🎵The Awesomeness of Minecraft Sounds Background

🎵The Awesomeness of Minecraft Sounds

July 10, 2023
3 minutes to read

There are two things in the game that are literally everywhere: blocks and music. Well, not just normal music, but Minecraft sounds.

Minecraft Sounds

Really, just raise the volume and enjoy them on your next trip through some fantastic biomes or on your next visit to the nearest village. What’s best about those Minecraft sounds? There is a huge variety of them! If you look it up, you can find very long lists of their file names online. However, that would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? Instead, let us tell you why Minecraft sounds are amazing.


Why We Love Minecraft Sounds

I guess loving Minecraft sounds is something we all have in common. Who doesn’t? Well, yeah, there are people calling it Minecraft noise but those people have probably never even started a single adventure in Minecraft. Just imagine putting on your headphones, starting the game and getting completely lost in your newest project. Minecraft sounds make it so easy to literally dive into the cubic world. There are some chill Minecraft ambience sounds to enjoy. And every once in a while you meet some animal, maybe a rabbit running away from you or a cat hoping for some fish. Then it happens: You meet some hostile mob! And would you guess? There are even different Minecraft mob sounds! Here’s the thing: Minecraft sounds can be life-saving! If we were you, we definitely wouldn’t risk suddenly facing a warden down in the deep dark just because we turned down the Minecraft sounds that would’ve warned us. On the other hand, some sounds are just funny, chill or relaxing. So yes! There are many reasons to love Minecraft sounds.

Minecraft Sounds: Is It a Competition?

We guess you are familiar with the habit of ranking everything, right? The ‘top 3 automatic farms’; what’s the ‘best armor’ or what are the ‘best seeds’ for the game? You can basically rank everything. However, Minecraft sounds are the exception. One player might enjoy quiet Minecraft ambience sounds. Another one maybe prefers Minecraft cave sounds and you might like note block sounds. In the end, it is entirely up to you. Well, this applies to every ranking. Still, aside from some exceptions, Minecraft sounds don’t even have special advantages or something similar. They are just sounds and music. No great loot. No necessity to hear a certain Minecraft sound to get rewarded with some crafting recipes or achievements. It is individual.

You know what? Even if it’s individual and subjective, we want to tell you our favorite Minecraft sounds. We just won’t call them a ‘top 3’, because we don’t want to rank them. Does that make sense? Well, here they are:

  • XP collection sound
  • villagers talking
  • stacked blocks breaking and dropping


Let’s face it, everyone loves the sound of collecting XP, no matter the game. It means you are doing well. Villagers talking just sounds amazingly funny. Does anyone understand this gibberish? Lastly, if you don’t know what we mean with this Minecraft sound, please try it! Stack some blocks that will fall down and drop as items when a base block disappears and then just break said base block. We recommend bamboo. Maybe that will be the first thing you do now that ‘Trails & Tales’ is released? By the way, this update is perfect for checking out new Minecraft sounds.

Let’s Change Those Minecraft Sounds!

At some time, someone, somewhere has probably spoken wise words that basically just mean ‘If you don’t like it, change it.’ As we said, probably. But it’s true! You don’t like some Minecraft sounds? Check out cool resource packs. They can alter sounds and music in Minecraft. Still not enough change? Luckily for you, there are also mods for your Minecraft server that are specifically there to change Minecraft sounds. You see, there are countless possibilities. But as we already mentioned, who doesn’t love Minecraft sounds?

Whether you go on a multiplayer quest and don’t want to get surprised by the warden or you’re just chilling and building a new room in your castle, Minecraft sounds will always be there for you. So, whenever you hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal again, don’t forget to turn on the sound. And have fun!