Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Fire: A Dicey Thing

Minecraft fire is a useful, albeit dangerous, thing. Fire is a non-solid block that can spread if it has flammable material around it. MC fire can appear either as normal fire with orange flames or as the special variant soul fire with a blue tinted flame.

Overview Minecraft Fire:

  • fire appears as a block only in the Nether (and only in the Bedrock version)
  • flammable blocks can be ignited with a lighter or a fire charge
  • causes blurred vision and damage on the player
  • soul fire, lava and netherrack burn indefinitely

Where do You Get Minecraft Fire?

One of the most useful places when it comes to collecting fire is the Nether. True to its nature of an unforgiving hellscape, the Nether is filled to the brim with lava and things it can ignite. This includes netherrack, which has the added property of burning eternally, unless it is extinguished. If you prefer staying out of the Nether, your alternatives to find Minecraft fire are pretty limited. You either try to find a fire charge, although these also only spawn in the Nether. Even crafting them requires blaze powder, which is also exclusive to the Nether dimension.

1x blaze powder + 1x coal or charcoal + 1x gunpowder = 3x fire charge

3x fire charge

Another possibility is the tool known as flint & steel. With the combination of these two elements, you can produce many different fires until its durability runs out. It is probably the single best way to create Minecraft fire, as it can be used many times and can be modified with enchantments to prolong its life.

1x iron ingot + 1x flint = 1x flint & steel

1x flint & steel

The best enchantments for flint & steel include mending and unbreaking, although the curse of vanishing can also be applied to it for an additional challenge.

Can I Get Minecraft Fire Indirectly?

By crafting torches or a Minecraft campfire, you can create fire indirectly. Lightning can also start fires. To call a Minecraft fire down from the heavens, you can use a trident enchanted with channeling or a lightning rod. Many of these items can also be found in wild biomes. Coincidentally, both torches and campfires can generate naturally in ancient cities and in villages, although campfires are exclusive to villages in the taiga and snowy taiga biomes. 

Starting, Spreading & Stopping a Minecraft Fire

As mentioned above, Minecraft fire can be started with flint & steel or a fire charge. If it comes into contact with a non-combustible material, the fire will go out after a short time; while contact with water will cause it to go out immediately. With combustible material, especially leaves found in canopies, Minecraft fire burns well and may even spread. 

While this definitely has its uses, such as removing the foliage from jungle temples, you should be careful when igniting a forest. Before long, Minecraft fire can spread to yourself and damage your character.

How Minecraft Fire Spreads

Minecraft fire spreads dangerously fast and in all directions, provided it finds fuel there. Even when you enclose the fire on the sides with stone, it can spread upwards within 4 blocks. Keep in mind that blocks that can burn do not necessarily ignite. What’s even more important: Fire ignores non-flammable blocks above it. That means that a gold block placed between a fire and a wooden block does not stop the MC fire from spreading onto that wooden block.

minecraft fire
A fire in Minecraft is easily ignited …
fire in minecraft
… and can quickly become a danger.

Stopping Minecraft Fire

Other than by non-flammable blocks, Minecraft fire can be stopped by water or lava, as well as with water buckets. If you don’t want to take water with you on every step of your journey, you can try removing any flammable blocks from the fire, depriving it of fuel. If you want to know how to best extinguish fire, you should be aware of how it works in the game.

Minecraft fire has an age time, starting at 0 (when the fire starts) and goes out on its own when reaching age 15. If there is no flammable material by age 3, it also stops. Once the fire reaches age 15 and there is no flammable block underneath it, MC fire has a 25% chance to stop on its own at every block tick.

How Minecraft Fire Impacts You and the Mobs around You

Minecraft fire has several properties when caught by the player. First and most noticeably, the player’s vision becomes obstructed. This can be rather tricky, as finding a source of water becomes more difficult. Secondly, fire damages the player by 1 damage per half-second, unless they have fire resistance. The same rules apply for mobs, so Minecraft fire can be used tactically. 

Keep in mind, however, that Minecraft Fire has the nasty habit of destroying items. So, if a burning mob drops something upon its death, be sure to retrieve it quickly, or else it might fall to the flames.

Soul Fire & Infinite Minecraft Fire

Soul fire is a blue counterpart to the regular Minecraft fire and has several unique properties. For starters, it requires soul sand or soul soil to be ignited. Its blue color gives a very atmospheric tone and the flames damage anyone that steps inside at a faster rate than normal fire, inflicting 2 damage per second instead of 1. Additionally, soul fire repels piglins, making it a very good companion in the Nether. Keep in mind that soul fire is the same as regular Minecraft fire otherwise, especially when it comes to being extinguished.

Eternal Minecraft fire occurs when netherrack is ignited. Additionally, lava blocks also never cease their fire. However, the term ‘eternal’ might be a bit misleading, as there is no truly eternal Minecraft fire. Netherrack can still be put out by putting water on it or by suffocating it with non-flammable blocks. Still, they make for a great block to put into a fireplace. If you want to have infinite lava at your disposal, our lava article on the matter shows you just how to do that.

Conclusion: Minecraft Fire

If your blood is now boiling hot in anticipation of the soft kiss of Minecraft fire, we won’t stand in your way. For all your blazing needs, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the perfect place to experiment with fire. Find it, ignite it, watch it spreading but definitely try to stop it before it reaches your base, castle, village or whatever! Be safe and don’t hurt any innocent animals or villagers, okay? Just have fun and fire away!

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