Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft: Food and hunger

Minecraft is full of hard work. Whether you’re digging through mine shafts or building houses, even the block bodies in Minecraft can’t function entirely without a supply of energy. Here we tell you everything you need to know about food and hunger in Minecraft. If you want to learn more about growing food, we recommend you read our article about farming in Minecraft.

Minecraft Hunger

If you go without eating for too long, your character will get hungry. Hunger in Minecraft can have some negative effects. The hunger indicator records a maximum of 20 food points. If it drops below 18, your character will no longer regenerate health over time. Also, if it drops to 6 food points or less, your character will no longer be able to sprint.

When the hunger meter reaches 0, you will lose life energy every 4 seconds. Depending on the difficulty level, there is a minimum amount of life energy you can drop to due to starvation. If you play Minecraft on Peaceful, you lose no life from hunger, on Easy your life energy drops to a minimum of 5 hearts, on Normal to a minimum of half a heart, and on the hardest difficulty hunger can kill you.

Minecraft: How to eat

To eat in Minecraft, you just need to pick up a food item. Aim somewhere in the void and press the right mouse button. Now your character will eat the food and your hunger indicator will be filled up according to the respective nutritional value.

Minecraft food and food point

Each food in Minecraft replenishes a certain number of food points. The most nutritious and thus the best food in Minecraft are the cake or the rabbit stew. We have compiled a list of popular foods, their food points and other effects:

FoodFood pointsEffects
Cake14 (7×2)
Rabbit Stew10
Cooked Porkchop8
Pumpkin Pie8
Honey Bottle6Clears Poison
Suspicious Stew6Random effect (positive or negative)
Golden Apple4Regeneration & Absorption (heals and gives extra life)
Chorus Fruit4Teleportation to a random spot nearby
Poisonous Potato2Poison (60% chance)

Minecraft Food Poisoning

This list is far from exhaustive, there are numerous foods in Minecraft. However, it should be clear that they can have both positive and negative special effects. Poisoned and spoiled food, for instance, can cause food poisoning. With this, your hunger indicator empties much faster for a few seconds. You can cure this poisoning with a sip of milk or Minecraft honey.

You’ve got the basics of food intake down pat. Of course, there are a variety of foods, Minecraft food recipes and additional effects. Ever thought about having a Minecraft banquet with your friends? With a Minecraft server from G-Portal this can be easily realized. We wish you a lot of fun and appetite for your next Minecraft bread or Minecraft steak.

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