Glow Berries in Minecraft Background

Glow Berries in Minecraft

January 12, 2023
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Admittedly, the name doesn't leave much room for surprise. Minecraft glow berries glow.

Minecraft Glow Berries

This may not sound impressive, given that the game offers countless light sources, but have you ever eaten a light source? You see, that's what Minecraft glow berries offer you since the 'Caves & Cliffs' update! With this update, the item was integrated into the game and eagerly sought by players, precisely because they have more to offer than just their luminosity!

Step 1: Where to Find Minecraft Glow Berries!

Wouldn't it be nice if Minecraft glow berries could be found in nature as often as sweet berries or flowers? Yes, but the game doesn't make it that easy for us. The little glow berries are something special after all, if you want to say so. Therefore, you can find them only in three known places:

  • in lush caves
  • in ancient cities
  • in mine shafts


So the problem is quite obvious: you will have to search for them for a while and maybe defend yourself against mobs. Lush caves also host hostile creatures, but still seem to be the most beautiful and peaceful compared to the other options. Besides, you'll also have friendly, or rather passive, creatures there. The prospect of meeting an axolotl sounds more pleasant than accidentally running into the warden in the deep dark just because you got lost on the way to the ancient city, right? And we know all too well from mine shafts how many skeletons, spiders, creepers and zombies hang out there.

Step 2: Harvest Minecraft Glow Berries and Replant Them!

Eventually, you'll find yourself in front of strange-looking plants that glow, or you'll find the berries in chests. Although, actually, they're not that weird. They are cave vines that grow down from the ceiling. They can have different lengths, because in total, a cave vine can be anywhere from 2 to 26 blocks long. You won't see Minecraft glow berries on every vine block, but that doesn't mean you won't find enough berries anyway. You can harvest them easily by right-clicking on the berries. But beware, their light will also go out!

Once you have a few Minecraft glow berries in your inventory, you can relax. If you get nervous about the mobs around you, you can also disappear right back into the safe walls of your fortress. This is entirely up to you. In any case, you can also grow your own Minecraft glow berries there, providing you with an almost endless supply of berries. All you have to do is find a room with a high ceiling, or rather a floor thats deep down somewhere, and place a Minecraft glow berry on the bottom of a block. Just like that, a new vine is created! Whenever a new block is created at the bottom, there is a 10% chance that it will carry Minecraft glow berries. If that's not enough, you can use bone meal and it will grow berries immediately. And if the vine gets too long for you, you can cut it off with shears and stop it from growing. But remember: if you destroy just any block of a cave vine, all its blocks underneath will crumble too!

Step 3: Now, What Can You Do With Glow Berries in Minecraft?

This is a really valid question. There may be players who simply seek the Minecraft glow berries to get an achievement or progress in the game. Others may just want to use them as a nice decoration. After all, the vines with their berries do look really nice and you can trim them to the appropriate lengths in your house. Then, of course, there's the composter. Like most plants, you can compost Minecraft glow berries to support the production of bone meal. The three main uses of glow berries, however, are probably:

  1. as food (2 hunger points)
  2. for breeding foxes
  3. as a source of light (level 14)

Eating the Minecraft glow berries probably seems the most logical thing to do if you want to survive in the world of Minecraft. Still, if you wonder about every animal, whether you can breed it, you also wonder about every plant, whether it can be used just for that. With foxes, that is the case! Just like with sweet berries, you can get these cute little creatures to mate with Minecraft glow berries. Sure, we know it's not easy, but it's worth a try. Finally, of course, the very function that is already in the name. Remember how we said they don't just glow? That doesn't mean that this ability is more boring! Go ahead and equip your entire castle with these vines full of glow berries. It certainly adds to the ambiance and provides safe light in your halls!

Would you have thought that such small fruits can be so useful if you don't just eat them? If you've always eaten them by mistake, you know better now. Go straight back to searching for Minecraft glow berries on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Oh, and if you decide to search in the deep dark, we really wish you good luck!

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