All that shines is GOLD Background

All that shines is GOLD

June 15, 2023
3 minutes to read

"Old but gold", says a saying. That's why today we're taking a look at an oldie in Minecraft!

Minecraft Gold

In a world full of valuable things, rare ores and weird creatures, everybody loves a good take on the classics. May we present to you, one of the very first blocks that existed in Minecraft: gold! It is a real oldie of Minecraft. And yes, by old we mean very old. It was introduced with the very first online version of the game, Minecraft Classic. Well, to be fair, in the last 14 years there have been some changes to the material, but in its core it still is Minecraft gold.


The Circle of Minecraft Gold

Gold is great! It is versatile in its forms and uses. You can find it in the overworld, in the Nether and even in underwater ocean monuments. But just imagine walking through a new world on your Minecraft server and suddenly, there is a way deep down into a mountain (but not too deep to meet a warden in the literal deep dark of course!) and then you see it: a block that seems to sparkle. Can you guess it? Well, you’re right, that is Minecraft gold ore! Now, your adventure can start! At least if you don’t mine Minecraft gold for the first time and don’t know what tool to use. So yeah, in this case mining Minecraft gold will take forever and in the end you gain nothing, especially not the raw gold. Minecraft can be mean sometimes, we know. That is why you should definitely have an iron pickaxe first.


In general, it looks like this: you happily mine Minecraft gold when you find it. Congratulations, you now have raw gold in your inventory. You collect some of it (or a lot) and smelt it in a furnace to get Minecraft gold ingots. This is where things get fancy, you know? Welcome to the world of the nearly endless possibilities of Minecraft gold. Step one: get to know your Minecraft gold ingot.

So many Minecraft Gold Ingots!

These Minecraft gold ingots are basically what you need to start crafting with gold. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to:

  1. combine them to have solid gold blocks
  2. push your health a bit by creating and eating some golden food
  3. just display those Minecraft gold ingots to look rich
  4. Craft some cool armor
  5. Craft some useful tools


The choice is entirely up to you, so what will it be? Sure, you can be creative and that is really amazing, but as usual, there is a downside. Listen, it’s really difficult to find enough Minecraft gold ore to have enough Minecraft gold ingots for whatever your project may be in the end. Better make sure to have as many ingots as you need or it may be frustrating. Or you think of a clever way to get Minecraft gold ingots without mining all day. As we said: be creative! Maybe there is some idea for an automatic farm in your mind? Trying never hurt anybody, that’s for sure!

Shiny & Stylish: Minecraft Gold Armor

Minecraft gold can be fashionable! Just try it yourself. Maybe gold is your color to go from now on? And by the way, crafting some Minecraft gold armor is probably pretty clever in a world that is inhabited by hostile mobs. Yeah definitely worth it. It gives you protection and good looks. It’s at least a nice little side effect. Until you have enough diamonds to craft a better set of armor, gold is a good alternative. Your friends in multiplayer can’t lose you if you wear shiny armor made of Minecraft gold and you can feel safer going on your next trip down a mine to find more MC gold. Win win, isn’t it?


There you go. Do you agree with us that Minecraft gold may be an oldie but still a goldie? If you haven’t already crafted every gold item possible, this is your chance! Just hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and you can start your search before you can finish saying ‘gold nuggets’! Minecraft mobs may drop those items, but psst, we won’t tell you which one, that might be another adventure you’re about to face one day. Anyway, have fun!