Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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How to make paper in Minecraft

Making paper in Minecraft

Making paper in Minecraft is pretty simple: you only need 3 sticks of sugar cane. But what can you do with the paper in Minecraft? The game offers you numerous possibilities. We have collected a few of them here for you.

Overview paper in Minecraft

  • Crafting: 3 sticks of sugar cane in a row.
  • Material: sugar cane can be found along bodies of water.
  • Products: Books, books with feathers, maps, fireworks, banners.

How to make paper in Minecraft?

Making paper is easy: all you need is sugar cane. You can find it near bodies of water (oceans, rivers, lakes) and it’s easy to cut down. With 3 sticks of sugar cane next to each other, you can create paper on the workbench. Quite simple, isn’t it?

  • 1 paper = 3 sugar cane
A paper in Minecraft

What can I create with paper in Minecraft?

With the crafted paper you can create different things in Minecraft:

Books in Minecraft

Paper is needed especially for making books. Three papers and one leather make one book. Books, in turn, can be enchanted or assembled into bookshelf blocks (3 books).

  • 1 book = 3 paper + 1 leather

Another book form, namely the book with feather, can also be created. Here, in addition to the book, a feather (chicken) and an ink bag (squid) are needed.

  • 1 book with feather = 1 book + 1 feather + 1 ink bag

The book with feather is great for messages to your fellow Minecraft players, recording your heroic adventures in Minecraft, or for hints to your map.

Maps in Minecraft

You can also create maps with paper. Here we distinguish between normal maps and those with compass. For the former you only need 9 paper and for the latter 8 paper and a compass.

  • 1 map = 9 paper 
  • 1 map with compass = 8 paper + 1 compass

Cartography table

Using paper and wooden boards of your choice, you can craft a cartography table. With it, an unemployed villager can get a new job: Cartographer! How awesome would it be to have your own cartographer for your Minecraft adventures that you record on your maps?

  • 1 cartography table = 2 paper + 4 planks


Fireworks are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a product of paper in Minecraft. A sheet of paper together with black powder (up to 3 piles) makes a firework rocket. You can learn how to make colorful fireworks in our wiki article Fireworks in Minecraft.

  • 1 firework = 1 paper + 1-3 black powder
minecraft crafting a firework
How to craft fireworks in Minecraft.

Minecraft Banner Templates

Last but not least, paper is used to make banners. For this, in addition to paper, a compatible element is needed (which can be seen on the banner). Compatible elements can be, for example, the golden apple, a head of a creeper/skeleton, a stone block, or a vine. This then creates a corresponding logo on the banner.

Paper as a door to new things

The range of products that can be created with paper is not very large, but it unlocks a lot: With books, enchantments, and libraries can be developed. Maps allow for better orientation. Banners and fireworks increase your fun factor when playing Minecraft with friends or alone. So: Get to the paper, ready, go!

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