Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

The Delicious Minecraft Cake

Everyone likes cake, right? Since Beta 1.2, you don’t have to give up your sweet tooth in-game. The Minecraft cake found in the game looks like a delicious cream cake with red fruits and is a very special food item with unique properties. This is how you get the necessary ingredients and become a block confectioner. However, crafting a cake requires some farming first. So, hopefully you have your farm full of crops and cows at hand.  Cakes can’t be eaten from the inventory, but must be placed somewhere. Read here how to get the ingredients, what to do with them, and what the popular pastry is good for in the game.

minecraft cake
A real cream puff: the cake in Minecraft

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

Before assembling all ingredients for your cake, you should know which ones you need to look out for. The cake recipe in Minecraft includes four ingredients in total:

  1. 3x milk bucket
  2. 3x wheat
  3. 2x sugar
  4. 1x egg
The ingredients for a cake in Minecraft

After all, collecting these ingredients is not as hard as it seems at first. You can gather milk in buckets by right clicking on a cow. However, you will need to craft buckets first which require iron ingots. That requires iron ore. This is probably the most complicated part in gathering your Minecraft cake ingredients. Wheat and sugar can simply be harvested on any farm or near rivers. Alternatively, you could also collect sugar as drops by witches but that would be way harder than necessary. Finally, chickens drop eggs and you can collect them.

Craft the Delicious Pastry!

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, go to a workbench. Fill the top row with the milk buckets, the bottom row with wheat, place the egg in the middle, and the sugar to the left and right of it. That is basically all you have to do. Now you can craft the cake. Yummy!

Minecraft Cake crafting

As one might suggest, Minecraft cake serves as a food item. Therefore, when eaten it refills the hunger bar. The only importance here is that it cannot be eaten as an item. The cake has to be placed on a solid block. Then, a player can eat it in ‘slices’ A cake has 7 slices in total each worth two hunger points. This way, many players may eat slices from the same cake when in multiplayer

Additionally, a Minecraft cake is also a pretty good decoration item for parties. In rare cases it could even be useful to use it as a light source by placing a candle on the cake after the cake has been placed as an item. Light it any way possible and you have a light level of 3.

What can and can’t You Do with Your Minecraft Cake?

It is pretty simple: Minecraft cake cannot be stacked in the inventory in the Java edition. So it doesn’t make sense to produce it in masses. But it does have a few special advantages:

  • Minecraft cake as a quick food intake

Since you don’t have to hold the cake in your hand, it can be eaten faster than any other food in the game. To do this, place the cake on a block and you can immediately eat a piece by right-clicking it without any additional animation, which fills 2 hunger and 0.4 hunger saturation. The cake will now get smaller and after you have eaten seven pieces, it will disappear.

  • Minecraft cake for the celebratory occasion

Thus, the cake is suitable both as a break meal in the mineshaft and to share with your friends. Should you be looking for a decorative light source or simply celebrate a special occasion, you can also place a candle on a complete and placed cake and light it. The announcement of the new winner of the Mob Vote, for example, would be an occasion to try out the cake recipe!

  • The successful Minecraft cake mission

Baking a cake gives you the achievement “The Lie”, which is an allusion to the classic game “Portal”. In Minecraft, however, the cake is by no means an illusion, but the fastest way to eat in the game.

Conclusion: The Delicious Minecraft Cake

If we’re being honest, there isn’t that much to say about the Minecraft cake. It is a food item, it is easy to craft and it is a good way to enjoy something small with your friends. Still, it is definitely worth a try. And even if you can’t stack it, you could place a cake on every possible solid block around you. You know, for a little midnight snack. And if you are wondering where this cake party should take place: on a Minecraft server from G-Portal of course! Where all these sweet dreams may come true.

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