Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Weapons

In Minecraft, you craft your way through the game. However, there are certain things that will make it harder for you to follow your current adventure. Whether it’s hostile mobs, fall damage because you missed a step or even just a plant you aren’t supposed to stand on: you can get hurt in Minecraft and the only way to defend yourself is by hurting those entities! That is where Minecraft weapons become a thing. Here is all you need to know in our short Minecraft weapons guide.

Overview Minecraft Weapons:

  • important to defend yourself & attack opponents
  • direct & indirect weapons
  • possible to enchant
  • not all are craftable

What is a Minecraft Weapon?

While tools are useful to mine resources, Minecraft weapons are there to protect you. You basically call anything a Minecraft weapon that deals damage. Still, there is a difference between those weapons used directly by players or mobs and those used indirectly due to their natural traits. 

Similar to tools and armor, weapons have a certain durability. Once the durability hits zero, the Minecraft weapons break and you will have to craft or find new ones. Most of them can be repaired though, using an anvil

All Minecraft Weapons

The list of direct Minecraft weapons that are used actively by players is short. In total it includes only four weapons, although a bow and an arrow could be seen as individual weapons. The main Minecraft weapons are:

There are many discussions on what weapon is the best Minecraft weapon. Many players would argue that a netherite sword would be the very best to defend yourself with. Others say a trident is better due to its rareness and abilities when used with trident-specific enchantments. In the end, it is probably a very individual decision. Still, considering certain effects, enchantments and traits, those two are most definitely the most powerful MC weapons among this list.

Minecraft Weapons, Tools & Enchantments?

Even though the list above is short, there are many more ways to get hurt or hurt others in Minecraft. Weapons don’t always look like a sword. Sometimes they look like plants or little things that are being thrown at you. Popular ways to use non-weapons as Minecraft weapons are:

  • fireballs thrown by dispensers, blazes or ghasts
  • splash potions
  • snowballs deal damage to armor
  • plants (e.g. sweet berries)
  • mobs
  • TnT
  • axes 

Mobs and axes are possibly the strangest points in the list. You can use certain habits from mobs to use them for your own good. This way they might fight the same enemy as you do. As for axes: they deal more damage than their sword counterpart. That means if you hit with an iron axe it deals more damage than an iron sword. In general, you can use tools to attack, but most of them aren’t efficient.

Lastly, you can use potions and enchantments. While potions may cause negative effects on your opponents and therefore make it easier for you to deal damage, enchantments may help you. Have your Minecraft weapons’ durability increase by using unbreaking or use the curse of vanishing so your opponents can’t keep your MC weapon if they win.

Minecraft Bow & Arrow

As supposed, bow and arrow in Minecraft are long-range weapons. It is possible to look at them individually as two Minecraft weapons. However, since a bow is pretty useless on its own and throwing arrows by yourself is not what you would imagine as an effective attack, they are listed as one weapon. All you need to do is craft both of them as follows:

3x stick + 3x string = 1x bow

Once you have a bow, all you need are arrows. Luckily you don’t need to craft them individually, as they come in sets of four:

1x flint + 1x stick 1x feather = 4x arrow

Additionally, you can pick up some arrows from mobs or install a mod that allows you to pick up fired arrows, which is normally not possible. While arrows can be replenished, bows can be repaired. This way you can use them both for a pretty long time.

The Minecraft Crossbow

Crossbows are a kind of update to a normal bow. They deal more damage and you can hit targets that are even further away. You need a few more items and materials to craft it:

3x stick + 1x iron ingot + 2x string + 1x tripwire hook = 1x crossbow

On the other hand, recharging takes longer. Again, there are ways to make up for this. You could use the quick charge enchantment for example. It is an enchantment designed specifically for a crossbow, so you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

The Minecraft Sword

Swords are probably the most stereotypical weapon in games. However, they deserve that title! As a Minecraft weapon, there are several types of swords you can craft. Each of them has a certain durability and deals a certain amount of damage points. Also, crafting them is really easy:

2x wooden boards / stone blocks / iron ingots / gold ingots / diamonds + 1x stick = 1x sword

The strongest form of this Minecraft weapon is the netherite sword, which can’t be crafted like the others. Once you have it and use some enchantments, you will most definitely not be defeated by other players that don’t have one themselves.

The Minecraft Trident

The trident is the odd one out among Minecraft weapons, since it can’t be crafted. You can get it from the drowned, an undead mob. Chances to find a trident are pretty low, actually. Still, once you find it, it is extremely powerful. Additionally, there are four specific trident enchantments you should use. 

Next to fighting, you can use a trident to have some fun in Minecraft. Weapons like the trident allow you to mess around a bit. You can cause lightning bolts that will turn certain mobs into other ones when hit. At least you can repair it like normal.

Conclusion: Minecraft Weapons

As you can see, there might be only a small number of direct Minecraft weapons, but they are pretty useful. They are what might make you stay alive in survival mode or multiplayer. Just make sure your MC weapons are more powerful than your opponents’. If you want to try it yourself, a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the perfect place to start a little pvp sparring contest. 

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