The Legendary Minecraft Bucket Background

The Legendary Minecraft Bucket

July 19, 2023
2 minutes to read

You might have already heard of the mighty Minecraft bucket. The tales of its exploits are legendary in the Minecraft world.

What a Wonderful Minecraft Bucket

This little buddy is not only strong enough to hold lava, it can also hold exotic animals, snow and even… milk. So let’s have a look at the strongest, most exciting and probably most handsome item in all of the cubic world: The Minecraft Bucket!

How to Craft a Minecraft Bucket

For all of you Minecraft bucket enjoyers out there, we should probably establish how you can get your hands on this pristine item. Simply follow the Minecraft bucket recipe listed below:

3x Iron Ingot = 1x Bucket


As you can see, all it takes to create the all-star Minecraft bucket are 3 iron ingots. You can get those super easily by exploring the world and by finding them in treasure chests around the world. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and grab some iron, so you too can feel the glory that comes with using a Minecraft bucket!

Fun Fact: If you are wondering why some people can also make buckets out of wood, the answer is pretty simple: To wield a wooden bucket, Minecraft has to be used with mods, such as the aptly named “Wooden Bucket” Minecraft mod.

The many Flavors of a Minecraft Bucket

Once you have a Minecraft bucket, it has the potential to become a high number of things. The exact career path your MC bucket takes depends on what you put in - quite literally, in fact. What you can do with these types of Minecraft bucket will be discussed… right about now.

Water Bucket: Minecraft’s most Fabulous H2O Holder

If you want the most reliable version of any Minecraft bucket, the Minecraft water bucket is your best bet. This portion of the big blue ocean is not only an opportunity to drink healthy, especially in hot biomes, it also functions as a temporary asylum for any water-breathing animal you could ever hope to transport. Axolotls, fish and tadpoles have to breathe water to survive, so don’t be cruel but put them in a water bucket. Minecraft can be a hard game a lot of the time, so having your water bucket specialize into a bucket of tropical fish or a Minecraft frog bucket helps with making the world a bit more nice. Just don’t try to make a bucket of slime. Minecraft doesn’t have one, you have to use mods for that.

Fun Fact: If you consider yourself a pro player, the MLG water bucket trick should be something you can pull off regularly. In case you don’t know, water bucket MLG describes falling from a high place and putting a water bucket in the ground just before landing. For some reason, this reduces the fall damage to 0.

Lava Bucket: Minecraft revolutionizes the Bucket Game

Even though the object we’re talking about here is a simple Minecraft iron bucket, it has properties that completely redefine how we as a species understand buckets to work. After all, these Minecraft lava buckets can hold molten rock without melting. This is a piece of lore that has yet to be explained, but in the meantime, the lava makes for a great light source in your house. In cold biomes, you can even use it as a heat source. This hot-blooded and passionate bucket is difficult to handle for some, but if you want to be part of the bucket revolution, there is no way around the lava bucket.

Milk Bucket: Minecraft Farm Life in a Nutshell

Do you like the feeling of doing some hard but rewarding labor? Do you like animals? Is getting up early the right thing for you? No? Then why don’t you do it in Minecraft anyway? By combining your iron bucket with some delicious milk, it becomes a farmer’s best friend. The down-to-earth milk bucket holds all kinds of milk, which can be used to heal most status effects like food poisoning or regular poison through potions. Or you just make a cake out of the milk. That works too.

The Future is Bright - and it’s a Bucket

So now that you have heard of the legendary item that is the bucket, will you follow its call? Will you shape buckets and be shaped by them in return? The path to being a more complete Minecraft player is long and arduous, but the bucket is always there for you. It doesn’t complain when put under water or lava, it is the perfect companion. So once you’ve done your first steps in Minecraft, the bucket should be your go-to item. If you too feel the intense love that only a bucket can give and receive, hop onto a Minecraft server from G-Portal and raise some buckets of your own. And never forget: Mobs are temporary, but buckets are forever.