The Minecraft Inventory Background

The Minecraft Inventory

July 14, 2023
3 minutes to read

If Minecraft has something that everyone likes to use, it is not the enchanting table or the crafting table. It is, without a doubt, the MC inventory.

The Minecraft Inventory

In this wondrous place, all of the little useless blocks you collect gather and do… not much, all things considered. But let’s go deeper into the inventory and try to answer some questions. Is there a useful Inventory sorting mod? Why is this thing always full when you want to pick up something important? And most importantly: How do I open the Minecraft inventory in the first place?

How to Open Your Inventory in Minecraft

Of course, we should answer the most pressing question first. When being attacked by a spider or skeleton, you definitely want to be able to open your inventory and craft something to help you out. Well, the MC inventory is opened by a simple button press. Which button that is depends on where you play, though:

  • Keyboard: e
  • Xbox: Y
  • PlayStation: Dreieck
  • Nintendo Switch & Wii U: X
  • Mobile Phones: … (there are literally three dots)


The Minecraft inventory contains a lot of useful stuff, so you should check in from time to time to make sure that you still have space for something more. If you don’t, consider using some chests in your village, so that you can always store a bit more.

Fun Fact: Some mobs also have an inventory. Most prominently, piglins and villagers have their own inventory, since they have to keep the stuff they can trade with you somewhere.

Using Your Minecraft Inventory Slots

Once you’ve opened your inventory, you can see a lot of slots that are just waiting to be filled with whatever you want to put in there.

If you wonder why you can’t pick up something important from time to time, it’s probably because your inventory is full. With 27 slots, you can store a lot of different blocks and ores in there, but even the legendary Minecraft Steve has his limits. Still, we shouldn’t be too hard on the lovable fellow, who carries everything you collect without complaining even once. After all, you can stack most blocks up to 64 times. That is a lot of weight to carry around and that’s not even counting armor, weapons and food in your hot bar...

The Recipe Book

The 2x2 crafting grid in your Minecraft inventory is a small, portable version of a crafting table. It’s not as useful as a crafting table, but you can use it to craft small items in a pinch. The book icon underneath is the recipe book, which you can use to instantly craft something without having to drag and drop all of the ingredients from your MC inventory. The best thing about the recipe book, though, is definitely the auto-filling function. Whenever you get the ingredients to craft something, the recipe book fills itself automatically. We’re not sure if there is any lore that explains that, but it's useful and cool, so who cares?


Here’s an Inventory Sorting Mod, Thank Us Later

If you want to enhance your inventory experience, there are a few ways to make more of it. Our two favorite inventory sorting mods are:

Yes, they sound very similar, but there are a few points in which they differ. While Inventory Sorter is a simple yet effective tool that changes just a few things about your Minecraft inventory, Inventory Sorting does a bit more, although it requires the Fabric modding tool to install. It enables you to not only sort your inventory (shocking, we know!), but also to set the parameters yourself. For more chest sorting tips and tricks, check out our tutorial on the matter.

After you’re done celebrating this mod, you should definitely check out our mod tutorial as well as some of our mod highlights. As you can see, the Minecraft inventory isn’t the most exciting or complex function in the game. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. In fact, the inventory should be simple. In many ways, it really is like a good packback. It’s not going to make people turn their heads once you walk past them. But it’s always there for you, it doesn’t let you down and it keeps your stuff safe without complaining. So let’s be thankful for our simple, unassuming and beautiful Minecraft inventory! And don’t forget to check it out yourself on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Have fun!