🌋 Minecraft Lava Background

🌋 Minecraft Lava

July 13, 2023
7 minutes to read

It is one of the hottest things in the Minecraft world, capable of melting anything: Minecraft Lava!

Minecraft Lava

If you want to tame this force of nature, look no further than this blog article! We’ll explain how to get your hands onto Minecraft lava without getting burned and what you can do with the molten rock once you have it. So let’s get ready for some hot liquidy action!

Where do I Find Minecraft Lava?

In short: The Nether. That place is full of lava that ruins your visit into the hellish dimension. If you aren’t that keen on visiting the literal hell of Minecraft, you can always hike up an active volcano. In Minecraft, of course, not in real life. It is only in Minecraft, that you can find MC lava in some of the weirdest places, for example:

  1. a Minecraft mansion
  2. lava lakes
  3. caves
  4. mineshafts

Who just keeps some lava around, just in case?! Besides that, any biome can have a small lava lake underground and all kinds of caves can have a good amount of lava in them. So if you walk around the underground a bit, you should find some Minecraft lava sooner or later. Of course, the most likely scenario for finding lava is strolling through a mineshaft and being surprised by a lava stream, but that’s beside the point.

How to Collect Minecraft Lava

If you already know how a Minecraft Lava block looks like, then you have definitely seen some screenshots from the Bedrock Edition. Only there has the technology of the Minecraft world progressed enough that even Minecraft lava has a cubic form. For players of the Java Edition, Minecraft lava can only be with a bucket. We can only speculate as to what material that bucket is made of, but it's clearly not just iron ore that is listed in its recipe. Or the iron in Minecraft is somehow as resistant to heat as netherite or something, we don’t know.


But don’t just throw your bucket into the lava and expect that stuff to stick around. You need to find a source block to collect it. Just hold the bucket in your hand and click the right mouse button to collect Minecraft lave. Once you have it, though, you can easily make more. Just craft a cauldron. Then make sure there is one block of air above it. The second block above should be dripstone. Pour the Minecraft lava over it and watch the cauldron be filled with lava. For some weird reason, you can fill your bucket with that normal lava, but not the one found in the Nether. But whatever, once you have one Minecraft lava bucket, you can make an infinite number of new ones. If you also want infinite iron, check out our blog about iron farms!

Fun Fact: If you ever wondered where all the lava-covered creepers are that you heard so much about, we have to shatter your illusion right now. Lava creepers may sound cool in concept, but they are entirely fictional. Sorry, but the only hot thing about creepers are the blocks of TNT inside them.

Minecraft Lava: Damage Galore

The best thing about Minecraft lava is definitely the damage. If you want to punish aggressive mobs, luring them into a field of lava is definitely the way to go. You can also use it to warm your hands or cook water in real life, but we highly discourage you from doing that on account of the potential burns. As for the Minecraft world, minecraft lava can be used as fuel for smelting with a blast furnace. When it comes to uses for Minecraft lava, fuel is definitely recommended. What burns hotter than molten rock, after all? You can even use MC lava as a light source for your home if you are brave enough.

Keeping a sea of Minecraft lava around your house doesn’t just look cool as all get-out, it also makes it pretty tough for mobs to surprise and attack you there. For bonus style points, try constructing such an obstacle around a castle for the complete villain-hideout-look. Generally, if you find yourself close to a lava source and some mobs attack you, try to lure them into it, then watch the literal fireworks (as in “the works of fire”, get it?). The Minecraft lava damage is really hitting hard, even if you have the ‘fire protection’ enchantment. If you doubt us, just try standing in it for a while and you’ll know what we mean. Just put your stuff in a chest beforehand, otherwise it will get burned.

Warning: Do not try Minecraft lava damage on wardens, withers, piglins and other mobs that are immune to fire! Since they are completely immune to the Minecraft lava damage, the only one being hurt in that scenario is you, either by the mob or the MC lava. The choice is yours.

As you can see, Minecraft lava is definitely one of the coolest things in the game. Being molten rock in the Minecraft world seems to have its benefits after all. But if you want to feel the burn, you should definitely use a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Whether you fancy solo or multiplayer, getting in touch with Minecraft lava is something you’ll never forget. Either that or your character dies. In any case: Have fun!