Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition was released in 2016 and is constantly being developed further by teachers and educators. The edition evolved from the mod MinecraftEdu, which was developed for teaching purposes. Microsoft bought the mod and has been offering the Minecraft Education Edition to teachers and students ever since.

MinecraftEdu – a new Minecraft mod is created

Minecraft is now one of the most popular games in the world, but it already made big waves when it was released. The great interest of students and the extensive customizability of the game inspired teacher Joel Levin in 2011 to use Minecraft in the classroom. This idea, in collaboration with other teachers, evolved into the MinecraftEdu mod, which expanded the game with a series of prepared lessons and additional features for teaching purposes.

Minecraft in education

The uses of Minecraft in education are more diverse than one might first think. Already with MinecraftEdu, a history teacher recreated Spartan military training, stage plays were performed, and physics experiments were recreated. With Minecraft Education Edition, the possibilities are constantly expanding.

Minecraft lessons

By now, there is a variety of pre-made lessons available through education.minecraft.net. These cover numerous fields of knowledge from math, history and languages to art and design to sustainability and inclusion. Among them are lessons on sustainable food production, building a Mars rover, and social justice, for example.

Other uses in Minecraft in classrooms

In addition, Minecraft Education Edition offers a wide range of design options for creating your own classroom content that goes far beyond writable whiteboards. For example, students can create complex economics in multiplayer mode to learn the basics of supply and demand. In addition, chemical compounds, for example, can be represented with blocks. To learn about these possibilities, a tutorial world is available for teachers to familiarize them with how Minecraft and the Education Edition work.

What you need for Minecraft Education Edition

The Education Edition is not available for private individuals, but only for educational institutions. These pay $5 per user per year after a free trial period. Players will need a free Office 365 Education account to use it. Minecraft Education is based on the Windows 10 version and is available for Windows 10, macOS and iPadOS.

Conclusion Minecraft Education

We hope we were able to answer your questions about Minecraft Education Edition. If you haven’t had enough after a long day of Minecraft lessons, celebrate your end of the day with a relaxing round of SMP with your friends on a G-Portal Minecraft server.

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