Don't Scare the Minecraft Armadillo Away Background

Don't Scare the Minecraft Armadillo Away

February 19, 2024
4 minutes to read

New additions to the mob variety in Minecraft are on the way.

Welcoming the Minecraft Armadillo!

We feel like it was only yesterday that we talked about the newest Minecraft member, the sniffer. But now? Oh well, he enjoys his life in the game, he found friends, he maybe shouts at some rabbits to get off his lawn. The usual stuff once you aren’t new anymore. After all, there can only ever be one newest mob at a time, right? So, let’s get to the point: Welcome to the Minecraft armadillo!

Mob Vote, New Items & an Armadillo: Minecraft Live at Its Finest

We’re not going to recollect all we learned in Minecraft Live 2023 in October. As always, it has been blowing our mind with the creativity put into a game like Minecraft. Even after nearly 15 years! And what were we most excited about? Of course, the Mob Vote. The best of the best! A classical 3 go in, 1 comes out. Not like in some weird gladiator fights or the hunger games. The Minecraft armadillo is no brutal opponent after all. More like in a nice little competition. You know, where one mob wins and the other two and every memory of them gets lost in the limbo forever. Yeah, it was nice meeting you, ehm… which mobs again? That is kind of what it feels like. And all you have to remember ist the sparkling winner: the new Minecraft armadillo!

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First Impressions of the Minecraft Armadillo

Before we start: do you know what an armadillo looks like in real life? They are these cute little creatures that have a tank-like thing on their back which is made out of scutes. Now, that is also the case with this new armadillo. Minecraft introduces its new mob as a shining resemblance of its real life counterpart. So, guess what? Take an animal that is scared of every little thing out there in the world and immediately rolls into a ball to defend itself with its scutes and then put it into Minecraft. Yes, sounds about right. A very good idea. Well, is it though? Let’s be real here for a second. The Minecraft armadillo will be scared! Weird noises? Could be a threat. Hostile mobs? Well, definitely a threat. A random player minding his own business walking a bit too fast? Oh, have mercy with the poor little Minecraft armadillo! You’re scaring it! And then it will run away. Not what you’ll want it to do. So, rule number one: meet the Minecraft armadillo eye to eye. To be precise: encounter it crouching.

So, What can We Do with the Minecraft Armadillo?

It’s a fair question, don’t you think? A new mob does always bring something new to the game of course. So, we did our little research and if you follow the Minecraft news you might already know that the Minecraft armadillo has a favorite food. Like, for real, we know basically nothing, but hey! It likes spiders eyes. Bit of an odd food to like, but we won’t judge. After all, its easier to get than the fermented variant. So, we’re good, right? Okay, we should probably keep that in mind. It could come in handy. However, there is a more important thing to the little buddy called Minecraft armadillo: the scutes. That’s right, it periodically drops scutes, just like turtles. You can collect and use them to craft wolf armor. This is also new in the coming Minecraft update. Who doesn’t want their canine friend to be safe? That’s what we thought.

With the snapshot 23w51a we were able to encounter the Minecraft armadillo for the first time and also see the beautiful thing called wolf armor. Now, considering the drops and the fear of everything, there is only one thing we can do: find a savanna biome, install fences around a big area that has an innocent Minecraft armadillo in it (or two or more if you’re lucky) and wait. Every once in a while you might roam the area and collect Minecraft armadillo scutes. But be careful not to scare it. And don’t kill it! It’s too cute and it won’t drop anything after all. So, be nice.


Can We Give the Minecraft Armadillo a Backstory?

It’s not necessary, but it’s funny. And if we go tracking down a Minecraft armadillo, we can do it in a creative way, right? So, the savannah biome, huh? Well, it is hot, dry, there’s a lot of sunlight and well, not so many mobs on a daily basis. So first of all, cheers to the newest member: the armadillo. Minecraft mobs are diverse and there are many of them. A little one that rolls up when scared is actually funny. But why is it scared? Did its mom tell scary bedtime stories about the world when it grew up? Is there a myth among the Minecraft armadillo population that once a player kidnapped one armadillo’s parents and that was why they went into hiding? Well, it would explain their protection strategy: roll up and stay still! Not really effective but don’t tell them. It could make them sad and we don’t want that!

After all, we’ll have to wait for the next update to find out how exactly the Minecraft armadillo is going to find its way into the game. We are excited! Of course, we are. It is 2024 after all and we still enjoy a game that gets updated and grows continuously. Like, isn’t that amazing? A new update seems to be a great moment to look at all that has happened so far and where the game started back in 2009, right? Well, whatever you want to do now, maybe you should check out the snapshot we mentioned on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Because it is fun. And we are all curious, aren’t we? So, go and gear up your wolf!