The Minecraft Ocean Monument Background

The Minecraft Ocean Monument

May 26, 2023
3 minutes to read

Do you stare at the horizon at dawn and wonder what else there is to find in this wide world of Minecraft?

The Minecraft Ocean Monument

Are you bored of sitting on a cliff and waiting for a catch when fishing? The answer is easy. No matter what you want to call it, there are buildings under water, flooded, full of riches and dangers. So, what are you waiting for? Get up, prepare yourself and go on an amazing journey to find the nearest Minecraft ocean monument!

Why Should You Raid an Ocean Monument in Minecraft?

There are some reasons why you should try to find and raid an ocean monument. Basically, they are the same as raiding a woodland mansion, to be honest. You will gain:

  1. Loot (gold and possibly sponges)
  2. XP
  3. A cool story to tell

Well, that may not sound as convincing as it actually is, but give it a try! It’s new and it’s different! You will find yourself in another environment when swimming through the sea. It is literally a ‘new’ biome to explore underwater! The Minecraft ocean monument is not just some building. It’s a mystical place, full of strange fish-like creatures that lure in the dark to attack you. It definitely won't be boring down there. And you get some gold to mine. Yes, you heard right, there are no gold ingots to be found in chests. No chests, just gold blocks. But well, in the end gold’s gold, right?

Better Come Prepared to the Ocean Monument

One question remains: Can you just go to an ocean monument on the fly? Well, technically you can, but if you want to raid it without dying instantly, you should come prepared. There are some things that will help you. So, before heading out into the wide world to find a Minecraft underwater temple, consider having these things in your inventory:

  1. several bottles of potion of water breathing
  2. some weapons or tools, possibly enchanted ones
  3. good armor
  4. building blocks like dirt
  5. food
  6. TnT
  7. helpful company like axolotls

You might wonder how dangerous the Minecraft ocean temple can be. To be honest, it is hard to tell. First of all, you need to be able to breathe under water. Thanks to potions this is possible, so stock them up! Tools, weapons and good armor are pretty self-explanatory once you know what mobs are waiting for you: the guardians and elder guardians. Wonder what they do? I guess you could say they guard the sea temple. Minecraft isn’t that hard to understand sometimes. So, while you need to avoid and interrupt their beams - and here is where normal building blocks come in handy - you should also try to kill them. We recommend an enchanted sword or a trident for these underwater encounters. While there are about 3 elder guardians waiting inside, there is no limit to the number of guardians you might meet all around the ocean monument. If you can, you could also bring a conduit to support you or axolotls to fight off hostile mobs nearby. Well, they aren’t just cute and colorful we guess.

Where Is a Minecraft Underwater Temple?

On your way to gather necessary items, you will probably cross a village or two, right? Well, hopefully they have a cartographer, because here are the 3 ways on how to find an ocean monument:

  1. with an ocean explorer map
  2. searching without any help
  3. using an ocean monument finder like
  4. use chat-commands

No matter what technique you choose, you will find it eventually. What is for sure: It will be underwater in the ocean. It’s called the Minecraft ocean monument for a reason. All you need to do is look under the surface. Whether you find a Minecraft underwater temple randomly, go on a quest to search for the mark on the map and trust in your orientation or take a shortcut using the world's seed, doesn’t matter. As long as you arrive, challenge some hostile mobs and grab the loot, all is fine.

Have you found a Minecraft ocean monument yet? If not, this is your reminder to start this great adventure on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Maybe ask your friends. If not, at least prepare yourself. And most importantly: Have fun!