Lush Caves Are Awesome! Background

Lush Caves Are Awesome!

June 29, 2023
3 minutes to read

You think caves are boring? Well, yeah, simple, dark caves might be a bit less exciting but don’t you dare call lush caves boring!

Lush Caves – Minecraft Hides Wonders

Ever since they were introduced with the 1.17 update, this biome found its way straight to our hearts. Well, this might also be due to the 1.18 update which, considering its name ‘Caves & Cliffs’ happened to make Minecraft lush caves even prettier and better and cooler and all in all just awesome!


Everything That’s Awesome about Lush Caves

Under the surface of the world lies a paradise! Obviously, we should explain why Minecraft lush caves aren’t boring. Listen, they are breathtakingly beautiful! As many new biomes, lush caves also came with new plants and animals. And putting everything together? Lush caves look like hidden, long forgotten worlds! Want to know some awesome things? Here they are:

  1. new plants (azaleas & glow berries)
  2. new animals (axolotls)
  3. nice ambience cave music

Let’s face it, what is better than glowing things and new animal mobs? Glowing animals! Well, the so-called glow squids aren’t especially new but they can be found there. We assume mentioning them is fair enough. After all, just look at some pictures and tell us that Minecraft lush caves aren’t the perfect place to build a magical-looking house. As you can see, there are many amazing opportunities waiting for you in the underground. Not sure yet? Here are our two highlights.

Lush Caves Hide Axolotls & Glowing Food

Axolotls and glow berries can be found in Minecraft lush caves. Do we need to explain why this is awesome? Well, actually, we already did! Who would expect us not to write about cute little animals with a breeding challenge? Although the new sniffer is also quite funny, nothing beats a little axolotl swimming around or walking on a leash. By the way, did you already breed a rare blue one? If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you really missed something and should check out or blog about axolotls. Makes lush caves even cooler, right?

And while we’re at it, of course we also wrote about glow berries. Doesn’t this say it all? It’s food and it’s shiny. No wonder it came up in our highlights about Minecraft lush caves! Imagine this: They function as a light source, can help you with your hunger and look great as decoration hanging down from vines. One has to love them, seriously. They cause lush caves to have a serious fairytale touch.

The Minecraft Lush Cave Finder: A Miracle!

How do we tell you? Do you wonder how to find lush caves in Minecraft? Yeah, we got you, buddy. Here’s the deal: The good old walking, digging, crafting and searching is over! Well, sure, you can still do it. No one’s going to stop you. It might actually be a good idea since you never know what you will find along the way. It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters or something like that, right? That’s fine.
Here’s the twist though: You don’t have to search anymore! Thanks to, our beloved website for finding everything in Minecraft, finding lush caves is so easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the biome finder
  2. Enter your seed & game version
  3. Make sure to select Overworld & underground
  4. Type in ‘Lush Caves’ after activating ‘Highlight biomes’

That’s it! There you have your coordinates. Feel free to explore them all!

Tip: There are many amazing Minecraft lush cave seeds online. A little search might help you find the perfect world!

Are you convinced now? Caves in general, but especially Minecraft lush caves are exciting. As whole biomes found underground, they offer so much, from ores, to atmosphere and fighting action (because yeah, there are also some evil mobs). What else is there to wish for? Gather your friends, start the game in multiplayer and off you go on your journey to Minecraft lush caves! Our advice? Check out a Minecraft server from G-Portal and everything will be perfect. But most important of all: Have fun!