Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Chest

In Minecraft, chests offer you the chance to take things out of your inventory and store them securely. Since dying in the Minecraft world means that you lose all equipment you have on you as well as your entire inventory, chests are a very handy way to keep your stuff safe. But how do you get your hands on one of these chests? What types of chests are there? And why is the ender chest undoubtedly the best one? We show you all you need to know about Minecraft chests.

Overview Minecraft Chest:

  • useful for storing items
  • can be upgraded with or without crafting material
  • rare boxes are more powerful
  • can spawn naturally in some places

What a Minecraft Chest Can Be

While the concept of a Minecraft chest is not that complicated (it is just a wooden box after all), in Minecraft, ‘chest’ can mean a lot of different things. While we show you how to get these different types of chests, we will also give you an overview of what chests there are in the first place.

A Normal Minecraft Chest

The baseline for all chests is the regular Minecraft chest. It is wooden, it can store up to 27 objects and it is the one type of chests you should have in any one of your camps. While it is pretty simple, there is no better place to keep your weapons, armor and potions, at least at the beginning of the game. You can craft a Minecraft chest with 8 planks, which in turn are made of wood:

8x Planks = 1x Chest

If you want even more space for your personal belongings, you can combine two regular chests into a Minecraft double chest. These larger chests can store double the amount of regular chests, bringing their number of slots up to 54. To combine them, simply place two normal chests side by side while they face in the same direction. Be careful to sort your chests regularly, so that you can find everything you need.

If you want to transport the chest, you can attach it to a mule, donkey or a llama and have the animal carry it for you. Beware, however, that this reduces the chest’s capacity to 15. Also, once it is attached, it cannot be removed except by killing the carrier mob. So, don’t give it to one that you personally like. To transport chests, you can also combine them with a boat or with a minecart, which greatly boosts their mobility.

Trapped Chest

Minecraft also has a variant of the regular chest called trapped chest. For a trapped chest, Minecraft requires you to combine a tripwire hook and a normal chest:

1x Tripwire Hook + 1x Chest = 1x Trapped Chest

Like normal chests, two trapped chests can be combined into a large trapped chest that has double the storage. The trapped chest isn’t just a storage device, however. It does double duty, providing energy in a redstone circuit if connected and while it is open. You can use this feature to construct a defensive system around the chest, keeping you safe from mobs while using the trapped chest. Minecraft even allows you to find these chests in the world, as they sometimes spawn inside Minecraft mansions.

Minecraft Treasure Chest

For those who always loved the idea of finding the big red X on a map like a pirate, finding a Minecraft treasure chest is exactly what you need. Treasure chests cannot be crafted, they can only be found in the overworld. If you don’t want to wander around aimlessly, an explorer map can help you find a treasure chest as well as ocean monuments and mansions. Explorer maps can be bought from any cartographer that is apprentice level or higher. 

Even if finding a Minecraft treasure chest isn’t the easiest thing, you should still take your time to find one, especially if you plan on visiting an underwater temple. Treasure chests are the only source of hearts of the sea, which in turn can be used to craft conduits. These little constructs can breathe underwater, attack enemies underwater and are the perfect companion for such an aquatic trip. For extra damage, use a trident with the “impaling” enchantment.

Shulker Box

If you want a chest that does not only protect what’s inside but that can be transported, look no further than the shulker box. Simply combine two shulker shells with a normal Minecraft chest:

2x Shulker Shells + 1x Chest = 1x Shulker Box

Unlike a normal Minecraft chest, shulker boxes do not spill their insides when destroyed. As they are also movable and can stick to any surface, even upside down, they are the perfect fit if you are looking for a box to move stuff in. There is a catch, however: Shulkers can only be found in the End, making their shells hard to get. As the End houses the legendary ender dragon, finding it normally happens in the late game only. So, prepare some tough armor and weapons when you go searching for shulker shells. 

Tip: By combining shulker shells with dye, you can customize your shulker boxes.

The Minecraft Ender Chest

Perhaps the most useful chest of them all is the Minecraft ender chest. To craft one of them, you need 8 obsidian blocks as well as one eye of ender. Obsidian can be found in mansions, ruined portals and in ocean ruin buildings, while an eye of ender can only be crafted by combining blaze powder (found with blazes in the Nether) with an ender pearl (dropped by endermen):

8x Obsidian Blocks + 1x Eye of Ender = 1x Ender Chest

With crafting ingredients such as these, the Minecraft ender chest is difficult to create but also very useful. While regular chests are separated, Minecraft ender chests share a single Mincraft chest inventory. So, if you place a Minecratf ender chest at two different points in the world, you still have access to the same items. This even works across dimensions or if your ender chest is destroyed. Simply craft a new one and you can once again access your items. If you play in multiplayer on a Minecraft server, ender chests are definitely a staple.

Note: The Minecraft ender chest cannot be combined into a double chest.

Conclusion: Minecraft Chest

Since items can be lifesavers in Minecraft, storing them securely is very important. This is why crafting a simple Minecraft chest should be one of your top priorities when beginning your Minecraft journey. But even at higher levels, the importance of secure items does not wane. This is why crafting shulker boxes and an ender chest is crucial even when you have all the tools you want at your exposal. If you want to find all the chests there are, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the perfect chance for you. Simply log in and have fun with chests!

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