze

This yellowish, kind of flying, mean mob you encounter in the Nether dimension of your favorite game. Do you need another hint? Remember that last time you took a soothing walk through the cubic underworld and suddenly someone threw fireballs at you? Yeah, that was a Minecraft blaze. Now, the thing is, we know that Minecraft has many mob residents and they all certainly do at least something. And sometimes it’s just annoying us players. The MC blaze seems to follow that principle too. Still, there is so much more to question about that creature. That’s why we’ll do exactly this: asking 3 questions about the Minecraft blaze!


Why Is the Minecraft Blaze Important?

To be fair, some players are probably asking this question every time they encounter any hostile mob. It is annoying when you’re trying to succeed on an adventurous quest and all of a sudden you get attacked. What is the purpose of these creatures? Some of them at least do something seemingly important like the guardians watching the ocean monument. The Minecraft blaze? Well, there are two things where it becomes important: for future dragon slayers and soon to be forest witches.

Okay, we probably have to explain this. Let’s start with the dragon slaying affair. It is pretty easy (basically) because the Minecraft blaze drops blaze rods. And you need those! We admit that it sounds weird though. But yes, you need Minecraft blaze drops to defeat the ender dragon. When on your quest to defeat the ender dragon, you have to access the End and therefore you need eyes of ender and guess what? To get them, you need Minecraft blaze rods. Long story short, who would have thought that you would need to fight off some fire-like ghosts with snowballs in a place that looks like the underworld to get to the end of the world? We certainly didn’t but it’s a fact.

A bit less confusing is the Minecraft blaze’s second use which has to do with its drops too. Minecraft blaze rods are necessary if you want to feel the in-game witch vibes. Since they are needed to build a brewing stand, you might consider facing a Minecraft blaze. Or two or more. Depending on whether you just need one witchy house (not to be confused with the witch hut) in the forest or a complete witch academy.

What Witchcraft Is behind these Minecraft Blaze Numbers?

While we’re at it, what’s up with these magical numbers? Do you know how certain numbers are used in tales and crazy magic rituals like enchanting something or summoning a demonic creature? Most presently, these are 3 and 7. Of course, 13 is also a bit magical even though negatively connoted most of the time. However, let’s concentrate on the first two, okay? Concerning the blaze, there are, not kidding, three instances we noticed:

  • appears in groups of up to 3 blazes
  • throws 3 fireballs when attacking
  • you need 7 snowballs to kill them


We don’t know. It could have been by accident or the developers wanted to throw hints at us. Is the Minecraft blaze connected to magic? Maybe we should take a look at such coincidences with other mobs. Whatever it is, we are curious. After all, who knows what happens in the Nether when we’re not around, right?

What Is the Minecraft Blaze Hiding?

For a better understanding: we don’t necessarily assume that the Minecraft blaze is hiding anything. Still, it is a suspicious creature. Think about it! They roam the Nether fortress after entering the world via a monster spawner (you could also call it a Minecraft blaze spawner), all on their own, just minding their own business. But what is their business? What are they up to roaming the fortress? What are their plans? Will we ever find out what these anti-social mobs think? Look them in the eyes and try guessing what happens in their head. And yes, anti-social is probably the best way to describe them. You know how some mobs avoid players, others explode to hurt them like the creeper or just don’t care at all like most animals? The Minecraft blaze takes measures a bit too far. It sets itselves on fire when a player is spotted. Well, some people may understand this reaction but it is a bit dramatic, isn’t it? Who even likes social interactions? Certainly not the Minecraft blaze. So, how can it work with the other blazes in the group?

After all, the Minecraft blaze is still followed by some question marks on our list. Where does it come from before the spawner spits it into our world? What are its beliefs and goals? Doesn’t it know any fire-free stress release techniques? There are so many questions. So, go on with assumptions, ideas or theories. Tell your friends about them, spread them! The world deserves to know about the Minecraft blaze! And if you need proof or some personal experiences, you can just enter the game on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and convince yourself. Have fun!