🎄A Merry Minecraft Christmas Background

🎄A Merry Minecraft Christmas

December 20, 2023
7 minutes to read

‘Tis the season, is it not? The snow is falling from the sky, the nights are coming early and with every day, we approach the festive day every child dreams about.

A Merry Minecraft Christmas, Everyone!

But of course, especially when the time comes to leave behind the troubles and focus on kicking back and relaxing, one question pops up in everyone’s head: “What do I buy for Christmas this year?”. But right after that, a second one comes: “How can I celebrate a perfect Minecraft Christmas?” And to that we say: “Don’t worry, we got you. About Minecraft Christmas of course, but good luck with the first question!”


How to Play in the Minecraft Snow

What is the first thing a good Minecraft Christmas needs? Snow, of course! Luckily for you, there are already some so-called Minecraft snowy biomes that provide, as the name suggests, plenty of snow to play in. The snowy planes are the perfect winter biome, boasting snow, tall spruce trees and majestic mountains with even more snow. Want to build a snowman? Just put down some snow and put a pumpkin on top. Shear the pumpkin and ta-daa: A friendly snow golem just for you. The season is always better with a bit of Minecraft Christmas decoration, isn’t it?

If you want to start a snowball fight, don’t hesitate to invite other players! Don’t worry, a Minecraft snowball deals no damage so it's fine. Also, creating a snow angel is pretty simple: just mine away at the snow and use the resulting snowballs to fuel your snowy fury!


Minecraft Christmas Done Differently: A Tropical Holiday

If you want to flip the festivities on their head, you can also play in the sandy plains and make a sand angel there. Sadly, you cannot throw sand as you can snow, but if the cold climate of the Minecraft snowy taiga doesn’t float your boat, the beach is definitely a nice alternative to have. You could also use a map you bought from a cartographer to search for your very own Minecraft Christmas present in the form of a hidden treasure chest. Sounds like a fresh spin on a classical holiday, doesn't it?

The Fabled Minecraft Christmas Chests

As with every good holiday, there are some mysteries surrounding Minecraft Christmas, one of which are the Minecraft Christmas chests. Ever since 2014, from December 24th to the 26th, all chests in the game are given a special holiday skin: red and yellow for small chests and green and white for large chests. So, if you can spare the time on these days, you can enter the world of Minecraft and enjoy these unique designs.

Some more Ideas for Your Minecraft Christmas

At this point, Minecraft Christmas has countless possibilities, only limited by your imagination. But for those of you creative enough, there are more options out there. For example, with just a few correctly colored blocks, like dyed wool for example, you can build your very own Minecraft Christmas tree!

Or you could get into Multiplayer and try to keep the Minecraft equivalent of the Grinch out of your little village: The mysterious creeper is definitely the type of mob that brings your Minecraft Christmas to a swift end. Specifically, by exploding and destroying everything. So try to keep this green menace out of your so passionately decorated town!

And speaking of decoration, a few nice paintings with the right motif can definitely make your home a bit more cozy. Combine them with some banners and plants in your home and there you have it: The ideal Minecraft Christmas holiday home.

Finally, when it comes to any Minecraft, there is always one thing that makes everything better: mods, of course. Here are our personal top 3:

  1. NOEL - A Christmas Mod: This mod gives you something no Minecraft Christmas party is complete without: candy! Peppermint, candy canes, sugar plums and even warm milk are all here! Make your holidays sweeter with this little mod!
  2. Decorative Winter: While decking the halls is a Minecraft Christmas staple, the outside of your house should also get that treatment. Whether it is festive chains, snowy palisades or dried tree branches you’re looking for, all of them are here!
  3. Christmas Spirit: The most important thing during the holidays is of course not receiving, but giving in return as well. With the Christmas Spirit mod, you can do both! Get into multiplayer and give some presents to the people close to you as a token of your friendship!


All in all, Minecraft Christmas is what you make of it. The season only comes around once a year and we should do our best to enjoy it however we like it. Do you enjoy the aesthetic of Christmas? Fill your home in Minecraft with decorations that would make even the most dedicated decoration hoarders in your neighborhood go green with envy! Is it the joy of giving and receiving that drives you? The mods we talked about got you covered. Or do you just want to take some time off and relax? That’s fine too of course. Whatever you do on a Minecraft server from G-Portal during the holidays: we wish you a merry Minecraft Christmas and a happy New Year!