Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft: Food and hunger

Minecraft is full of hard work. Whether you’re digging through mineshafts or building houses, even Steve and Alex can’t function entirely without a supply of energy. As in the real world, the best way to recharge is by having a snack. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about Minecraft food and in-game hunger.

Overview Minecraft Food & Hunger:

  • lack of eating in Minecraft causes harm
  • Minecraft food refills different amounts of food points
  • the status can be seen in hunger bar
  • certain food items cause specific effects

Minecraft Hunger: Keeping an Eye on the Status Bar

It is quite realistic: If you go without eating for too long, your character will get hungry. In Minecraft, hunger can have some negative effects. That is why you should look at the status bar every once in a while. You can find it at the bottom of your screen. You have to look for the little pieces of meat. That is the hunger bar. Once it decreases, you should definitely eat!

The hunger bar records a maximum of 20 food points. Each meat leg indicates 2 food points. If it loses one, the meat looks as if someone took a bite. If the bar drops below 18, your character will no longer regenerate health over time. Also, if you don’t eat and Minecraft hunger causes the bar to drop to 6 food points or less, your character will no longer be able to sprint.

When the hunger bar reaches 0, you will lose life energy every 4 seconds. Depending on the difficulty level, there is a minimum amount of life energy you can lose due to starvation. If you play Minecraft on peaceful mode, you lose no life from hunger, on easy mode, your life energy drops to a minimum of 5 hearts, on normal to a minimum of half a heart and on the hardest difficulty, Minecraft hunger can even kill you.

Eating in Minecraft

The key to not becoming a victim of starvation in Minecraft: eating.  Basically, you just need to pick up a food item. Aim somewhere in the void instead of aiming on a block and keep the right mouse button pressed for a while. Now, your character will eat the food and your hunger indicator will be filled up according to the respective nutritional value of the food.

All Foods in Minecraft

Each food in Minecraft replenishes a certain number of food points. Food you encounter very often might therefore not refill many food points. At the same time, more special Minecraft food can fill up your hunger bar pretty fast. Generally, you get a lot of food items from farming, fishing or killing mobs.

FoodFood points
Baked Potato5
Beetroot Soup1
Cake (slice)2
Cake (whole)14
Chorus Fruit4
Cooked Chicken 6 (Raw: 2)
Cooked Cod5 (Raw: 2)
Cooked Mutton6 (Raw: 2)
Cooked Porkchop8 (Raw: 3)
Cooked Rabbit5 (Raw: 3)
Cooked Salmon6 (Raw: 2)
Dried Kelp1
Enchanted Golden Apple4
Glow Berries2
Golden Apple4
Golden carrot6
Honey Bottle6
Melon Slice2
Mushroom Stew6
Poisonous Potato2
Pumpkin Pie8
Rabbit Stew10
Raw Beef3
Rotten Flesh4
Spider Eye2
Suspicious Stew6 (with saturation: 13)
Sweet Berries2
Tropical Fish1

As you can see, there are some differences that matter. If you have the chance to cook certain Minecraft foods, you should do it! And if you have to choose whether you eat a slice of cake or a whole cake, choose the latter. In the end one thing is clear: Cake and rabbit stew are the most effective foods. You could grant them the title of the best food in Minecraft.

Effects of Minecraft Food

Minecraft food doesn’t only serve one cause. Next to lowering Minecraft hunger and saving you from starvation, certain food items have special effects. It may be a good idea to check them before eating anything you find lying around in the Minecraft World. Some Minecraft food effects are actually pretty helpful for surviving. Others are negative effects that may make the game harder for you.

Minecraft FoodEffect TypeEffect
Chorus Fruitneutralmay teleport the player randomly
Enchanted Golden Applepositive– regeneration II (20 seconds)
– regeneration IV (30 seconds
– absorption IV (2 minutes)
– resistance (5 minutes)
– fire resistance (5 minutes)

Golden Apple

– regeneration II (5 seconds)
– absorption (2 minutes)
Honey Bottlepositiveclears poison
Poisonous Potatonegative60% chance for poison (5 seconds)
Pufferfishnegativehunger III (15 seconds)
nausea (15 seconds)
poison II (1 minute)
Raw Chickennegative30% chance for hunger (30 seconds)
Rotten Fleshnegative80% chance for hunger (30 seconds)
Spider Eyenegativepoison (5 seconds)
Suspicious Stewdependingdepending on flower used, 3-11 seconds of:
– blindness
– fire resistance
– jump boost
– night vision
– poison
– regeneration
– saturation
– weakness
– wither

Minecraft Food Poisoning

There are numerous Minecraft food items. As shown in the table above, it should be clear that they can have both positive and negative special effects. Poisoned and spoiled food, for instance, can cause food poisoning. With this, your Minecraft hunger bar empties much faster for a few seconds. At least there is a chance to get rid of this effect thanks to other Minecraft food. You can cure this poisoning with a sip of milk or honey.

Conclusion: Minecraft Food & Hunger

Now you should be familiar with the basics of Minecraft food. Of course, there is a variety of food, Minecraft food recipes and additional effects. Ever thought about having a Minecraft banquet with your friends? On a Minecraft server from G-Portal this can be easily realized. We wish you a lot of fun and appetite for your next adventure in the cuisine of Minecraft

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