Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

How to make a painting in Minecraft

Want to add more color to your Minecraft room, especially on the walls? Here you can find some tips about paintings (and facts about them) in Minecraft.

4 facts about Minecraft paintings you should know:

  • Material: 8 sticks and 1 block of wool (any color).
  • Possibilities: Areas sizes 1×1 to 4×4 (painting will be sized based on available space).
  • Variants: Minecraft pictures can be easily re-hung, motif changes are possible
  • Feature: Minecraft pictures have special properties as objects.
Minecraft Paintings
Paintings in Minecraft come with different motifs.

Crafting a painting in Minecraft 

Crafting a painting is easy. You only need 8 sticks and a block of wool. Place the wool in the middle and the sticks in the surrounding 8 squares. The color of the wool is not important. It does not affect the color of the painting.

  • 1 painting = 8 sticks + 1 block of wool

Placement and arrangement of the painting

Minecraft paintings can be placed on the side of blocks. They will sort out their own space based on the space they have available. There are several different sizes (1×1 to 4×4) and 26 different motives. If you don’t like the first motif that appears, you can always destroy it and create the next one (until you find the right one suited to your liking).

Properties of Minecraft paintings

Since paintings are objects, they have special properties: light shines through and they are non-flammable. For better lighting conditions you can place torches or other entities next to them.

paintings in minecraft
Paintings in Minecraft look pretty, decorate your house, and are not flammable.

If you break the block behind the painting it will “float” in the air for a short moment. If the block is not replaced quickly, the painting will fall to the ground.

2 Minecraft painting fun facts

  • Nearly all images are based on real paintings by the Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand and represent a “game version” of his works.
  • Paintings are often used for secret passages or hidden rooms. Minecraft paintings can be placed on doors, trap doors, pressure plates and wall signs.

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