The Best Minecraft Enchantments Background

The Best Minecraft Enchantments

June 22, 2023
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If you ever wanted to be a magician of any sort, Minecraft has you covered.

The Best Minecraft Enchantments

By using the enchantment table or by finding weapons that are already enchanted, you can bolster your arsenal and achieve feats of true greatness! Let’s just hope you find amazing Minecraft enchantments and not only the curse of vanishing.

Top 4 Minecraft Enchantments

At some point, the high number of enchantments might be a bit confusing. Do not fret, though, as we are here to show you which Minecraft enchantments are the very best, like none ever where. This isn’t a ranking, though and some might be better suited for your playstyle, but showing some of them off is fun nonetheless.

Good Luck in Minecraft: Fortune

Among the pickaxe enchantments, fortune is definitely nothing to scoff at. The effect is actually quite simple: Fortune increases the drops from stuff you mine. Fortune, very much like other enchantments, comes in 3 different levels, the higher the better. At first, this may sound a bit underwhelming. At max level, fortune quadruples your drops, but 3 ores don’t make that much difference. But fortune applies to almost everything, not just ore. Glowstone, seeds, redstone even melons (do not ask us how that one works) come way easier to you with this enchantment. Sadly, fortune can’t be on the same pickaxe as the silk touch enchantment, though.


The Way of the Blade: Sharpness

While fortune is definitely the way to go for most tools, swords and axes need other enchantments to work best. While the fire aspect is useful for the added fire damage, there is one that is even more versatile: sharpness. Just like with fortune, the effect is quite simple: Sharpness increases damage. In five levels, sharpness increases the damage of every single hit by up to 3. But don't let the simplicity of that effect deceive you: Sharpness does not care what the mob in question is weak to, making it useful in any given battle. So, if you want your opponent to feel the cut, sharpness is the way to go.


Best Armor Enchantment: Minecraft Unbreaking

Minecraft unbreaking: This armor enchantment is fantastic! Sometimes your Armor might get damaged by mean mobs like the guardian. Sadly, its spikes can scratch your armor, taking durability away every time they hit you. That is where Minecraft unbreaking comes in. This simple enchantment increases your armor's durability by changing some durability losses to 0. This can cancel out the negative effects of some enchantments like thorns, making it one of the best enchantments in Minecraft so far.


Endless Stream of Arrows: Infinity

When it comes to Minecraft bow enchantments, most of them are pretty simple: Power for more damage, punch for more knockback and flame for… well, a flame arrow. But among these Minecraft bow enchantments, infinity takes the cake. The effect simply makes it so the bow does not consume arrows. You read that right: No arrows are lost ever! As long as you have one single arrow, you can spam them nonstop directly into the faces of mobs. The only downside: You cannot use mending on the same bow, but that is nothing commands couldn’t fix. So get infinity and let your arrows block out the sun!


So, there you have it. Those are, without a doubt, the best Minecraft enchantments for each equipment. Definitely. There are no two sides in this argument. We think, at least. Right? If you disagree with us (do you?), you can hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and prove the opposite (do it and try us).