Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
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The Minecraft Enchanting Table and Its Language

The enchanting table in Minecraft allows you to enchant many items in the game. It uses an unusual alphabet, but that’s not much more than an Easter Egg, since the words it shows don’t tell you anything about the enchantments. Here, we will explore all the important information about the enchanting table and its mechanics.

Overview Minecraft Enchanting Table:

  • used to enchant weapons, tools & armor
  • has its own language
  • uses XP & lapis lazuli
  • bookshelves raise its power

The Basics of the Minecraft Enchanting Table

The enchanting table (also referred to as the ‘Minecraft enchantment table’) with its alien characters is mysterious and weird. Just as you’d expect from an item that transforms gems and experience points into powerful enchantments. There are three groups of items you can enchant using a Minecraft enchanting table:

If you’re afraid you’ll have to learn another foreign language in order to follow your enchanting table’s explanations, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the characters shown are merely randomly selected terms that have nothing to do with the enchantment itself. So even though your enchanting table may be flattered by your interest, learning the alphabet won’t give you any advantages in the game. We will tell you all you should know about the enchanting table and the enchanting table language.

The Enchanting Table Recipe

Before you can start enchanting various items, you first need to craft the table itself. To craft a Minecraft enchanting table, you’ll need one book, two diamonds and four obsidian blocks.

1x book + 2x diamonds + 4x obsidian = 1x Minecraft enchanting table

How to craft an enchanting table in Minecraft.

Books can be crafted from paper and leather or mined from bookshelves. These bookshelves are commonly found in the enchanting room. Players often wonder, where this mysterious place appears, the enchanting room: Minecraft buildings like strongholds are the answer. You might also find many bookshelves in a mansion if you dare to go there. Still, there is more you need. You can get diamonds by mining diamond ore with a pickaxe. With a little luck, you can also find them in chests. Obsidian can be found sporadically in chests and is created wherever water meets stagnant lava. You can also cause this by simply dumping water on stagnant lava with a water bucket.

Now open your crafting window. Place the book in the center of the top row, the diamonds on the right and left in the middle row and fill the bottom row and the center slot with obsidian. That’s how you craft the Minecraft enchantment table.

Tip: If you go looking for diamonds and obsidian, make sure that you have an iron pickaxe to mine the diamonds and a diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian. If you don’t use these specific items, the block will break but the items won’t drop as such.

How to use the Minecraft Enchanting Table

Once you get used to it, it will seem pretty simple to enchant items. If you haven’t tried it before, here is a short step-by-step guide on how to use the Minecraft enchanting table.

  1. Get lapis lazuli by mining lapis lazuli ore and experience points by leveling up during the game.
  2. Open the enchanting table by right-clicking and place the item you want to enchant into the proper slot.
  3. Select one of the (up to three) available enchantments.
  4. Perform the enchantment. Depending on the enchantment, a certain amount of lapis lazuli and the same amount of experience points will be used, so you will lose a few levels (a maximum of 3 levels and 3 lapis lazuli).
  5. Take your shimmering enchanted item from the MC enchanting table.

The enchantments you can choose from depend on your experience level (up to a maximum of 30) and placed bookshelves. If you build them one block away from the enchanting table, the experience level of enchantments will increase. This works with a maximum of up to 15 bookshelves. So, to get the most powerful enchantment, you need to be at least level 30 and have 15 bookshelves placed around the enchanting table.

Minecraft enchanting table
With a magic table you can enchant weapons, items, tools and much more.

Enchantment Compatibility & Randomization

The enchantments available at the enchanting table are partially determined by the item being enchanted. Certain enchantments are exclusive to specific types of items, such as weapons, armor, or tools. Moreover, the enchantments offered are randomized, meaning that players may need to enchant multiple items or reset the enchantment options to obtain the desired enchantment combination. Resetting the enchantment options is the only way to enchant a new item. After that, three new enchantment options are available. So, if you want the best enchantments in the game, get ready to re-roll your enchantments!

Combining Enchantments & the Anvil

To further customize and enhance items, players can combine multiple enchantments or repair damaged items using an anvil. By placing two enchanted items of the same type on the anvil, players can merge their enchantments, creating a more powerful item with multiple enchantments. Additionally, the anvil allows players to repair items by combining them with the corresponding material or using other enchanted items. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an anvil close to your Minecraft enchanting table.

The Origin of the Enchanting Table Language 

The term enchanting table language is misleading, as it is neither a language nor do the characters originate from Minecraft. It is the “Standard Galactic Alphabet” from the “Commander Keen” game series, which appeared in the early nineties. Whether this is a loving homage or a nerdy easter egg is up to your interpretation.

The principle behind the Standard Galactic Alphabet is the so-called monoalphabetic substitution. This means that each character is assigned to a letter in the alphabet and the words can be easily translated letter by letter. Conversely, it also means that the Standard Galactic Alphabet is a font and you can easily find it, if, for example, you want to send your Minecraft friends birthday cards in the Minecraft enchanting table language.

Conclusion: Minecraft Enchanting Table

The enchanting table in Minecraft offers players an exciting avenue to enhance their weapons, armor, and tools with powerful enchantments. From the randomness of enchantment options to the influence of bookshelves and the intriguing enchanting table language, this item adds depth and complexity to the gameplay experience. Understanding its mechanics and using it effectively can greatly enhance a player’s abilities and enjoyment in the vastness of Minecraft. You can no longer hold yourself back with joy? Then hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal either alone or multiplayer and fight the countless mobs with your newly enchanted sword.

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