The Minecraft Guardian Background

The Minecraft Guardian

May 30, 2023
6 minutes to read

In the depths of the seas of Minecraft are waiting not only small fish and ... uh, a lot of water. There are also monsters that you would rather not meet: the Guardians!

The Minecraft Guardian

Does anyone actually know what they are guarding down there at an ocean monument? No? Okay, at least we are all on the same page here. For real, the name Minecraft guardian leads to the assumption that there must be some precious stuff under water. Well, there isn’t a huge treasure actually, but yes, their name is still pretty awesome, isn’t it? You haven’t met a guardian in Minecraft yet? Don’t worry, it’s not like the ocean is the natural habitat of the players (at least not yet). Still, if we want to be fair, the Minecraft guardian has been around since 2014 when he was introduced in the 1.8 update. However, this update brought many changes concerning already existing mobs, so it’s fair to say that you might have overlooked the fishy creature.

Ranking the Minecraft Guardian Among Other Mobs

Comparing all mobs is literally impossible. Still, we will try to somehow sort the Minecraft guardian into this big variety of entities. To get an idea, here are the most important things to consider:

  1. only found under water, near sea temples
  2. has a beam & spikes
  3. looks a bit like a pufferfish
  4. deals up to 4,5 hearts damage
  5. drops: prismarine shards, possibly fish, XP

As you can see, the first major issue is its restrictiveness when it comes to biomes. You won’t find it wherever it’s dark, like spiders spawn as soon as the light level is low enough. Therefore, you encounter a Minecraft guardian less than other hostile mobs in general. You can’t compare it to boss mobs either. It’s simply not as big and dangerous as the warden or the wither (even though they, too, are more or less restricted to a biome). What is left? Nice passive mobs, animals like cats? Well, that doesn’t fit either. The Minecraft guardian is not a nice guard at a front gate. It’s the one who will attack you, after all. Another little detail making it hard to rank the guardian: Minecraft gave us kind of a next-level version when introducing the elder guardian simultaneously with the underwater mob.

Who Is the Elder Guardian?

Bigger is better. Is it? Well, the elder guardian is bigger and more of a threat then the Minecraft guardian. If Minecraft had something like a secret fish society, it would probably be the president. It also always stays in its office if you consider that they only spawn inside the underwater temple. You can find a total of 3 Minecraft elder guardians inside the building. They also come slightly differently colored. Otherwise they are quite similar to the normal Minecraft guardian. We recommend bringing a sword or trident for a cool showdown. But most importantly, don’t forget your armor, please. Apart from the usual difficulties, like the whole ‘I need air and can’t breathe underwater’-thing, that’s basically all you need to know. Just keep an eye on that beam or start a fun little game of hide and seek to find the perfect moment to attack. As long as you hit the elder guardian, no strategy is bad.

Minecraft Guardian’s Social Skills: None

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you want to fight the Minecraft guardian or what they drop. They are a hostile mob so there is no way around a conflict. Maybe this makes it easier for you: They are quite mean in general ! You think they only attack you? Oh, no no, they also attack some other aquatic mobs. That is just unfriendly when these creatures didn’t do anything wrong! And the whole time, this red eye stares at you. Seems like no one told them not to stare at people. Their spikes are also a problem, don’t you think? Doesn’t increase the motivation to give them a friendly hug. In a nutshell, the Minecraft guardian doesn’t make a good first impression at all. You know, we are not even talking about the audacity that they don’t die on land. Yes, they become useless, but they are still alive.

Let’s be real, they aren’t nice, they try to stop you from having a great journey through the temple and they are not what you want to meet when fishing. Spare the sympathy and gain some XP instead. You aren’t sure about the Minecraft guardian yet? Find it out yourself on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Who knows, maybe you actually find something to like about them. In any case, have fun!